That man does terrible things, doesn't he? He's a devil right? - Yoshiko Uchiyamada.

Lesson #123– Countdown.


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Lesson 123– Countdown.

Some of the audiences have started to release the teachers from the chains, as one of them asked (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada to treat them with foods. Meanwhile (Kunio) Murai asked (Eikichi) Onizuka on why he must treat them all, and Onizuka replied it is because they will have to follow his instructions later. He then commented that there are about 200 people in the club, so he will become stinking rich if he ask for 1 million yen fro each one of them, and he will be able to buy a house at the Shonan beach and also a boat.

The rest are shocked to hear that Onizuka will demand money from them, but Onizuka countered, saying that it’s an appropriate payback for his blackened arm. They accused him of acting like a gangster extorting money, but Onizuka countered, saying that life will only be meaningful when everyone are willing to take responsibility for whatever action they takes. He continued, saying that he has never says that he will ask for the money right now, but if they pays even 10 years later, he will still accept it. At that time, they will surely live in luxury and 1 million yen will not matter for them. He then says that he hoped that every one of them will become a useful person in the future and will be able to manage high-qualified people under their wings.

Murai and (Yoshito) Kikuchi are stunned, as Onizuka walked away while he slapped the ass of a girl. He started to laugh as Fuyutsuki started to smile. Then, Onizuka announced that they should start the party and (Mayu) Wakui is shown holding his chest. Suddenly, as the party walked away, Kikuchi hears something and he turned to see Wakui falling on the stage, with vomits from his mouth. Ageha and (Urumi) Kanzaki are shocked, and Kikuchi is trying to revive the fainted Wakui. Onizuka accused him of trying to pretend again, but Kikuchi interjected, saying that Wakui is really sick. Fuyutsuki is stunned, as Uchiyamada and the others started to tend on Wakui, introducing himself as the next headmaster of Kichiyouji Private School. Onizuka is silent as Wakui is taken to the hospital.

At the hospital, Onizuka asked Kikuchi on what he means by Wakui is sick. Kikuchi is silent, and he replied that he is a sacrifice of the adults who only sees profit and lied to everyone. Fuyutsuki and Kanzaki are shocked to hear him. Suddenly, Wakui’s eyes opened and he sits up abruptly. He holds his chest again and started to scream as if he is in pain. Kikuchi is shocked and asked for the doctors to be called. Suddenly, a big alien life form burst from inside Wakui’s stomach, scaring everyone.

Wakui screams that his stomach had exploded as Kikuchi back off from the bed. Fuyutsuki started to become terrified to see the alien, as everyone is asking Onizuka to find ways to solve the problem. Onizuka declines, saying that even he is the strongest man on earth; he is just as scared as them all. The alien life form jumped free from inside Wakui’s stomach as Onizuka started to back off himself as he weeps in fright.

Suddenly, Wakui exclaimed that they are all stupid for believing that aliens existed after all as he waves his hand who are wearing an alien-shaped puppet glove. He started to laugh as he looks at their expressions, and Onizuka started to become angry. Then, Wakui started to feel something, and found out that his hand that is wearing the puppet glove are uncontrollable as Onizuka and the rest just stared at Wakui running in the ward. Onizuka is fuming now when suddenly, the alien puppet lands on Fuyutsuki’s breast, as Wakui groans that the alien actually wants to do that…

Onizuka snapped, and started to chase Wakui out from the ward into the hallway as he cursed him for jumping the line on doing something that he has always want to do for a very long time. Wakui laughed as Onizuka is chasing him, and meanwhile, Kikuchi is silent as he sees them. At the hallway, an old man is using wheeled-chair to navigate the hospital, and Wakui suddenly decided to push in with high-speed as he runs away from Onizuka. The nurse who attended the old man is startled, and Wakui spins the chairs and let it jets away with the nurses chasing him.

Onizuka grabbed Wakui’s collar and threatened to kill him, but Wakui bowed as he is stabbed by Onizuka and then backs off with lots of blood spilling from his wound on the stomach as Onizuka is stunned to see a surgery knife on his hand. On the same time, the elevator’s door opened and a nurse and a patient are shocked to see Wakui full with blood, plus Onizuka is holding a knife stained with fresh blood. The nurse started to scream as she sees Wakui rolling on the floor as if he is in pain and Onizuka swiftly throws the ‘murder weapon’ away. The nurse screams again that Onizuka had killed someone and asked for the police report to be made, but Onizuka denies that he had stabbed Wakui, saying that it was Wakui’s doing.

Hearing him, Wakui started to spill the remaining blood inside the blood packet with his hand that are wearing the alien glove, as he exclaimed that Onizuka is the one who stabbed him. Onizuka is in fury, as Wakui asked the alien to ask for forgiveness from Onizuka. The alien nodded, and Wakui asked Onizuka to forgive his ‘friend’. Instead of forgiving his ‘friend’ Onizuka punched Wakui, but he managed to evade it and Onizuka ended up punching the blood packet instead. He started to run and chase Wakui again as Fuyutsuki, Kanzaki and Kikuchi are looking at them with blank stares.

They then hear footsteps approaching them and it turns out to be (Naoko) Moritaka. Fuyutsuki is shocked to see her, ad Moritaka asked her that she hears that Wakui had fainted, so she wants know the latest updates. Fuyutsuki replied that it seems that Wakui is only faking his illness, and that Onizuka is chasing him now. Moritaka is relieved, as Fuyutsuki is puzzled on why she says that. Moritaka then tells her that she is worried about something, and it only puzzled Fuyutsuki further.

Suddenly, more footsteps ensue, and they turned to see (Ryoko) Sakurai and Wakui’s parents approaching them. The panicking Sakurai asked Fuyutsuki about the whereabouts of Wakui, and she replied that Wakui is just fine, and that he is only faking his illness. Moritaka is silent as Fuyutsuki tells Sakurai that Onizuka is now chasing him. Sakurai is now relieved to hear her, but suddenly Moritaka asked Sakurai whether Wakui does have any status ailments. Sakurai is puzzled. Moritaka explained that when Wakui enters the infirmary (webmaster note: in volume 14, unsummarised yet), she find some capsules aluminum covers. Fuyutsuki is puzzled. Moritaka explain that the covers are for depressors pills (webmaster note: I’m not so sure what to call this in English), and the amount he takes is exceeding too far from what the patients of anemia usually use. She wondered on what have happened to his heart, and why he must take such a high dosage.

Back to Wakui and Onizuka, Wakui is now walking on a steel gate, as Onizuka screams at him to get down for a final showdown. He added that he will burn his corpse under trees, so the rubber extracts from the trees will raise the temperature and burns him in very short time. Wakui then asked Onizuka whether he knows that a teacher that have a student committing suicide will never get a promotion. Onizuka lashed at him, saying that if he really care about promotions, he will never want to become a teacher. He continued, saying that if he will never get a promotion, he can vent his anger at Wakui.

Wakui then replied that he can do anything to him, because he is about to die anyway and that his day is numbered. Onizuka screams that he does not believe him, and that it’s written in karma that Onizuka is the one who will kill him. Suddenly, Wakui asked Onizuka on what he will do if he stands in Wakui’s shoes, that’s it, if he knows that he will die because of the people that are close to him. Onizuka is silent……..


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