I'm really shocked, that the always-serious disciplinary principal will have the guts to fondle a little woman, and maybe he fondle her very passionately. Thinking about that, I will get goose bumps! - Mysterious O-sensei.
Lesson #29 - To the PE teacher, there's someone stronger than you.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 4
Lesson #29 - To the PE teacher, there's someone stronger than you.

(Hajime) Fukorada, in a swimming trunk, said to (Eikichi) Onizuka that teachers should become an example to the students. But Onizuka has the guts to write a fake set of eyes, just to sleep at the teacher's meeting, a trick that even a primary school student won't use. He then challenged Onizuka to a swimming race, and if Fukorada wins, Onizuka must not repeat such a stupid trick again. He commented, even that Onizuka was the strongest at Eurasia University, but outside the university, there are many people who are more powerful than him, like himself, who come from the Nippori Sport University.


Hajime Fukorada -- Single -- 32 years old

Hobby: Body training
Fave food: Anything good for the body.
Abilities: Good at sports
Activities on free time: Running, exercise and gymnastic.


He turned his head to see Onizuka is eating. Enraged, he lashed at Onizuka, saying that eating 30 minutes before swimming is dangerous, and if the students followed his steps, it could be fatal. Onizuka replied that he is hungry and haven't eaten since morning, and offer no knowledge about his claims. Fukorada then asked him to change, puzzling Onizuka who then asked Fukorada why. Hearing that, Fukorada lashed at him for ignoring him all the time.

At the class, (Saeko) Iijima asked (Taadaki) Kusano, (Kouji) Fujiyoshi and (Kunio) Murai what have happened until they could be on a good terms with Onizuka, and she got no reaction. Iijima then lashed at Murai, for being so quiet, and asked him to answer. Murai then asked her why they couldn’t be friends with Onizuka, and telling her to ignore them, much to (Miyabi) Aizawa shock. He then continued, that just like (Yoshito) Kikuchi, they wanted to pull out from the effort to bully teachers again. Murai then asked, whether they think that bullying Onizuka is a waste of time, because the effect on Onizuka is minimal, outraging them. Fujiyoushi added that playing with him is more fun than bullying them, and Iijima started to call them traitors.

Suddenly, one of the students run into the class and told Murai that Onizuka and Fukorada will have a swimming contest at the school pool, much to his delight. Murai and his gang then started to go to the pool, ignoring the screaming Iijima who wanted them to stop. Iijima then reminded Murai that they have never trusted a teacher before, but Murai replied, if Iijima wanted to see Onizuka fired, Iijima and the other girl teams like Aizawa and (Anko) Uehara have to do it themselves, but Murai reminded that they will surely lose, as Onizuka seems to have a strong guardian angel protecting him. Murai and his gang laughed as they leave for the pool.

Aizawa is seething by now, as the anxious Iijima commented that if Murai’ gang defected to Onizuka’ side, half of the class is on his hands. The rest of the class stared at Aizawa as she screamed that even that Murai is on Onizuka side now, she will make Onizuka knows her wrath for pissing her off.

The school pool is now filled with students who wanted to see the contest. Fukorada is now warming up, but had overdone it, and the female students started to puke. Meanwhile Murai have opened a betting center manned by Kusano, and most of the students are betting for a Fukorada win. Murai commented that if Onizuka lose, they would lose big. Suddenly Fujiyoushi wondered where Onizuka is, just to see that Onizuka is also warming up, using synchronized swimming methods, much to Fukorada' anger.

The referee then asked both of them to get prepared for the race proper. Suddenly Onizuka sees a book (the betting records) and asked Murai what they have done. He then moved to them, and asked how much debts they are in, and Murai replied that they have a lot of it, as most of them betting for Fukorada. Suddenly, Onizuka coughed up 3000 yen, gave it to them and declared that he is betting for his own win.

At the starting point, Fukorada teased Onizuka for not wearing a swimming trunk, as the normal short pant he used will only hinder him, as Onizuka is silent while cleaning his nose with his fingers. The race then started, and Fukorada is swimming furiously, thinking that karate skill is useless compared to the power of human bodies, and how he hated Onizuka who spent 4 years at university (webmaster note: I don't know if it was a misprint, but 4 years at a university is good, even in here it's normal for someone to take 4 years to graduate), and he will change Onizuka attitude. He then turned at the halfway mark; thinking that a victory is certain, just to see that Onizuka is getting out of the pool already. Fukorada is astonished, asking how he can finish ahead of him, and started to accuse Onizuka of cheating.

Suddenly, one of the students told him that Onizuka have never emerged from under the water from the start to the finish, and that was permitted under the rules (webmaster note: I don't know if this is right or not, as I don't know the rules of swimming). Fukorada is stunned, screaming that it's impossible for a human to swim competitively underwater all the way of the 50 meters race (webmaster note: Probably the pool is not an Olympic-sized pool, as Fukorada is obviously make the turn-around maneuver in an earlier panel). He started to accuse Onizuka of using stimulant, and he went off to drink some stimulants of his own. As Onizuka, Murai, Kusano and Fujiyoushi are counting their profits, Fukorada challenged Onizuka for a rematch, but still end up on the losing side despite after using stimulants, while a female student was watching Onizuka silently........


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