Do you really want to become a teacher that much? You should give it up. It isn't worth it to become a teacher. The salary is low, and it is a lot of trouble. You return home, and you get phone calls from the students, their parents, the police, all sorts of people. - Ryuji Danma.

Lesson 137: The effect of being paranoid.


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Lesson 137: The effect of being paranoid.

(Hiroshi ) Uchiyamada is panicking, as he thinks on what he should do to fix the problem. He knows that if he fails, he will surely be fired. He wondered on why he always has bad luck, and questioned himself whether his name is unluckier compared to his wife's name. Then, he started to wonder about some feng-shui related things; (Eikichi) Onizuka's name connection with his own, and also the position of the toilet at his house. Or maybe the prayers he always do to curse Onizuka at temples had actually comes to haunt him again….

(Ryoko) Sakurai reminded him that he has 4 hours (before the board of directors' meeting starts) to find Onizuka and takes him to the meeting. She then tells him that if he fails to do so, or in other words, Onizuka failed to attend the meeting, all the consequences of the scandal arises from the anonymous poison pen letter will be shifted to Uchiyamada's shoulders, because someone have to take the blame anyway. Uchiyamada is sweating and shivering when he hears her, as Sakurai exclaimed that she is very dismayed with the existence of the poison pen letter.

In the next scene, Uchiyamada is shitting blood, as he screams complaining on why he have to be fired, when the letter is actually meant for Onizuka's dismissal. He then cursed the headmaster Xavier for pretending to be sick when he is actually has to apologize to the public about the letter. Then, he goes out and started his Cresta, dialing his mobile phone as he vowed to bring Onizuka back to the school no matter what method he have to use. He then drives our from the school compound like a F1 driver, shocking some students as he exclaimed that he will put all the blame on him.

At the office, Sakurai asked Itagake on what his opinion is, and he replied that Uchiyamada must be the one who created the anonymous letter. Sakurai is silent, as she thinks that the cover covering the school's internal problems specifically, and the whole Japan generally, will be blown away. The problems are about the teachers who only wants to look after their own personal interest above all else, plus with the parents who sends the their children to the school and dumped all responsibility of teaching them on the shoulders of the school and the teachers, making the children lost their way because of the lack of attention from their parents. Sakurai and Itagake are silent as they know that the problems are spreading rapidly across the country.

Itagake asked her on what will happen next, and Sakurai replied that if Uchiyamada fails, he will be asked to resign from his current post as a principal. She then asked about the whereabouts of Onizuka, and he replied that Onizuka is going all out to save a student from committing suicide. Hearing him, Sakurai started to sit back at her chair, as she silently pleaded at Onizuka to eradicate the problem, because he is the only one who can do so. She continued, thinking that the students and the teachers will not be able to fix the problem by themselves, so Onizuka's "German suplex" method is badly needed at times like the present, as Onizuka and (Noboru) Yoshikawa are shown riding the bike aimlessly…

In the next scene, (Urumi) Kanzaki is squatting in a place that are snowy, as she started to have flashback of things that happened to her since she is a year old. She silently thinks that with her super IQ, she is not able to forget everything, even things that really sadden her. She started to hate herself for that, because every single unhappy memories will take each happiness she have. But, there's a particular memory that she can't recall, and no matter how hard she tries, she always failed to recall it. The memory starts when she and her mom were talking at a flower park, when she asked about the snowflakes falling around them. Then she failed to recall the events that follows, no matter how hard she tried.

Suddenly, her PHS rings, with Onizuka demanding her to open the video channel. She opened it and greeted 'hi' to him at the phone, and Onizuka become angry for still saying 'hi' and asked about her whereabouts, as Yoshikawa is holding the phone for him. Kanzaki replied that she would not tell him. Onizuka lashed at her, saying that he is trying to locate her and she countered, saying that if she tells him about her location, he will surely come to find her. Hearing that, Onizuka lashed at her for being stupid.

Suddenly, Kanzaki asked him if he remembers about something, and Onizuka is puzzled. She then reminded him that the first time they met was at the lake of Inokashira Park. Then they went to a self-laundry shop and she toldl him that she is a 19-years old girl. Yoshikawa realized something as Onizuka screams that he doesn't remember that incident anymore, and that Kanzaki will be better off telling him about her location. She ignored him, and says instead that she still remembers the fiasco very clearly.

Onizuka then exclaimed that he knows that Kanzaki have super memories, and pleaded at her to tell him about her location. Kanzaki ignored him, again, and started to ramble about that she had felt happiness before, but when she is alone, she will start to feel lonely. But the situation changes when Onizuka becomes a teacher, and even that she is lonely, she will become happy when she thinks about his stupidity. She started to laugh when she started to remind him about his misadventures, and from that time, she will always wait breathlessly for the time when she is able to come to the school, just like when she first knows Fujimori-sensei. She started to wonder on what have happened to her, because she usually hated her teachers.

Onizuka screams at her, telling her to stop babbling about useless memories, and tells him instead about her location. Yoshikawa then alerted Onizuka that they are about to ram head-on with a truck, and Onizuka managed to avoid it barely. Kanzaki replied that she is feeling very tired, because the last 'shelter' she have had been taken away from her, her mom put priority over her career than her own daughter, and lastly Onizuka had rejected her love for him. She then says that she is only joking, as Onizuka is silent with an angry look.

Kanzaki then asked him whether he would marry her, if she were really a 19-years old girl. She continued, asking him whether he will let her become the mother of his children, go to a lot of places and becoming a real member of her family, when Yoshikawa started to have a shocked expression. He screams, asking Onizuka to look at Kanzaki's shoulder, shocking him. Through the phone, he sees a snowflake reside on her shoulder, and he exclaimed that she is somewhere snowy. Yoshikawa lashed at him, saying that Japan is now about to enter summer season, so a snowfall is impossible at present. Onizuka started to wonder whether she goes to the Himalayas Peaks, and Yoshikawa lashed at him again, saying that there's no PHS signal at Mt. Everest. Onizuka started to wonder again whether she is at the South Pole, and Yoshikawa scolded him for his stupidity.

Suddenly, his phone ring, indicating that another caller is waiting for him. Onizuka cursed, saying that he will not connect the call, no matter who are calling. Yoshikawa reminded him that (Yoshito) Kikuchi may be the one who are calling, and Onizuka cursed again. He then answered the phone, and dismayed to find out that the caller is Uchiyamada. Uchiyamada exclaimed sheepishly that the weather is very good that day, and Onizuka hanged up. Yoshikawa is puzzled on why Onizuka is hanging up Uchiyamada's call, and Onizuka replied that he doesn't have the time to entertain him.

He continued to speak at Kanzaki, but Uchiyamada is calling back. The angry Onizuka asked Uchiyamada on what he wants, and Uchiyamada asked him on why he is terminating the call as he commented that the 'Giants' wins their baseball match last night. Onizuka lashed at him, saying that he doesn't have time to talk with a baldy like him, and hanged up. He started to talk to himself, cursing Uchiyamada of messing with him at such a critical time, when Uchiyamada is calling again. Onizuka picked the call, and screams at him asking again on what Uchiyamada wants. Uchiyamada lashed at him for calling his superior as a baldy, and Onizuka threatened to kill him if Uchiyamada tries to waste his time.

Hearing him, Uchiyamada get tough and asked Onizuka whether he really wants to kill him, as Onizuka is starting to call him bald numerous times. They started to bicker about that, when suddenly Yoshikawa realized something, and screams to Onizuka that he knows now about Kanzaki's whereabouts. Onizuka is stunned and Yoshikawa tells him that Kanzaki may be trying to commit suicide at ZAUS building, where skiers can play with skis indoors on a artificial ski slope, anytime around the calendar. Onizuka is shocked to hear him, and Yoshikawa replied that snows are falling at the place 5 times a day, and for someone who is only wearing uniform like Kanzaki, a sure death is guaranteed.

Onizuka grits his teeth and vowed that he will never let it happen. He then tells Yoshikawa to hold tight as he makes a U-turn, and vowed that he will drive as fast as he can, at 200km/h. Hearing him, Yoshikawa reminded him that he can't take passengers on an highway, and the listening Uchiyamada is taping their whole conversation as he vowed to himself that he will catch Onizuka at the ZAUS building, takes him to the school, show Sakurai the recording so Onizuka will be fired. Uchiyamada is laughing as he shifted his car gear up some notches, as he declared that his future is as bright as ever…


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