What would happen if we started out doubting our educators? Or should we believe in them and wait patiently? That's the attitude of an educator. - Ryoko Sakurai.
Lesson #6 - The fierce Onizuka-sensei.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 2 - Cover: Eikichi Onizuka
Lesson #6 - The fierce Onizuka-sensei.


(Eikichi) Onizuka then introduced himself, and explaining that he's on a 'visit the student house' program (webmaster note: such programs are common in Japanese schools). Mizuki' father begin to doubt him as a teacher, until (Nanako) Mizuki herself call Onizuka 'sensei'. Onizuka then started to ascend the stairs, while Mizuki's father is trying to stop him. Onizuka then barged into one of Mizuki' parents' room. Onizuka then looked around, then asked her if this is his father' room. Mizuki is stuttering before she answered yes. Upon hearing the answer, he goes further inside the room, amid protests from her father. Onizuka smiles, and began to smash one of the walls with the sledgehammer, much to the shock of everyone.

Mizuki's father tries to stop him, but Onizuka just ignored him. He smashed and smashed until a hole appears. By then, her parents have started to call the police. Onizuka then asked Nanako how she felt now that he has pulled down the cold virtual wall. Mizuki is stunned. Onizuka then patted her on the shoulder, and he tell her that the rest is up to her, and he have to go now. Onizuka leaves as Mizuki prevented her mother from calling the police, much to her mother' shock. As her mother struggles to call the police, Mizuki just smiles as she watched Onizuka fading away.

In the next scene, Onizuka give his final goodbye to the O class. He tells his students that he will become the greatest teacher ever known in Japan. Lastly he thanked all his students, and he hoped that he can meet them again. Onizuka' mentor looked at the class with an approval look. After he finished his speech, all the students are screaming to ask Onizuka to come back at the school again next semester. Onizuka is silent, as he looks at Mizuki's empty seat.

In the teacher's room, everybody is happy after finishing their probation as a trainee. The trainee (who asked the first question) asks Momoi how it's going. Momoi tell her that it was bad, being chased by a physco with acnes all over his face every night. The trainee then replied that it must be hard on her, and Momoi described her experiences as eerie as Onizuka just listened and didn't talk. Then the ugly trainee who opposed (Hidero) Osawa view earlier, show the table that were written with good-luck wishes from her student, and both Momoi and the trainee just looked at her without saying anything.

Then Momoi wondered where Osawa have gone. The trainee (who asked the first question) says that he was expelled for harboring sinister motives on female students. Momoi just laughed, saying it is typical of him, and if he returned, that will be his 4th time and 4th year. The trainee then exclaimed that the time have come for them to go their own separate ways, and she wish all the trainees will do well next semester. Momoi, puzzled, asked her if she 's planning to return next semester after she said earlier that she only wanted the qualification, the trainee nodded her head and saying that she have promised to come back next semester. And Momoi didn't believe it....

Onizuka opened his locker to found a letter from Mizuki: -- (literal translation)


Teacher, I can't thank you enough.

Tonight after you left, we were really busy deciding either to file a report or not....

And also we're busy finding people to fix the wall and also to clean the mess you've created...

Both of my parents are angry, but Nana managed to ask them not to take action against sensei....

From that day, they never quarreled again, and all of us can be together again...and Nana was deeply moved when.

both mom and dad..... face each other via the hole.... and they smiled...

Even that mom and dad are not together as much after this....

you don't have to worry.... as Nana will pierce their heart...even if it takes a long time.....

Nana will try as hard as Nana can


Onizuka smiles. Suddenly he heard his name called from above and he see Mizuki waving at him. She declared that she's so happy. She asked for him to return after he graduated, as she will wait for him. Onizuka then lashed Mizuki, as he didn't believe that her promised could be used. But Mizuki insists that her promise is for real, and for the proof, she flashed Onizuka by lifting her skirt (without panties). Mizuki is smiling and Onizuka is weeping, as Mizuki asked Onizuka to come back again to the school......


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