If you look at the eyes you'd understand! At his eyes!! They are the eyes of a common criminal!! Those eyes!! Don't you understand!? Director!!? - Hiroshi Uchiyamada.
Lesson #159 – Melodies within the pile of trash.

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Lesson #159 – Melodies within the pile of trash.

(Kunio) Murai, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi, (Taadaki) Kusano, (Noboru) Yoshikawa, (Yoshito) Kikuchi and (Urumi) Kanzaki are staring at (Eikichi) Onizuka who sleeps where all his things had been dumped by the new headmaster (Misuzu) Daimon. As Onizuka dreams about eating foods at a restaurant with his mouth wide open, they see a cockroach walked slowly on his chest, toward his mouth. The cockroach then suddenly entered Onizuka’s gaping mouth, and as if in cue, Onizuka rolled over to his side, murmured about a plate of “fried prawns” as he munched the cockroach in his mouth, shocking them. Suddenly Onizuka started to wake up, and he cursed at the “fried prawns” that smells like a pee, and started to threaten the “restaurant owner” to pay him compensation, just to realize that he is only dreaming. He then noticed that Murai and Co. had already arrived and started to greet them (who had already backed-off after seeing that Onizuka munched the cockroach). They then sees one of the cockroach’s leg falling out from his mouth, and they started to scream that Onizuka had ate a cockroach and run away, leaving the puzzled Onizuka behind.

In the next scene, Onizuka is cleaning his mouth as he cursed about how he inadvertently sleeps at the dump last night, and plus he eats a cockroach too. He then explained that he have to do that because he doesn’t have any place to sleep, and he started to curse at Daimon who had forced him out from his “penthouse”, and he is very lucky that nobody steals his “prized” possessions (which includes all trashy things only). Someone commented that no one will want to steal his things anyway because he has nothing valuable except for the trash. Then, Fujiyoushi asked Onizuka on what he is planning to do, after he failed to become a permanent teacher and also forced out from his “penthouse”, and suggested that he should become a clown instead. Kanzaki commented that his mouth is not smelly anymore, and Onizuka replied that he couldn’t work as a clown, reminding him that he is a gang-biker leader at Shonan prefecture.

He started to have a puff, and tells them that he lives at the dump on purpose, and vowed that Daimon will regret chasing him out to the dump in the future, so much she will kneel before him and asked him to live inside the headmaster room, and also she will regret of not making him a permanent teacher (he used wrong kanji here). Fujiyoushi corrected him about the kanji usage, but Onizuka ignored him and start searching for breakfast instead, while Murai is shocked after seeing something. A lorry full with shredded paper suddenly appears from nowhere, and dumped it on the dump submerging Onizuka with it, shocking both Kanzaki and Murai. Onizuka becomes angry and started to make death threats to the driver, when Daimon suddenly appears at the nearest window and asked him whether he really sleeps at the dump, and the angry Onizuka is shocked to hear her. Daimon then tells him that all old books in the school will be shredded and thrown out because they take too much space. Onizuka is struggling to hold his anger as Daimon asked him whether he managed to find a new room to live, reminding him that the dump will become the place where the old books will end, and if he doesn’t move out he will end up being burned. She then wondered whether Onizuka also wants to be shredded and recycled, when suddenly Onizuka faked a big smile. He then commented that she is right, plus he can also save in funeral expenses. (Azusa) Fuyutsuki who happened to pass nearby listened to the conversation silently, as the others panics to see Onizuka being submerged with the shredded paper again.

In the next scene, the first assembly for the 2nd semester is on at the school hall, while Onizuka complained to Fuyutsuki about how Daimon nearly kills him with the shredded papers, as he removes some of the papers from inside his shirt. Fuyutsuki advised him to just follow Daimon orders to move out from the school compound, because if he resists, other teachers will only look down on him. She then sheepishly suggested that he can live at her house temporarily before he managed to find a new room to rent, while Onizuka only stand silently as Fuyutsuki continued talking. Fuyutsuki turns to see Onizuka, just to find out that he is sleeping standing up, with plastic tapes on his eyelids to prevent them from closing. Fuyutsuki and other teachers near him can only look at him angrily, when suddenly the tapes snapped and his eyes closed.

The announcer announced that for the new semester, the school will have a new headmaster, and asked Daimon to give a speech. Upon hearing her name, Onizuka suddenly wakes up as all the 3 principals clapped feverishly at Daimon. She then started to greet the students and introduced herself. Then she asked the students whether they had started to think about their future. She then tells them that in most developed countries, most of their entrepreneurs had started since they were in the same age range like the students, and she feels that such trends will come eventually to Japan in the near future. Kanzaki and the students can only listened to her as Daimon continued, saying that the students should adapted themselves in such environments. She then announced, that to create such environments in the school so that they can adapt themselves from the beginning, the school had already implemented an intranet system in the school.

The students started to talk among themselves, puzzled when they heard the word “intranet”, while Kikuchi is shocked to hear Daimon’s announcement. She then smiled after seeing the reaction from the students, and her escorts started to open the mysterious boxes that arrived the day earlier, and give the contents to the students. The students are shocked to be given a PDA (Personal Data Assistant), and a student asked his friend whether the PDA is the thing that are commonly called as ZAUS, just to be lashed with the fact that ZAUS is a name of the place where people can snow skiing all year round. Another wondered on why everyone get one of those things, when suddenly Daimon announced that the device being given to them is a handheld computer, so that they can experience a futuristic educational technology. She then explained that the device is also equipped with mobile services, so the students can practically use the handheld virtually everywhere where mobile phone coverage is available to connect to the server at the school, thus enabling them to surf the Internet virtually from anywhere. She then tells them that each student will be given a free e-mail account, and it’s up for the student to use them properly.

She then reminded them that they can’t access adult websites with the handheld, and she smiled again, saying that the students should use the device wisely, because the device is given to them for free. The students are shocked to learn that they don’t have to pay anything, and they started to become happy about with. One of the escorts also distribute the handheld devices to the teachers with Onizuka and Fuyutsuki each get one, while (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada asked Daimon whether she really wants to give lots of those devices to the teachers and students. She replied that he doesn’t have to worry, because she had already calculated that the increase of the number of students next year will be enough to cover the expenses incurred today. She then asked him to work together to administer the school to a new height.

Back to the students, they still didn’t believe that they will be given such an expensive device for free, and some of them started to praise Daimon for her far-sighted vision. Meanwhile, Kanzaki wondered whether Daimon actually wants to appease the students in that way, and Kikuchi adds that the cost must be really high and wondered whether something fishy is going on. Meanwhile, back to the teachers, Fuyutsuki wondered whether the it’s wise to give each students one of those handheld devices, which costs 50000 to 60000 yen each (US $380-450), and wondered on what Daimon really want to do. She turned again to ask Onizuka about it, just to see that Onizuka had become very angry.

Onizuka screamed that he can’t accept what Daimon had said, shocking Fuyutsuki. He then walked toward the stage, while repeating his stand earlier. The teachers and students are stunned as the angry Onizuka walked to the stage. He climbed the stage and stands right in front of her, while the 3 principal cowered in fear that Onizuka may do something violent. Onizuka started to tell her again that he can accept something that she had said, and the tense Daimon asked him on what he is talking about. Hearing her, Onizuka shows the handheld device right in front of her face, and asked whether what she had said earlier is true. Daimon is silent as Onizuka whispered, asking her whether the handheld for teachers can’t be used to surf adult websites too. Daimon is shocked, and the students laughed because they overhears the conversation via the microphone, and screams that Onizuka is a pervert who only thinks about adult websites. The principals started to drag Onizuka down from the stage as the angry Daimon looks at him silently.

In the next scene, Onizuka is surfing an adult website with his handheld, while following Daimon from behind. He commented that the screen is very clear, and laughed as he see a doctored image. He then asked Daimon whether she is really sane to give lots of those expensive devices to students, because the costs are really expensive. Daimon denied that and asked Onizuka not to follow her. Onizuka ignored her, and commented that she seems to be better that Xavier, and started to describe on how Xavier misused the school funds to take a Turkey-style bath.

Suddenly, Daimon tells him to stop and asked whether Onizuka is thinking that he will become a permanent teacher if he sucked her up. Onizuka ignored her again, and tells Daimon that he have something to tell her too. He then says that he will follow her advice to live at the dump, and Daimon is shocked to hear him. Onizuka then smiled as he continued saying that he is used being called as “trash”, so it’s fitting for him to live at the dump. Daimon then smiled, and tells Onizuka to do what he wants there, when suddenly she hears a voice calling Onizuka’s name. She looks outside the window just to see (Ryuji) Danma asking Onizuka from the school compound whether the garbage-collector truck he had drive up for him is just what he wants (webmaster note: the truck looks like the truck Murai’s mom is driving in GTO drama version). Onizuka replied that Danma is doing a good job, and he turns to Daimon and tells her that amongst the pile of trash, something good can always be found in it. Daimon smiles as she hears his remarks…


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