What the hell kind of education does he think that is? - Hiroshi Uchiyamada.
Lesson #102 - The fear of admitting her own feelings.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 13
Lesson #102 - The fear of admitting her own feelings.

The teachers are asking about (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada at the nearest police station, and the police tell them that they still haven't found him yet, and it will be hard to look for him if the sun has set. The teachers are worried, as it is already 9 pm (webmaster note: I don't know when the sun sets when it is summer in Japan.). A teacher speculates that he must be eaten by a whale, when they suddenly hears a commotion about a drowned adult man who has been fished out with a small water scooter near Iriomote Island (webmaster note: I don't know what to call that thing anyway). The teachers heard about it, and started to follow the running men.

Surely, that the drowned man being fished out is Uchiyamada, and the teachers are shocked. Uchiyamada' corpse is being taken out from the net, and the teachers asked for ambulance to be called. Another teacher suggested that they do artificial respiration, but none of the teachers wanted to do it. Suddenly Uchiyamada wakes up with a fish in his mouth, started to call for (Eikichi) Onizuka, and runs away from the port, screaming Onizuka' name. The teachers can only looked at him when suddenly Uchiyamada collapsed, and they started to panic.

Meanwhile, (Anko) Uehara and the gang are shopping. (Mayuko) Asano is trying a pendant with (Naoko) Izumi looking, as Uehara is looking at bottles of 'magic sand' (made from star sparkles taken from the beach) that usually used to pray so that his or her love wish can be realized. Suddenly, Asano approached her from behind and asked her what she wants to buy, and she hurriedly put the bottle back and started to look at the coconut stall, and Asano started to look at her suspiciously again. She approached her again, whispering to her asking if Uehara is looking at the magic sand earlier. Uehara denies, but Asano asked her again to who she want to pray with using the sand, and she denies that she ever looked at the sand, as she started to walk away saying that she has only mistook the bottles.

She arrived at a pendant section, where a lot of pendants, also made from the same magic sand shaped like a piece of the heart being broken in the middle, with family names engraved on it (Onizuka, Kanzaki, Murai are family names, while Eikichi, Urumi and Kunio are first names), and if 2 pendants matches fit perfectly like a jigsaw puzzle, it means that the 2 people with the names on those 2 pendants will become lovers. She looked at a pendant with her name on it, commented that the 'magic sands' are use everywhere. Suddenly, she see a pendant with (Noboru) Yoshikawa' name. She looked at it silently, takes it and tried to fit her pendant and his, and surely it fits perfectly, and she started to blush.

She is jolted back to reality, as she wondered why she is doing matching pendants like that, and why she is happy when her pendant matches perfectly with Yoshikawa'. Suddenly, (Eikichi) Onizuka appears from behind and whispered at her asking combining what with what makes her so happy. Uehara is shocked by Onizuka' sudden appearance, as Onizuka is trying back to match the pendants, and found out what have happened, exclaiming that he had found her out. Uehara asked him about his motives, and Onizuka asked her not to pretend, as Uehara tried to deny him.

Onizuka then whispered to Uehara, that she has fallen in love with Yoshikawa, and asked her to just admit it. Hearing that, Uehara hurriedly dragged him to a corner of the shop, as other students looked at them suspiciously. There, she asked him why he is saying that, adding that she will never like Yoshikawa, as Onizuka is playing dumb. She then left, saying that she will never like a person like Yoshikawa, as Onizuka is silently smoking. But suddenly, Onizuka sees Yoshikawa, and started to call him over, shocking Uehara. Uehara slowly turned her head to see Yoshikawa, but instead Onizuka is grinning, saying that Uehara is being cheated, and she started to become angry. Onizuka ribbed her about how easy for her to fall to such old-school trick, and reiterated that he is right about her and Yoshikawa, and Uehara vowed that she will kill Onizuka if he talk about it again.

Back to the hotel, Asano and Izumi were already sleeping, while Uehara is still wide-awake. She wondered if she really has fallen for Yoshikawa, when the door opened and Yoshikawa walked in. He is stunned to see that Uehara is still awake, as she started to blush. He asked her if she hasn't sleep yet, and she replied that she doesn't. He exclaimed that the day is full of events, and that they must rest, and she acknowledged him. Yoshikawa walked to the veranda, and Uehara gasped. Yoshikawa asked her what have happened, and she replied that she sees that he walked into the veranda. Yoshikawa reminded her that it was her instructions that tell him to sleep at the veranda. She replied that he can sleep inside the room, and he is puzzled and asked her if he really can, and she replied that she doesn’t mind, saying that if he have headaches, he will become angry at her, and she will not like that.

Yoshikawa is silent as she added that he might be peeping like the night before. Yoshikawa thanked her for her kindness, and she replied that it's just a small matter. As he started to prepare his bed, she started to wonder why she is so kind to him, just like that she has truly fallen for him. She then realized that letting him sleeping at the room, is like sleeping together with him and started to become worried. She started to blame herself, as she tells herself to sleep.

Time passes and everyone is sleeping, but Uehara finds out that she still wide-awake. She started to move around on her bed, thinking why she must always thinks about Yoshikawa, and how that her heart is beating fast just because of him. Suddenly she hears something and she looked up just to see that Yoshikawa is upon her. She exclaimed to him that he can't enter into her comforter, or else Asano and Izumi will see it. But Yoshikawa ignored her, and started to pull her comforter. Uehara is panicking, as she screams for Yoshikawa not to enter her comforter, and not to touch that 'thing', and her hand waves wildly. She slowly opened her eyes, just to find out that there's no one on her bed, and Yoshikawa is sleeping at his bed.

Uehara, hands still on the air, suddenly realized that she is only dreaming. She is worried that she had such a dream, just like a wife that hasn't have sex for a long time. She vowed that she must change rooms tomorrow. Suddenly she hears something again, and she opened up her comforter, to see Yoshikawa holding a V8 camera filming her. Uehara is stunned, and she lifted Yoshikawa' mask to see that it is Onizuka who had been filming her all along. Uehara looked angrily at him, as Onizuka commented that she is beautiful when she is angry.

She screams and tried to hit Onizuka with the pillow, calling him a pervert, but Onizuka effortlessly avoided her. Everyone in the room is waking up, and Yoshikawa asked Uehara on what have happened. Uehara pushed Onizuka out of the door and replied that they all can sleep now. Outside the room, she looked menacingly at Onizuka who is smoking. She asked him what he is doing with the V8 camera, and Onizuka replied that her action back there explained everything. She asked about his words, and Onizuka whispered that she is dreaming of Yoshikawa, and she started to blush. Onizuka started to laugh when he looked at her red face, commenting that she is just a girl who has fallen in love.

He then explained that more she wanted to deny it, it make him more determined to find the truth, and that's why he stole Uchiyamada' V8 camera to film the evidence. He assured her that he is not a pervert, but saying that while she is screaming ' Yoshikawa, you can't...’ he has noticed that the body of a middle school student have grown so well, and she started to smash the V8 camera to the floor. Onizuka panics, saying that the camera is Uchiyamada’, and Uehara lashed at him saying that he is a pervert who like to film while peeping, and she will expose his plans.

She added, that logically she would not like a person like Yoshikawa, because he doesn't have any attraction in him, and that she has already received 10 love letters. Onizuka is quiet, and she asked why he is staring at her. Onizuka replied that Yoshikawa is a weak person, shocking Uehara. He added that Yoshikawa is not as handsome as him, and that he is shorter than (Kunio) Murai, and also weaker than girls, plus he hasn't circumcised yet. Onizuka wondered if his pubic hair has already grown, and that his exam results is not that good, and when he is playing football, the ball will smash into his face. He asked Uehara to look at the mole on Yoshikawa' leg, that it have a strand of hair too, as Uehara is starting to get embarrassed by Onizuka' revelations.

But Onizuka concluded, that Uehara like Yoshikawa who are just him. He added if she is still that stubborn, she will lose out, because a chance for her to admit her own feeling is hard to find, and asked Uehara if he is right. Uehara is silent, but still she denies that she likes Yoshikawa. Onizuka dumped Uchiyamada V8 into the trash bin, and wondered why Uehara must be so stubborn, and Uehara tell him to just let her alone. Suddenly Onizuka exclaimed that girls will surely acts like she did, so he will help her to alter her personality, so that Uehara can be honest with her own heart...


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