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Lesson 118 – Hardcore party.


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Lesson 118 – Hardcore party.

The man that manned the entrance of the disco where the party is held ignored the request of (Kunio) Murai who had asked for him to find and tell (Eikichi) Onizuka – Murai described him as a blonde with V-shaped fringe with clothes that looks like triad gangs’. (Yoshito) Kikuchi commented that they have to find Onizuka by themselves but (Kouji) Fujiyoushi protested, saying that it could be dangerous. Kikuchi replied that they themselves had seen the ticket, and it’s obvious that all the patrons inside the disco are Onizuka’s enemies. He continued, saying that even that Onizuka have strong guardian angels, by entering the disco is akin to entering a safari naked with tomato sauce doused all over his body. Only they can save him now, so they must enter.

Meanwhile, inside the disco, Onizuka is asking the DJ on duty for the whereabouts of (Mayu Wakui) but he is ignored. He lashed at the DJ and everyone else, wondering whether they understand Japanese at all and that they also acted like they are on a high. Then he vowed to find the sadomasochistic Wakui before he returns to Ageha who have promised to bore a child of his. He then screamed for Wakui to comes out so they can fight. He screams again, asking whether Wakui is scared now of him, and that for love he will do anything.

Suddenly, someone bumped into him, knocking his face onto the breasts of a waitress. He started to become angry at the bumper, while marveling at his luck, and he vowed to beat the bumper until he kneels at him. It turns out that the bumper is (Hajime) Fukorada, wearing a Bruce Lee suit. Onizuka and Fukorada are shocked to see each other. Fukorada asked him on why Onizuka is in the disco, wearing gangsters’ clothes, while Onizuka asked him on why he does the same, wearing the Bruce Lee suit.

Meanwhile, someone is approaching them using a skateboard, and it turns out to be Hiroshi Kochiyatani (wearing extreme games athlete clothes), and Tadashi Sakurai also accompanied him (wearing Ninja attire). They are also shocked to see Onizuka and Fukorada in the disco. Onizuka asked Sakurai on why he wears that Ninja attire while Sakurai also commented that Onizuka himself is wearing gangsters’ clothes. Suddenly, to their shock, (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada appears, wearing boy-scout uniform, and he wondered why worthless people like them also appear in the disco.

Onizuka asked him on why he is also at the disco, and Uchiyamada replied that a female student had asked for his help. Onizuka is puzzled, but before he can ask for more information, Ageha appears, wearing a butterfly costume and greets them. All the teachers are shocked to see her wearing that costume and Uchiyamada goes further, saying that Wakui must have asked her to wear that costume. The others are stunned to hear Uchiyamada says such things, and Onizuka asked Uchiyamada on how he knows Wakui will say the same thing as what he hears from Ageha earlier. The others are also stunned, when they began to know that everyone had already knew the larva-butterfly story.

Suddenly, more girls in butterfly uniforms appear, and greet them. They then asked the teachers to sit on VIP seats, and then put their hands behind the chairs. Onizuka wondered on what will happen next, as he tried to guess what is the place actually is. Suddenly, their hands are cuffed, shocking them. They started to protest, wondering whether they are inside a SM club, as now a chain is tied to their necks. By that time, Wakui appears from behind them, and welcomed them to the ‘special party’ special for them.

Onizuka is shocked to see him, as the girls pulled the chains to suffocate them. Uchiyamada asked Wakui on what have happened, and he replied that all of them have been waiting for the ‘special party’ long enough. One of the patrons suddenly entered the stage and started to grab Uchiyamada collar. He asked Uchiyamada whether he still remembers him, as others tried to restrain him, saying that the time will come. Sakurai wonders on what the party is all about anyway, and Wakui replied that all the patron below the stage are students who had been expelled from the school for minor mistakes, or in other name, they are bad students. Murai who are hearing from below are shocked to see Onizuka on stage. Wakui continued, saying that he has assembled all the expelled students, so that they can punish the teachers who had punished them earlier, as all the patrons are crying for blood!

Uchiyamada and the others started to become scared, as Murai is asking Wakui on what he wants to do. Suddenly, Ageha appears and kissed him. She then asked them if they could be quieter, as Kikuchi and Fujiyoushi realized that they are surrounded by some men. Then they started to be handcuffed and being taken away from the scene, as Wakui started to laugh.

The first person ascended the stage, and introduced himself as Hiroyuki Kurokawa. He then tells the audience on how, 2 years ago, he was expelled from the school for smoking. Because of the incident, his parents divorced and he has to fend for himself. He continued, saying that he is standing on the stage now for justice, and he smashed a bowl full with faeces onto the face of Uchiyamada. He then raised his hand as a sign of victory to the applause of the audience. Sakurai tried to threaten the audience but was told to shut up.

The second person introduced herself as Yumi Ootsukama. She then tells the audience on that she was expelled from the school for having pre-marital sex with his boyfriend. Her parents then chased her out of her house and she ended up becoming a prostitute. She then throws rotten eggs at Kochiyatani, Uchiyamada and Fukorada as she cursed them. Kochiyatani protested, saying that he never has anything to do with her case. Hearing him, Wakui started to laugh, saying that the real face of teachers really shows when they are out of the school gate, and also that the thoughts that half of his life will be determined by such teachers really gives him goose bumps. He then tells the silent Onizuka that he himself is not a good person, so he doesn’t have any right to advise him.

Wakui then continued, saying that teachers will make excuses to divide students into 2 informal groups based on their disciplinary records, without thinking about the feelings of the students. He then asked Onizuka that he himself had been also treated that way when he is at school, and that Wakui knows that Onizuka himself is a problem kid at school, then was expelled before he takes the test to become a teacher at a university. So then Onizuka should be able to understand the audience’ feelings. He added that all of that things happened because of teachers like them all.

Fukorada is now bathing in beer, as Wakui asked Onizuka whether he wants to join them to beat up the teachers, as Wakui already knows that Onizuka himself doesn’t really like Uchiyamada after all. Meanwhile, Uchiyamada is being punished, as Onizuka is thinking about something. Suddenly, he began to speak, belittling the so-called “expelled students’ group”, shocking Wakui. Onizuka then called the assembly as a meeting for immature brats. Hearing him, one of the people who abused Uchiyamada becomes angry, and tries to brush Onizuka’s face with a metal brush. To everyone’s shock, Onizuka gets up, pulling the chains on his neck until it breaks and kicked the brush into the assailant’s face, injuring him badly. Then he breaks the handcuff too, and started to have a puff.

As he inhales the cigarette, Onizuka then asked Wakui whether being expelled from the school is that bad anyway, as some people started to tend on the assailant. Onizuka then exhales, saying that for him, being expelled is just a small thing to him………


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