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Lesson #125 - Lost part 1

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Lesson 125 - Lost part 1

(Eikichi) Onizuka is very happy that (Azusa) Fuyutsuki is taking him eating roasted chicken at Iseya Desuka. He then exclaimed that Fuyutsuki has already got her bonus, and she replied that it's just a little for the first time. She then exclaimed that she wanted to drink some beer when she realized that Onizuka wants her to treat him with the foods. Onizuka commented that it should be the way it is, because she earns more than him, and as a temp, he don't have any bonus after all. Fuyutsuki protested, saying that she doesn't want to treat him because on the other day, it was she who is paying. Onizuka assured her that he will treat her next time, and Fuyutsuki lashed at him for talking like that countless time before.

Suddenly, (Kouji) Sannohmaru called Onizuka because he have a call, as Fuyutsuki is weeping that her salary would be spent again on a worthless people like Onizuka. Onizuka is puzzled when he hears that (Miyabi) Aizawa's mom is on the line, and she has told him that Aizawa had gone from the house since yesterday and she haven't returned yet. Both Fuyutsuki and Onizuka are puzzled to hear him….

In the next scene, the middle-aged man has taken Aizawa to a love hotel and asked her on what kind of "theme" room did she likes. Aizawa is silent and the man started to apologize. He then commented that Aizawa must be sad for running away from home just like that. He continued, saying that he had helped a lot of girls that had also eloped from their home, but this is the first time he help a middle-school student. Then he explained that because he is sad to see those eloping kids are homeless, it moved him to help them, and he started to laugh.

They then entered one of the theme rooms, and the man asked Aizawa whether she wants to drink beer. Suddenly he remembered that Aizawa is still a middle-schooler, and offered her fruit juice instead. He then tells her about the direction of the Karaoke player so she can sing whatever song she wants. Aizawa sits down, and replied that she wants to sleep now, shocking the man. He started to misunderstand her, thinking that Aizawa want to do that 'thing' right now, and replied that he will take a bath first. As he started to unbutton his trousers, Aizawa produced her taser and approaches the man from behind. The man doesn't believe that Aizawa is so aggressive, wondering if Aizawa is used to do 'that' and then asked on how much Aizawa wants. He then asked for Aizawa's mobile phone number when Aizawa attacked her with the taser…

The man screams and a little bit later, the man slumped on the floor as Aizawa remarked that he is so stupid. She then put the man inside a costume, as she herself started to sleep on the bed. She started to remember that when she was small, a vase adorned with fresh red roses was always put on the dinner table. And it stay the same no matter what the season is, even in winter. Because of that, she misunderstood that roses always bloom throughout the calendar…

The next morning, Aizawa is walking as a talent scout is offering her a part-time job as a model. He added that she only have to take a few pictures to get 100000 yen. Aizawa ignored him as she thinks that her family is comparable to a soap opera act, that's it, everything is a fake. Suddenly, a mysterious man gives her a calling card, and she read the card just to realize that it is an advertisement for a find-new-friends calling telephone service (like the one Kanzaki always use).

She then dialed the number as she wondered on why her parents should continue acting that their relationship is still normal. Then, a man answered the call and started to introduce himself as a 48-years old man who is working at a TV station. The man in the phone then asked Aizawa on how old she is, whether she is a high-school student and whether they can meet now. Suddenly, Aizawa muttered the word "father?" and the man is shocked. He then wondered whether Aizawa is really her daughter, and that why she is calling such telephone services. Aizawa hanged the phone up, as she tells the man to drop dead.

She walked away as she vowed that she will never want to cheat herself again, and that she also doesn't want to live is such a fake family like her's again. She then decided that she will live her life all alone, and makes her life by stealing or cheating the men like the one from before. She then goes to a shopping complex and browse on the cosmetic section. After looking all around, she takes a bottle of nail-polisher and started to slip it inside her skirt as she started to smile. Suddenly she hears footsteps behind her, and immediately her hand that is holding the stolen polisher is grabbed and pulled upwards, as if she is being arrested.

The policeman who arrested her commented that stealing is not a very good deed to do, as Aizawa started to panic. The policeman wondered whether she is a middle-school student, and Aizawa asked him to let her hand go, because she didn't do anything. The policeman laughed, and replied that he had seen everything she wants to do. He then tried to make a deal with Aizawa, that if she removes her panties and give it to him, he will let her free and will not report the incident to the police. The policeman laughed as Aizawa is stunned.

Aizawa started to remove her panties, as the policeman squeal in delight, exclaiming that Aizawa is doing great. He then asked Aizawa to remove her panties slowly, and then he commented that her hip is nice. Aizawa turned just to see that the policeman is actually Onizuka with a perverted face. Aizawa screams and backs off and Onizuka tells her to be quiet or else the real policeman will come. Aizawa is pulling up her panties back and asked Onizuka on why he is in the shopping complex. Onizuka replied that he is following the Director's orders to find a certain student who have eloped from her house.

Aizawa started to walk away, as Onizuka started to ridicule her, saying that her actions of trying to steal things after running away from home is so predictable, like she is acting in a certain game show (????). Aizawa lashed at him, asking him to mind his own business, and she adds that she is only training to do that. Onizuka asked whether she only tried to steal a bottle of no-brand nail polisher, and laughed at her for her stupidity when selecting loots. Aizawa becomes angry, and then replied that he should not be so happy just by catching her stealing the polisher, and that she will never return to her home.

Onizuka smiles, and replied that he never thought for her to return home, but he just want to tell her that if she wanted to steal, she have to do it in a larger scale. He then pulled her uniform, taking a plate full with nail-polisher bottles and dumped them all inside her uniform, shocking her. He then runs away, leaving Aizawa holding lots of nail-polisher inside her uniforms as 2 real policemen appears from a corner, shouting at them. Onizuka asked Aizawa to run for it as Aizawa screams in panic. She then doesn't have any choice but to follow Onizuka running away as the policemen through fire ramp. As they runs, she lashed at him for making a scapegoat out of her, but Onizuka replied that Aizawa actually wants to steal them anyway. Hearing him, she exclaimed that she only needs one bottle, not the whole tray…

In the next scene, Aizawa is panting as the policemen are passing their hideout. She started to dump out all the bottles from inside her uniform as she called Onizuka as a crazy man. She then wondered if he really a teacher, because a real teacher won't teach his students methods of stealing. Onizuka replied that they don't have to worry because they can think a way to return them back stealthily. Aizawa lashed at him, saying that if putting them back will solve all problems, police force will not be needed by Japan anymore.

She then walked away as Onizuka followed her from behind. She then thinks whether Onizuka's space for brain is filled instead with worms, adding that Onizuka is really a worm disguised as a human. Looking that Onizuka is following her, she started to try and beat him but Onizuka easily avoids her blows. Failing to do that, she walked away with Onizuka singing at her tails as she commented that how a moron likes him could be appointed as a teacher. She then guessed that some unholy intervention from aliens in an UFO helped him, and she started to believe on that reason! Suddenly, she realized that she is fooling herself by talking alone, and blamed it to Onizuka for making her to do that.

In the next scene, a ramen shop owner is serving 2 bowls of ramen to Onizuka and Aizawa and he pays for it. Aizawa then asked Onizuka on the cost, and he replied that the ramen costs 6.5 million yen. Hearing him, she started to try and beat him again (and failed) as she lashed at him for trying to cheat a middle-school student with such a lame attempt. Onizuka replied that he is only joking, but Aizawa countered that only old-fashioned man uses such jokes nowadays. Aizawa then started to put some peppers on her ramen, and she asked Onizuka on how long he will continue following her. She then added that she would never return to the house that contains such a jerky parents, no matter what Onizuka wants to say.

Onizuka shrugged, and asked her why she does that. Aizawa is shocked to hear him asking that question, and replied that it isn't his business. She then reiterated that she will not return home, and asked Onizuka to tell her parents that she doesn't want to depend on anyone, and that she wants to live alone. Onizuka drinks the soup, as he asked about what she means by 'living alone', adding that Aizawa will surely go to a friend's house and asked to sleep at their place. Aizawa lashed at him, saying that she have no friend left, because all of them are betrayers, so she will not do that.

Hearing her, Onizuka then asked on what her plan is, and she reiterated that she would eventually find a way. Onizuka commented that she will surely sleeps on the 5-foot-way, and Aizawa replied that she would do it if she has to. Onizuka exclaimed that if she sleeps at the 5-foot-way, she will feel so cold at dawn, and he added that he have heard that some girls who have ran away from home sleeps at public toilets. He then commented that if Aizawa does just that, she may be pasted with faeces, as Aizawa sheepishly denies that she will sleep there.

Onizuka then asked Aizawa whether she need medicines, and Aizawa is puzzled. He then explained that Aizawa might need it just in case that Aizawa started to collect dumped foods from dustbins like he does sometimes, and Aizawa lashed at him, saying that she will NEVER do that. She then asked Onizuka not to mess with her business anymore, because she has decided that she really wants to live all alone. Onizuka is silent, and suddenly he stands up, saying that he understands her now, shocking Aizawa.

He started to walk away from her, as he exclaimed that he had seen that she has a tough stance, so he may not have to do anything then. He wishes her good-luck, as Aizawa become puzzled. Onizuka wondered whether Aizawa is on the way of love and happiness and started to laugh. He then exclaimed that being young is fun, and tells Aizawa to enjoy her 'living alone' life, adding that he will give her moral support all the way. Aizawa started to continue eating her ramen as the singing Onizuka faded into the darkness.

Suddenly, she jumped and started to chase Onizuka, screaming that she really doesn't believe that Onizuka will leave her alone just like that. She cursed Onizuka for leaving her, when suddenly she sees Onizuka sitting on an alleyway, smoking. Onizuka exclaimed that Aizawa is really stubborn, adding that if she needs help, there's a bunch of people who are willing to help her. He then tells Aizawa that she actually has a lot of good friends, and that all of them are worried about her now. Aizawa is speechless as she suddenly remembers about (Saeko) Iijima and (Chikako) Shirai. She the started to try and hold her tears, as her mind started to remember everyone from the 4th class; the self-declared cool (Yoshito) Kikuchi, the stupid trio of (Kunio) Murai, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi and (Taadaki) Kusano, Iijima, Shirai, the slow (Tomoko) Nomura, the arrogant (Urumi) Kanzaki, (Mayu) Wakui who never come to school and the 3 sisters of (Anko) Uehara, (Naoko) Izumi and (Mayuko) Asano.

A smiling Onizuka started to pat her head, and she brushes it away. He then tells Aizawa to get going to find a person that is willing to help her, as Aizawa keeps brushing off Onizuka's hand that are patting her head.


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