I want to be a teacher. The greatest teacher ever... - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson #58 - The final decision.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 7
Lesson #58 - The final decision.

(Urumi) Kanzaki is falling off the flat, and she started to resign herself to her fate. Suddenly, to her shock, she sees (Eikichi) Onizuka racing for her downward, screaming her name. He then leaps for her, grabbing her and turned around before they reached the ground, which is luckily a small dumpsite that somehow cushioned their fall. After the fall, Onizuka started to wake up from his faint, thinking that his butt pushed her down, and asked Kanzaki to wake up too. He turned around to see that Kanzaki' head has broken, and he is shocked. Then he realized that he is holding a broken mannequin, throw it away, and started to find the real Kanzaki.

After a time, Onizuka finally find Kanzaki, still fainted, and started to wake her up. But Kanzaki doesn't respond, and Onizuka started to panic. He tried to wake her again, but to no avail. He then listened to her heart nervously, and started to pull her ear. He then threatened to pull her skirt up if she tried to fake it, but still no response from her. He then tried to listen to her breathing, when he suddenly taken aback by the fact that she has died. Onizuka is panicking, wondering if she has died, asking her to wake up, and that he never meant to kill her.

He then wanted to take her to the hospital, when suddenly 2 policemen found them. They asked him on their purpose at the dumpsite, and the panicking Onizuka instead started to put her on his back and started to run, and the policemen chased him. Onizuka knows that he is doomed, just like a killer that was seen leaving the crime scene. He silently commented that he has become a killer in such a young age, and thinks if he stopped, his punishment will be reduced, but he banished the thought, thinking that he is poor and will not be able to hire a lawyer. So, in the best case, he will only be jailed for life, or in the worst case, he will be...

Onizuka started to imagine, at interrogations, his story of how Kanzaki die isn't believed, because he is a criminal anyway. Then lots of media make a huge coverage of a teacher killing his own student. Next the images of (Kunio) Murai, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi, (Taadaki) Kusano, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki, (Yoshito) Kikuchi, (Ryuji) Danma and (Nagisa) Nagase leaving him at the dock, disgusted, as the judge give him the capital punishment. Then the images of how his pleas fall into deaf ears, as (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada laughed at him. And finally, how he ended as a lifeless body on the rope....

In the next scene, Onizuka, hiding under a car, swears that he will not die, and that he must find ways to save Kanzaki. He then found a hospital, just to find out that it is a veterinary hospital. He arrived to another, to find out that it is a dental practice, and another at a nose specialist practice. Onizuka run and run, cursing at Japanese nowadays that don't value life at all, when suddenly he hears a suggestion to just bury her corpse. Onizuka turned around to see a sleeping poor man portable TV showing a thriller movie, which villain is under the same predicament as Onizuka. The villain is being advised to bury the corpse at the feet of Mount Fuji, so nobody will found out about the corpse.

In the next scene, Onizuka has arrived at the forest near Fuji Jiyukai, with a car, while he is breathing rapidly and looked very scared....


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