This is why I don't like bald guys. Bald guys are dirty old men. - Eikichi Onizuka.

Lesson 119 – Destroy the darkness.


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Lesson 119 – Destroy the darkness.

(Eikichi) Onizuka is puffing as he asked whether being expelled is that bad anyway. Meanwhile, the assailant is screaming in pain, as the audience and (Mayu) Wakui are looking at him. Onizuka sits on the chair, saying that being expelled is only a small matter to him. Suddenly, someone from the audience exclaimed that the night is reserved for punishing the teachers, not to fight against another gangsters’ group. Hearing him, Wakui replied that Onizuka is his homeroom teacher, stunning the whole audience.

The audience started to hurl things into the stage but none of them hits Onizuka. Some of them expressed disbelief that a blond-haired gangster can become a teacher, adding that they were expelled for wearing earrings and coloring their hair. They then vowed to cut everyone’s hair bald, as they claimed injustice for not being able to color their hair in school. One of them asked for a scissor, and suddenly Onizuka asked whether he is jealous of him. The man rises on the stage, asking whether Onizuka wants to die. Onizuka stands up and raises his right hand on his face. The punks is puzzled on what Onizuka wants to do, and Onizuka replied that he is doing a “Finger Kung-Fu” maneuver.

The punk is shocked, and started to flick his finger, asking Onizuka if he really wants to do that. He started to laugh, saying that Onizuka is mad, as he boasts on how he beats up a teacher at his school earlier, and then smashed his head to the glass windows. Suddenly, Onizuka flicked his finger, hitting the punk's forehead and the punk is sent flying across the disco. The punk crashed at the other end of the disco and fainted, as the audience looked at him in disbelief. The audience started to protest that Onizuka is too cruel, but Onizuka denies their allegation, saying that he is only doing a “Finger Kung-Fu” maneuver.

The audiences still not believe him, saying that such kung fu is impossible nowadays, and asked him whether he comes from outer space. Meanwhile the other teachers started to panic, as they realized that Onizuka intends to challenge them all. Onizuka ignored them, and tells the audience to shut up as he explained that a job as a teacher is not easy as someone might have think of. He then reiterated, saying that it’s no big deal with being expelled, because such students like them all will get nothing anyway if they continued studying. Hearing him, the audience started to throw more things at the teachers, but nothing lands on Onizuka but the others received them all. Onizuka laughed at them, challenging them to become a teacher themselves…

He then started to tell his own story, that he himself was expelled from the school and ended as a gangster’s leader, with a lot of police records. Still, he still become a teacher, and asked the audience for the reason if they knows. Seeing that they didn’t know anyway, Onizuka tells them that the reason he become a teacher is because he is 100 times much better than all of them. Onizuka started to belittle them, saying that what they can only do is to buy breads from convenience stores, because they are all worthless until the end of their lives. The rest of the teachers started to cringe and asked Onizuka to stop, as the audience started to become angrier.

Suddenly, another punk rises to the stage with a steel chair in his hand and challenges him to a one-on-one fight. Onizuka declines, saying that as a teacher, he can’t do that or he will be fired. The punk accused him of trying to run away, but Onizuka shows a V-sign right in front of his face, saying that he will be able to kill losers like him in less than 2 seconds, and he advised him to back-off. Hearing him, more things are thrown to the stage as they clamors to challenge Onizuka, and again Onizuka is not hit, but instead he blows a cigarette smoke on the punk’s face.

The teachers asked him to stop, and (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada tells him that he still has loans to service, and the others echo the same things as his. Onizuka ignored them again, as he chopped the neck of a bottle of beer cleanly, shocking the punk. Onizuka then drinks from the bottle, as he asked whether the loser groups really wants to challenge him, the legend of Shonan who are also known as the ‘lethal weapon’. Then he throws the empty bottle away, saying that if they really wants to, he will fight with them; 100 person vs. himself. He started to warm up, as Onizuka explains that if he fails, all the teachers present on the stage will give their resignation letter tomorrow, shocking Uchiyamada and silencing the audience. But if he wins, the audience must follow whatever he wants, even that if he wants to sleep with the girls.

Wakui agrees with his proposal, and ask on how the game will be done, and wonders whether he will want to fight. Onizuka declines, saying that he will win easily in a street fight game. He then raised his hand and proposed a game of arm-wrestling between him and 100 people of Wakui’s choice, and asked whether Wakui agrees with him. Hearing him, the teachers started to protest, saying that Onizuka will not be able to win. Wakui reminded him, that if Onizuka lose, the teachers would file the resignation, as the teacher started to panic.

They then asked Onizuka whether he could win, and pointed at the audience to show a very big man covered in a robe and that it’s impossible for Onizuka to win against him. They then lashed at Onizuka for putting their future on the line. Suddenly, Onizuka replied that teacher should also plays with their students because it’s part of their responsibility as teachers. They countered, saying that the audiences wanted them to file their resignation. Onizuka replied as he opened his jacket, to ask them to just let him take care of everything, and he will let the losers group knows the differences between useful people and the worthless ones. Hearing him, they lashed at him for taking everything for granted, and that searching for a new job is harder for people at their age.

The announcer started to announce the first challenger, as (Kunio) Murai is screaming from the back not to do it, as he will not win, but he and the rest are dragged out from the dancing floor. Ageha asked him on why he must bet on something impossible, and asked whether he thinks he can win. Onizuka replied that he could. He then smacked her ass, as he continued saying that he will ask for compensation from her using his own special “teaching’s skill” after his win later. Ageha smiles at him, as the game started…


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