Yeah, that's how they are. At times like this women hide the fact that they're having their period. That's how women are - I mean, I don't really mind bloody play, but.. - Eikichi Onizuka.

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Lesson 135: Mom, daughter and the poison pen letter.

A man is being interviewed in a talk show, about the increasing cases of errant teachers in teaching profession, for example, a principal was caught fondling his student's breasts at a KTV outlet. Meanwhile a family is having their tea while listening to the talk show talking about private schools being better than government schools, and another participant in the talk show reminded the rest of them about government schools in Musashino being better than average ones, and also some schools at Kichiyouji. The talk show participants started to talk more and more when the family suddenly received a fax call with contents that shocked the receiver.

More houses started to get the same fax, and (Juria) Murai is wearing her shoes, complaining that she is late to go to work when suddenly her fax machine started to get into motion. She is puzzled that someone is faxing her early in the morning, and takes it just to be shocked just like everybody else. Somewhere in a fax shop center (webmaster note: where you can send faxes for a fee), (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is busy faxing the fax to the addresses in the students' address book. A clerk is looking at him suspiciously as he remarked that he should make the poison pen letter earlier to expose all (Eikichi) Onizuka's sins.

The fax reads:-

The school should explain the bad behaviors exhibited by a teacher called Onizuka:-
1. He blatantly uses part of the school as his home
2. He always forced lewd acts upon female students.
3. He is a graduate from a low-class university, in other words, his education level is almost the same as of elementary school's students.
4. He once wounded a principal called Uchiyamada, forcing him to stay in hospital for 2 months. VERY IMPORTANT!
5. He planned to put all his misdemeanor acts on Uchiyamada's shoulder, making a scapegoat out of him.

In the next scene, Onizuka is shown riding his bike running over a red light, shocking pedestrians who are crossing the road. Meanwhile, at (Urumi) Kanzaki's home, her mom is in the midst of planning a big buyout of shares of a certain company, using all of the capital she have. Her assistant asked her whether concentrated buying is a good thing, and Kanzaki's mom replied that she have reliable information that a big cluster of companies will enter the stock market later in the market session, so if she buys just before the cluster acts, she will profits a lot when the cluster makes the stock market points rise. Plus, she had asked Megumi to confirm the information too. She then commented that her former associates would be surprised and scared.

The assistant looks at her silently, as Kanzaki's mom tells her to prepare for the buyback in 2 minutes, and then they can enjoy their multiplied capital that will be enough to buy a champagne factory. Kanzaki's mom then wondered on the whereabouts of Megumi, and the assistant replied that she doesn't know either, because Megumi haven't called in. Kanzaki's mom started to become angry at her absence, when suddenly Onizuka barged in, screaming for Kanzaki. He stormed through the house looking for her, as her mom is shocked to see him.

(Noboru) Yoshikawa tells her that Kanzaki is missing, and asked her whether she knows about her whereabouts. She replied that she doesn't know about it, and asked them to leave at once. Yoshikawa then tells her that Kanzaki wants to commit suicide, as Onizuka stormed into Kanzaki's bedroom, angering her mom. Then her mom tells Yoshikawa that it's impossible that Kanzaki wants to commit suicide, because she is a special child and have a very bright future. She then asked the protesting Yoshikawa to get out, because she is very busy with her work.

The computer beeped, telling that the time for buyback has come. Her mom exclaimed that they should buy all the stocks, as Onizuka is looking in disgust at her. She then exclaimed that if the share prices keep falling down, private investors will be panicking and started to sell all their shares, so it will be easy for them to buy it. Yoshikawa tried to drill the message that Kanzaki is committing suicide, but her mom ignored him, saying that such things are impossible, and now any single little move will net her 10 billion yen in profit.

Yoshikawa exclaimed that her daughter is about to commit suicide, but she is sitting in front of the computers doing nothing to stop her. He then wondered if she is really her mother. Hearing him, Kanzaki's mom started to respond, saying that she is not worried, because Kanzaki is a smart child, thus she will surely knows that committing suicide is not a good thing. She then continued, saying that she had used a lot of money to 'produce' her, so she as her mom will not worry about the things Yoshikawa had said.

Onizuka is shocked to learn that all the contents in the poster are true, and suddenly he smashed one of the computers, shocking Kanzaki's mom. She lashed at him, asking on what he is doing. Onizuka then asked her on whether she is saying the phrase 'produce her' earlier, and lashed at her asking whether she thinks that kids are just to be produced like cakes. He then tells her that Kanzaki have souls and feelings too, and he brands her mom as a lunatic and stupid. He cursed at her, for saying that Kanzaki is being 'produced' using money, when suddenly, her mom cursed him back, calling him as an unqualified teacher who doesn't have any right to criticize her.

Onizuka becomes angry as Yoshikawa tells him to go out from the house and start searching at other places. As he moves out from the room, he asked her whether she realize that her attitude really makes her own daughter pissed off with her. He then continued, saying that if she doesn't realize it, she should not give birth of Kanzaki earlier. He then asked Yoshikawa to go, as her assistant asked her whether she doesn't want to go and find her daughter. Kanzaki's mom replied that she doesn't have to, because Kanzaki will not commit suicide.

Suddenly, the computer beeps again, and Kanzaki's mom is shocked to see that the price index graph continued to slide. She wondered on what have happened as the assistant asked her on what to do. Kanzaki's mom replied that she doesn't have to worry because the share prices will go up, and tells her to call Megumi to ask verifications about the information they have. The assistant calls, but she failed to connect, shocking Kanzaki's mom. She then tried it herself, just to be greeted by a message telling her that the number she is dialing has been disconnected.

She started to panic and puzzled, as she tells her assistant to call Megumi's mobile phone. The assistant tries, but the result is the same. Kanzaki's mom exclaimed that it's impossible because Megumi's mobile phone works yesterday. Her assistant then pointed to the TV, asking her to watch the news. The TV is showing a report telling that a information provider firm had been declared bankrupt, for having 2 of its check bounced twice, which is the main ground for bankruptcy declaration (webmaster note: I don't know the law of banking, don't ask me about this one). The assistant is shocked to see the news, and exclaimed that Megumi's information is a fake. Kanzaki's mom is stunned, saying that such thing is impossible…

Somewhere, Megumi is shown smoking after having sex with an unidentified man, as she exclaimed that a lot of phone complaints would come from the clients and that Kanzaki's mo is basically finished. She will lose her reputation, and all of her clients will pull back their capitals. Megumi then blamed Kanzaki's mom of being very arrogant, as her partner exclaimed that she is surely very cruel and they started to laugh.

Back to her house, Kanzaki's mom is panicking with all the phone calls for her. The assistant then tells her that she will stop working with her starting today, adding that their contract will end next month anyway. She then tells Kanzaki's mom not to worry about paying her compensation, and she asked Kanzaki's mom to deliver her things later. She then left, as Kanzaki's mom started to slump on the floor, closing her ears from all the incessant ringing. She then screams, on why the incident happened to her. Meanwhile, Kanzaki is standing near a building, and she stares silently at it.

Back to the school, (Ryoko) Sakurai is shocked to hear that Uchiyamada had stabbed Onizuka, and she asked (Naoko) Moritaka for more details. She replied that she doesn't know much about the case either, but Onizuka's wound is not deep. Sakurai started to wonder why such things happened when she is not present, and asked about the whereabouts of Uchiyamada. Hearing her, Moritaka replied that she does want to find out too, but it seem that Uchiyamada is missing. Sakurai is puzzled, when suddenly a phone rang and a lone teacher takes it up. The teacher started to look puzzled, and then muttered the word "Onizuka-sensei", puzzling both Moritaka and Sakurai. Then, in an instant, all the phones in the empty teacher's room started to ring, shocking the teacher, Moritaka and Sakurai.

Back to the town, Onizuka asked Yoshikawa whether he had seen Kanzaki in the video arcade, and he replied that he doesn't, adding that Kanzaki don't play arcade games. Onizuka cursed, wondering on where Kanzaki can possibly going to. Suddenly, his mobile phone rings, and Moritaka is the caller. Moritaka inquired about his whereabouts, and asked him to return to the school because a lot of phone calls are waiting and all of them are asking about him. She then explained that the parents had received an anonymous fax that is defaming him. Meanwhile, the teachers are busy answering the calls.

Onizuka replied that he doesn't care whether there is anonymous letters out there or not, because he doesn't have time for that. Moritaka protested, saying that if he doesn't return, he probably will be fired. Onizuka countered, saying that if the school wants to fire him, they can do it, but he will not return until he finds Kanzaki. Suddenly, his phone beeped, indicating that a second caller is waiting (webmaster note: For readers who don't have mobile phones, this feature is called "call waiting") and Onizuka tells Moritaka to hang up. He then answered the call just to be shocked to see in his mobile phone, the video of Kanzaki.

Back again to the school, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki silently watched the rest of the teacher answering the phone calls inquiring about Onizuka. She started to feel that something fishy is going on, especially when Onizuka is in his search for Kanzaki, and wondered whether (Suguru) Teshigawara is the culprit. She then looks at Teshigawara empty seat, and sees that his laptop is on the desk. She then takes it and departs to the empty meeting room, as she thinks that Teshigawara must be the mastermind on what have happened today, especially after what he had done to her earlier that day when she confronts him. She vowed that she must do something to expose Teshigawara' sinister scheme so that she will know his motive, or else Onizuka will surely be fired. She booted the laptop on, but she doesn't realize that Teshigawara is standing behind her with a cloth and a bottle of chloroform in his hands…..


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