Ah, I know a secret technique to prevent breasts from drooping. Shall I show you? - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson #110 - The blue-haired girl.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 14
Lesson #110 - The blue-haired girl.

The 4th class students are in an uproar, because the photos taken in the Okinawa trip has been developed. (Anko) Uehara is shocked as she sees her picture that candidly taken when she is sleeping while drooling being displayed, as (Naoko) Izumi laughed at her. (Saeko) Iijima confessed that she took the picture, and (Kunio) Murai asked to see the picture. Instead, Iijima shows a picture of him sleeping, with his pants down and a few chopsticks in his ass, and exclaimed that she taken that one too.

An angry Murai chased her down, and she escapes with all the negatives as (Chikako) Shirai announced that the students should order the pictures they wanted from her. (Tomoko) Nomura, who did not go to the Okinawa trip, can just stare at the students who are all happy. She takes the pictures and commented that all of the students are having fun at Okinawa, and how she wished that she were there too. Suddenly, someone take the pictures away from her, and Nomura is shocked to see that it is (Miyabi) Aizawa, sporting a new hair color which is blue, as Aizawa looked at the pictures she took from Nomura.

Nomura, in shock, screamed Aizawa's name, as all the students started to realize that Aizawa has come to school. Looking at the pictures, Aizawa commented that the students surely have a good time because everyone in the pictures looks so very happy. Iijima stammers when she asked about Aizawa's hair color, but Aizawa suddenly tears all the pictures in her hands. Aizawa commented that she is changing her hairstyle, and asked Iijima about her opinion on her new color, which symbolize her loneliness of being betrayed by her own close friends. Iijima and Shirai try to deny her allegation, but Aizawa tell them to shut up, saying that they don't have the right to argue with her, as she had saw their happy pictures with (Eikichi) Onizuka earlier.

Aizawa continued, saying that she never cared anyway even that Iijima and Shirai betrayed her. Suddenly, (Hajime) Fukorada stormed into the class, and angrily asked the reason of Aizawa coloring her hair blue. Aizawa tell him to buzz off, because he is smelly with sweat stench. Fukorada is pissed off now, as Onizuka and (Noboru) Yoshikawa entered the class. Aizawa challenged Fukorada to hit her if he dared, as he barely managed to contain his anger, and started to do push-ups to calm himself while talking about school rules. A student commented to Fukorada that Aizawa is completely oblivious to his speech, as Aizawa looked at Onizuka who is standing at the doorway.

Onizuka has that shocked expression on his face, and asked her on why she colored her hair blue. Aizawa shot back, asking if he want to interrogate her, adding that he himself has his hair colored blonde. Suddenly, Onizuka is in tears, and he put both his hands on her shoulders. Crying in joy, Onizuka started to thank Aizawa. Aizawa is shocked, but suddenly Onizuka moved forward and started to hug her, much to her surprise.

Onizuka continued to hug an embarrassed Aizawa, while exclaiming that he knows that she color her hair blue exclusively for him. He continued, saying that Aizawa must have know that his favorite color is blue too, adding that she is so cute with her blue hair just like Ayanami Rei (of the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion) and that he want to kiss her. Aizawa screamed and asked for Onizuka to release her, and to stop rubbing his face with hers. Looking at the situation, Fukorada angrily lashed at Onizuka for being happy for his student who has breached the school regulation. Onizuka asked Fukorada to cool down; saying that blue is a beautiful color, adding that the doll at Fukorada's house is blue too, as Fukorada sheepishly denies it. (Guess what doll is that).

Aizawa managed to free herself from Onizuka, and starting to lash at him for being crazy, adding that she really hated his attitude of liking to make friends with everyone he meets. She added that she would never recognize him as her homeroom teacher, even that the rest of the class recognizes him as one. Onizuka is silent as she talked, but as she muttered under her breath, Onizuka approached her from behind, licked his finger and started to groom her hair. Aizawa is shocked, and lashed at him for grooming her hair to become just like a shuttlecock (webmaster note: For the uninitiated, shuttlecock is the 'ball' for badminton players). Onizuka replied that she looked beautiful that way. Aizawa become angrier, saying that her hair stinks now, and Onizuka replied that he used his saliva as the replacement of hair oil. Hearing that, Aizawa panics, and started to brush off her hair vigorously.

Suddenly, (Urumi) Kanzaki interjected, accusing her of pretending to become a victim like in sad TV series. Kanzaki speculates that Aizawa must have expected to be praised for coloring her hair, and tell her to keep her hopes down, because she (Kanzaki) really hates people like her. Kanzaki continued, saying that Aizawa only knows how to pretend, and that Aizawa should just confess if she really feels lonely, so that others will take pity on her. Aizawa is silent, but suddenly she replied that Kanzaki is arrogant because she had a lot of friends. She threatened Kanzaki that she will expose Kanzaki's secret, and if the class knows about her secret, they will surely desert her.

Hearing her, Kanzaki angrily breaks the pencil she holds, as (Yoshito) Kikuchi warned Aizawa to stop stepping out of the line. Aizawa laughed, saying that she is only joking. She exclaimed that she is not alone, and asked them if they have forgotten about another 'bomb' in Year 2 4th class. Kikuchi and the rest of the class are shocked, and Onizuka is puzzled. Suddenly, a bike's engine reverberates throughout the school, and someone screamed for Aizawa. Hearing that, Aizawa exclaimed that 'he' has arrived, and adds that she will bring him next time. Aizawa exclaimed to Kikuchi, that he and 'him' don't really get along in the past, and she started to jump out of the windows to the man waiting at the compound.

Murai runs at her, and asked if she was talking about Mayu. Aizawa looked back and smiles wickedly. The rest of the class is stunned as Aizawa jumped to the school compound. She sits on the back of the bike's driver, and exclaimed that she will destroy the whole school. As the driver whisked her away, a puzzled Onizuka asked about Mayu, and who he is. Murai explained that 'Mayu' is one of the class's students. Onizuka looked into the class entry book, and found out that 'Mayu' comes to school everyday, and that he has also make a note about 'Mayu' behavior. Onizuka is puzzled, as Kikuchi is silent. He then warned Onizuka to exercise caution, because 'Mayu' is a dangerous person, just like a fragile glass. Onizuka become more puzzled.

In the next scene, a working-class man runs to the nearest ATM machine. When he reached it, he is relieved that he managed to arrive before 6 o'clock, so that he can avoid the 100-yen surcharge, and his wife will not punish him. He then withdraws 3000 yen, and as he counted the money, he exclaimed to the person who also withdrawing money from the ATM next to him that he should not have a child in the future. But he is shocked when he sees that the boy next to him withdraw a lot of money, and he started to count the money. The boy sees the working-class man expression, and gives him some of the money, before he walked away. A woman sees the boy passing her, and she asked her companion if she see the boy who has just passed. Her companion is puzzled, and she continued to say that the boy is very good looking. The companion asked on his whereabouts, but they can't find him anymore.

A woman with a big breast and a butterfly tattoo on them greeted the boy, and asked on why he is late. The boy apologized, saying that he is helping a poor man by giving him 30000 yen. The woman lashed at him, saying that he only wants to show off as the boy denies her allegations. The woman stopped teasing him, and asked about their next plan. The boy apologized again, saying that he has an appointment to meet. The woman become angry, and asked on whom he wanted to meet. He replied that he wants to meet with a classmate. Hearing that, she started to laugh, asking if he is joking. He reiterated that he is serious, and she asked if the 'classmate' have a bigger breast than she is.

The boy laughed, and tells her not to have a misunderstanding. He added that the 'classmate' also suffered just like he did, and he walked away. Suddenly, the biker who take Aizawa from the school emerges, and tells the boy, which is called Mayu (Wakui) that he has bring her just like he asked. Aizawa disembarked from the bike, and smiles at Wakui. She asked if he reads her e-mail, as the woman screamed at the driver for bringing Aizawa and ruining her plans.

Wakui replied that he had read her e-mail, and wondered about the teacher who managed to break the 'Year 2 4th class' curse easily. Aizawa replied that Onizuka is not easy to defeat. Wakui get his skateboard up, and exclaimed that it will be fun to be up against Onizuka, as the woman is making faces at Aizawa behind Wakui. Aizawa ignores her, and smiles. Looking at her reaction, the woman stepped forward and started to show her breast, introducing herself to a puzzled Aizawa….


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