Yeah, Fuyutsuki-chan you're totally in love with him ~ ah, I hit it on the head didn't I? - Naoko Moritaka.
Lesson #10 - From GTO to GDO (Great Driver Onizuka).

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 2
Lesson #10 - From GTO to GDO (Great Driver Onizuka).
(Onizuka wore a handkerchief over his head, and smoking)


(Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is fainting with bubbles coming out of his mouth, after being in the receiving end of (Eikichi) Onizuka's German suplex. All the other teachers started to tend on him, as Onizuka is wiping his hands clean. Onizuka then looked at Uchiyamada with an angry look, as the punks started to be scared. Suddenly, one of the interviewers started to scold Onizuka, asking if this is the appropriate attitude of a teacher, using violence. He then added, the only Eurasian University could do is to produce 'trash' like him. Onizuka then tell him to shut up. He then asked if a teacher have a right to call any person, even his or her student a trash. Onizuka then continued saying that all of this happened because of the teachers' fault, and ended his tirade by saying, if teaching is all about what's happened earlier, he rather stop wanting to be a teacher. Onizuka then leaves everyone behind, along with the punks. (Ryoko) Sakurai and (Azusa) Fuyutsuki are silent as they watched Onizuka exiting the building.

Outside, the punks started to apologize to Onizuka, and Onizuka tells them that everything is okay. He then says that he really doesn't cut it out to be a teacher anyway. Suddenly Fuyutsuki appears and called to Onizuka. Onizuka then apologized to her for not being able to be with her, and wishes her luck, while he will find a job that is suitable for him. Fuyutsuki then asked him not to give up, and she also say that she was impressed with what he had said inside, and she knew Onizuka will become a great teacher some day, as long as he never give up. Onizuka continued to walk away as the punks are listening silently to Fuyutsuki.

3 days later, in the route to Akita Shoten (webmaster note: a district in Japan, I presume - I didn't know), Onizuka is sitting on a truck, as his mentor is calling for him to work. He is now a truck driver. His mentor tells him that there's 80 kilometers left to their destination, and tell him to be careful. His mentor then started ribbing him about how a would-be teacher, end up becoming a truck driver, and Onizuka tell him to shut up. Anyway, it's on the past, and he can't do anything about it, as he now wants to concentrate with his new job as a driver. His mentor then replied that Onizuka is full of spirits now, and they will go to a massage session after they arrived, while Onizuka trying to decline the offer.

Suddenly his mobile phone rang, and it's (Ryuji) Danma who was calling. Danma asked him what he's doing, and Onizuka answered him that he has found a new job as a truck driver. Danma then asked where he is now, and Onizuka replied that he is on route to Akita Shoten, with the speed of 120 km/h. Suddenly, Danma asked if Onizuka is flouting school, and Onizuka replied that he had doused off his teacher's dream, and now concentrating to become a full time GDO. Danma sighed, and the puzzled Onizuka asked why he's calling. Danma then replied that someone from Kichiyouji Private School have called to tell Onizuka that a second interview have been arranged for him, and he have to come before 6pm. But as Onizuka is so far away now, maybe he should just concentrate on his driving career.

The truck Onizuka is in suddenly make an illegal U-turn, romping through the road divider to the other side of the highway, shocking a driver in the process, and the maneuver knocked his mentor unconscious. Onizuka then exclaimed that at last, he will become a teacher, and he must reach Kichiyouji in 3 hours. He started to flatten the gas pedal, weaving through the traffic. His action though, attracts a slew of police cars behind him. Onizuka drive through the police barrier, and then disappeared into the motorcycle lane. All police radios is now crackling with a vigilante that drive a truck to Kichiyouji, and all the police force will go there.

At last, Onizuka arrived at the school before the police. He swiftly disembarked from the truck and go inside the school compound, and the clock is showing that's the time is nearly midnight. Onizuka is screaming announcing his arrival as the interviewee, and asking if anyone is present. When there's no reply, he squat, dejected, as he think his time to go to the police lock-up have come. Suddenly, he hear a door being opened, and he see Sakurai standing on the doorway. Sakurai then say that she has been waiting, and the interview will now started. Onizuka is puzzled to see the canteen manager......


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