Ah, also, my type are girls like Matsu Takako - active and from a good family - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson #107: A life full with sadness

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 14 - Cover: Group pics consisting of Azusa Fuyutsuki, Anko Uehara, Aoi Fukada and Fuyumi Kujirakawa.
Lesson #107: A life full with sadness
(Onizuka bathing in nude at his penthouse)


(Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is at the hospital after he is nearly drowned. He tried to return to the hotel but stopped by the nurse, as she explained that he is under heavy stress and need to take a rest. After the nurse leaves his room, he thinks that he has never have a good rest for the last few years after he was promoted as a principal. He remembers that whether he is at home or at the school, the teacher and his family always make his life hell.

He suddenly thinks about why he becomes a teacher, and that his dreams had never come true, and no ex-students of him had ever contacted him again. Suddenly some of his blood veins snapped, and he feels the pain, and he started to calm himself. He lie down on his bed, and started to see the blue sky from the window. Looking at the blue sky, he started to remember about his neighbor who has build their house in a way; it blocked his view of the sky from his bedroom. He also blamed one of his neighbors for excessive noise.

He then remembers, when he bought the house, the broker told him that there will be no project be done near his house. But after moving, a highway project suddenly appears, and also high-tension electricity wires, which makes him bald. And the thing that pissed him off most is his family. He cursed at his wife, for having the meat seller to come everyday when he is not at home, on the reason that he is delivering the meats but his wife never cook any meat in the meals. He also doubts why his wife must wear lipsticks just to wait for the meat seller. And then his daughter who always bathed Eikichi just before he take his bath, making Eikichi' fur spread all over him, and hard to wash. Her daughter also used his underwear to clean Eikichi' shits, as if she want to make fun of him.

He wondered why the world is torturing him; instable politics, economics and stuff. Also he always heard teachers are being blamed for the indiscipline of the students. Uchiyamada blamed the media for the root of all students' trouble, for showing inappropriate programs in TV, and also manga, which is full with obscenities. He is so angry with the current generation for such low morals, he started to fall, and the nurses rushed to tend to him. They get him back to his room, and asked him to just rest.

Back at his bed, he wonders, why he must work anymore, because his life is worthless, and asked himself about his dreams. Suddenly, the door is opened, and a female student comes in. He asked her who she is, and she replied that she is a 4th class student Megumi Asakura. She added, that she comes and bring the flowers so he can become calmer and have some rest. She asked if she can use the glass to put the flower, and he let her. Meanwhile, he is thinking that (Eikichi) Onizuka sent her as a spy to spy on him, and that Onizuka wanted to use girls as bait.

He suspected that Onizuka must have something in the flowers that is dangerous, and that he will not be tricked. Suddenly, one of the flowers falls, and she bowed to take it, showing her panties to him. Uchiyamada started to accuse Onizuka of trying to use his students to seduce him, but vowed that he will not be defeated, even that he liked it. After putting the flowers, she started to approach him. Uchiyamada started to panic, asking what she wants. She asked him if she remembers her, and he replied that his memory is not good. She reached for his comforter, and he screamed for her to let go.

She then exclaimed that he had forgotten her, and she added that he had told her a story, as she pulled the comforter to cover him. He is puzzled. She explained that he had told her the story of the sunflower, and that she is sad that he had forgotten her. She explained that when she first moved to the school, without any friends, she always stared at the sunflowers in the school garden. He then comes, and told her about the sunflower story, and that story give her determination to go on, and make more friends, and she feel very thankful to Uchiyamada.

Uchiyamada is stunned, as she started to leave him, saying that she hoped that he will be cured fast, and she leave just as the nurse come in, who seems to recognize her. Seeing that, he asked the nurse if she knows the student, and he nurse replied that it is she who donated blood to him. Uchiyamada is stunned, as she explained that when the hospital runs out of blood, she comes to donate some to him. The nurse added that the girl had told her that she wanted to become a teacher like Uchiyamada. Uchiyamada is silent now, and he blamed himself for suspecting the girl.

He started to wonder what have happened to him, the one who has arrived in the teaching profession 29 years ago. He vowed that he would start all over again. Suddenly, he tells the nurse that he wants to return to his students at the hotel, and the nurse understands. She replied that she will tell the administrators, and warned him not to take it too hard, and Uchiyamada remarked that he would do just fine. As he walked to the door, suddenly the door breaks, kicked by Onizuka who wanted to visit Uchiyamada because he has only heard that he is in the hospital. Uchiyamada is hit by the force, and fainted. The nurse is stunned, and Onizuka is astonished that Uchiyamada is bleeding, and doctors started to come and tended to him....


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