What's wrong with you! I'm so fuckin' pissed!! - Miyabi Aizawa.
Lesson 124 - The loneliest heart in the world.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 16. Cover - Yoshito Kikuchi and Mayu Wakui.
(A BW version of GTO vol.15 cover featuring Eikichi Onizuka)
Lesson 124 - The loneliest heart in the world.

(Mayu) Wakui asked (Eikichi) Onizuka on what he will do if Onizuka is in his shoes; if he will die because of his parents. Onizuka is silent, and then asked whether Wakui is really dying anyway. Suddenly, Wakui laughed and replied that he is just bluffing. He then jumped to the other side of the steel fence and started to make fun of Onizuka. Onizuka started to become angry and threatened to rip his mouth out.

Suddenly, both of them hear Wakui's name being called, and Onizuka turned to see Wakui's parents, (Ryoko) Sakurai and (Naoko) Moritaka calling at them. The parents asked on why Wakui is standing precariously near the edge of the hospital's building. Meanwhile Onizuka is puzzled to see them, and so are Sakurai and Moritaka as they saw Onizuka.

Wakui screams, asking that for Onizuka to let him go while holding at the steel fence. He then cried for help from Sakurai to save him from Onizuka, as Onizuka is puzzled on what Wakui is trying to do anyway. Suddenly, Wakui screams that Onizuka wants to kill him, and his hold to the fence loosened and Wakui is falling from the hospital building, shocking Onizuka. He screams but failed to do anything. Then voices comes from below that are talking about a person falling from the building after being pushed, and it seems that a punk with blonde hard at the top of the building is the culprit. Everyone (Moritaka, Sakurai and Wakui's parents) is looking at Onizuka nervously.

He then climbed the fence, saying that it' impossible for him to push Wakui off the building because they are on different sides, and pleaded for them not to look at him with suspicious eyes. Only then, Onizuka realized that Wakui is actually squatting at a concrete extension roof just beneath the building's roof and he is the one who makes the voices. Wakui started to impersonate the voices again, asking on who could have done such things, and the body should be taken to the surgery room. Then, he continued, saying that the 'killer' is looking at them with angry eyes, as if he wants to kill them all.

Seeing that Wakui is mocking him, Onizuka jumped towards Wakui, but as he lands, Wakui climbed back to the roof. Suddenly the concrete extension roof started to give way because of Onizuka's weight. Onizuka barely managed to take hold of the remaining concrete extensions as he cursed at the hospital's builder for using substandard materials. As he dangles from the broken extension, Wakui started to impersonate the voices again, wondering on who could possibly destroyed the hospital director's Mercedes Benz that must have cost more than 20 million yen. He then answered the question himself, saying that the hanging blonde punk must be the culprits as Onizuka is climbing back to the roof while cursing him.

Wakui's father only watched the funny incidents quietly, when suddenly he asked Wakui whether he is really fine or not. Wakui shots back, asking if he really wants the confirmation that he will die in the near future or not. His father tried to deny his allegations, saying that they aren't sure yet whether he will die or not. Wakui interjected, asking whether his job is really that important, compared to his own son. His father is speechless, when they hear someone screams at them. It turns out to be Onizuka trying to clothsline Wakui, but he ducked and Onizuka hit Wakui's father instead. Wakui is running away as Onizuka chased him. Meanwhile, Wakui's mom is tending to her husband as (Yoshito) Kikuchi is looking at all that happened silently.

Outside the hospital, Onizuka is still unable to catch Wakui, and he swears that he will kill and burn his corpse. Failing to see Wakui anywhere, Onizuka stopped at a construction site, and screams for him accusing him of being a coward as passersby started to look at the commotion. Suddenly, Wakui appears from nowhere, exclaimed that it's dangerous at the construction site, and pushed him into an open sewer hole. The workers started to panic as Wakui reminded Onizuka from outside the sewer hole that he had told him that the construction site is dangerous.

Onizuka emerges angrily from the sewer hole, looking very dirty. He chased Wakui again, screaming that Wakui only exclaimed the word 'dangerous' before he pushed him into the sewer. Onizuka started to hurl punches and kicks, but all missed the target and hit other people. Seeing him miss, Wakui exclaimed that Onizuka is really a cruel man, and Onizuka started to take up a vending machine and chased Wakui who are in the middle of the road. He vowed that he would smash Wakui flat, just like a hapless frog.

Suddenly Wakui hears a loud crash, and he sees canned drinks all over the road, and Onizuka is lying motionless near a car. Wakui is shocked, and he approached Onizuka, asking if he is joking. Onizuka abruptly stands up, and started to laugh at Wakui, saying that he is cheated. He then exclaimed that he intentionally bumped onto a car to trick him, when suddenly he realized that his head is facing on the wrong side. He started to scream, asking why his head is facing backwards, and Wakui started to laugh. Seeing him, Onizuka protested and asked for his help.

In the next scene, Onizuka is taking a bath with a public pipe. He then lashed at Wakui for turning everything upside down, resulting in chaos. Wakui countered, saying that he is the one who does just that, adding that he could die doing such trick to con people. Onizuka shot back, saying that Wakui is the one who make him acts that way, and lashed at Wakui for laughing when he almost die from the accident earlier.

Suddenly, Wakui asked on why Sakurai must employ such teachers like him anyway, and Onizuka replied that Sakurai is charmed by his manliness. Onizuka then asked for Wakui to take some shampoo from the public toilet. Wakui gives him one and as Onizuka pour it on his hair, he throws it away, saying that he has given him antiseptics. He then asked Wakui whether he think that Onizuka is a bacterium, as Wakui strolled to get the real shampoo.

As Onizuka is cleaning his hair, Wakui asked him, why is he, an ex-biker gang leader, wanted to become a teacher. He then wondered whether Onizuka really enjoys being a teacher anyway. Onizuka is silent, and then replied that he becomes a teacher not for fun. He then explained that as a temporary teacher, he is not entitled for a bonus. Plus, he had to make lots of report, attending meetings and preparing lessons, even that he usually don't do anything of these at all. Plus, as a middle-school teacher, he will only meets with underage female students, and that one is the most disappointing thing for him. But, when he feels bored, he can find them all so he can have some fun; at least that's what he thinks.

Wakui laughed, saying that Onizuka still want to talk big when his head is turning 90 degrees earlier, and Onizuka lashed at him again. Suddenly, he thanked Onizuka, shocking him. He then added that Onizuka had made him feels a little braver to take revenge on the people who turns him into what he is now. Onizuka is now puzzled.

Suddenly they hear Wakui's name being called, and it turns out to be (Miyabi) Aizawa. Following her is (Kunio) Murai, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi and (Taadaki) Kusano who are lashing Onizuka for not turning on his mobile phone. Aizawa asked about Wakui's condition, adding that she had heard that Wakui had fainted. Wakui then interjected, apologizing to Aizawa that he wants to pull out from the plan to oust Onizuka from the school. Aizawa is speechless when she hears him, as Wakui continued, asking Kikuchi who are also on tow that he needs his help. Kikuchi is silent when he hears his request.

They then started to walk away, when suddenly Onizuka called them and asked whether they want to join him and Murai's gang for a late supper. Wakui smiles, and replied that he is so happy to meet a teacher like him. Onizuka then asked him to go with them too because everyone will get one free egg as a bonus, but Wakui and Kikuchi continued to walk away. Meanwhile, Aizawa is clenching her fist in anger as she looks at them….

One week later, at the class, Onizuka is really happy that the chaos-seeker Wakui hasn't come to school because it makes the school peaceful. He then announced that for the class today, the student would have to run a marathon, much to the protest of the students. Onizuka lashed at them, saying that anyone who disagree with him will have to do frog-jump, but he will make an exception for anyone who treats him with food. Meanwhile Fujiyoushi is staring silently at Aizawa's empty seat, and she hasn't come to school after Wakui withdraws his support for her plans.

At her house, Aizawa is sleeping in her room while her mom is asking why she doesn't go to school for a week. Aizawa replied that she is a little dizzy. Her mom then asked on whether she wants to meet a doctor, and Aizawa declined, asking her mom instead not to bug her anymore. Hearing that, her mom started to walk away from outside her room's door, as Aizawa wondered why she must lie about being sick anyway when she can just blatantly tells her mom that she doesn't want to go to the school.

Suddenly she hears her mom asking her father whether he is going outstation. Her father replied that he do, because he have to go to Nagoya to sign a memorandum and he can only be back home next morning. Aizawa stands up and looked at her home' compound to watch her father walked away from the house. She started to feel that there's something wrong had happened in her family but she doesn't really know what the problems really are. She started to change into her school uniform and prepared to goes out from the house, as her mom is shocked to see her up after she claimed earlier that she is sick. Aizawa replied that she is OK, puzzling her mom.

She then goes out in a hurry, and her mom screams that she has forgotten her school bag but Aizawa ignored her. She runs to a train station, as she silently thinks that she can't stand it anymore to pretend that she is a good girl who doesn't know anything. At a train platform, she sees her father walking with another woman talking happily like lovers, and the woman is holding her father's arm. Aizawa started to have teary eyes as she keeps her anger in check. In the next scene, her father is talking with the woman inside one of the cars, when suddenly he turns just to see an angry and disappointed Aizawa outside the window. He is shocked to see her, as Aizawa takes out a lipstick and started to draw 2 kanji characters (webmaster note: The characters literally means 'Liar' in English. Info thanks to M. Chen of <mac9@Lehigh.EDU>) on the glass window with tears flowing on her cheeks. She then throws the lipstick away and runs as her father tried to call for her.

A stationmaster asked her not to run inside the platform, but she brushed him aside. She then runs out from the station, as she thinks that every people on the world are her enemies. Later, she ended up sulking at a park, as she thinks that she is very tired. Suddenly, a middle-aged man approached her, and asked her whether she is running away from home, and he offered to take her to a good KTV outlet. She ignored him as she thinks that she only want to sleep for now, and that she must find a good place to sleep…


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