A man should harvest the seeds that he has sown himself. - Eikichi Onizuka.

Lesson #144 - Lunch-box made by the daughter.


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Lesson #144 - Lunch-box made by the daughter.

(Yoshiko) Uchiyamada exclaimed that she never thought that (Eikichi) Onizuka is a teacher, at the same school as her father's. Hearing her, Onizuka replied that he is also shocked to learn that she is the daughter of (Hiroshi ) Uchiyamada, and he never thought that Uchiyamada could have such a pretty daughter and adds that he is very lucky, as (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is looking at them suspiciously. He then sees Onizuka putting his hand inside the pocket the contains the "cylindrical" thing, and he started to curse Onizuka, saying that the 4cm "cylindrical" thing must be condoms that are used by average Japanese men. But he started to calm himself, saying that Onizuka as a teacher would not bring such thing to a female student's house.

Suddenly, Riyoko Uchiyamada asked him on why he is holding a golf club, and Uchiyamada now realized that he is holding one. He is now trying to remember on when he had picked the golf club up, and wondered whether his subconscious is the one who made him to take the club as if he wants to beat Onizuka. Then he started to make excuses, saying that he is about to practice making swings, as he is trying to calm himself, a reformed Uchiyamada, while Riyoko tells him to stop swinging inside the house.

He then assured himself, saying that the "cylindrical" things must be something else, and it must be something called medical ring, as he laughed nervously while Onizuka and Yoshiko continued to talk. Uchiyamada continued thinking that Onizuka must be using a medical tag ring (webmaster note: literal translation - For god sake I don't know what Uchiyamada is talking about, or maybe it's just my translated copy). Then he exclaimed that Onizuka really takes care of his own health with the aid of the ring.

Onizuka then removes his hand from the pocket, and Uchiyamada is shocked to see a glimpse of aluminium cover coming out from his pants. He started to wonder whether the medical rings are covered in such a package, and the aluminium cover seems to have disposable features on it, and Uchiyamada is now convinced that Onizuka is really bring with him that 'thing'. Yoshito started to introduce Eikichi (the dog) to Onizuka as Uchiyamada wondered whether Onizuka planned to use that "thing" on his daughter, and if he is right, he will never forgive Onizuka.

Suddenly, he remembered that he is already reformed, and started to make silly exercises while commenting that he have to wield a positive approach, as he started to make his own assumptions that Onizuka is putting the tag ring into a plastic cover to prevent contamination. Meanwhile, Onizuka exclaimed that he noticed that Yoshiko had permed her hair, and she replied that she had because she wants to try something new in the summer. Onizuka then asked for him to have a closer look, and as he does just that, Uchiyamada noticed that Onizuka's face is turning into one of his trademark perverted face, and Uchiyamada promptly grabbed him away from Yoshiko, shocking her.

As Uchiyamada is staring at Onizuka with an angry look, Yoshiko asked him on what he is doing and he replied that he is doing nothing. In the next scene, Uchiyamada is sitting on a lazy chair, while thinking that Onizuka is surely trying to peep into Yoshiko's cleavage earlier. He suddenly remembers again that he is a reformed man, and comforted himself that Onizuka will never do such things, and everything he had seen is just a test from gods.

Suddenly, Onizuka exclaimed that he sees a bug on her shirt, and she asked about the bug whereabouts as Uchiyamada is looking at them. Onizuka then replied that that he will take care of it, and started to run his finger on her chest, shocking Uchiyamada who had his head destroying the lazy chair, shocking Riyoko. He is struggling to assure himself that Onizuka is only trying to clear the bug, because Onizuka is a good teacher and also a role model. Onizuka is now shown showing the bug to Yoshiko, as Riyoko is asking Uchiyamada on what he had done to make the chair badly damaged.

In the next scene, Onizuka and Yoshiko are talking on the sofa as Uchiyamada is cleaning a baseball bat nearby while taking large deep breaths. Suddenly, something falls into the front pocket of Yoshiko's shirt, and Onizuka promptly offered to take a look while Yoshiko is pulling the pocket forward, possibly showing her cleavage to a perverted-faced Onizuka. Seeing that Yoshiko is just giving everything away, Uchiyamada started to scream for Yoshiko to stop doing it, or else "Onizuka the deadly wave" real intentions of coming to the house will be accomplished.

Yoshiko is puzzled to hear Uchiyamada calling Onizuka as "deadly wave" (webmaster note: yet again, this is just a literal translation), and she also asked him on why he is holding the baseball bat. A sheepish Uchiyamada replied that he wants to enter the national game, as he cursed himself silently for saying the phrase "deadly wave" in front of them. Yoshiko then exclaimed that Uchiyamada had been acting strangely since Onizuka comes to the house, and Uchiyamada replied that he might be influenced by electro waves from the high-tension cables outside their house.

Hearing that ridiculous excuse, Yoshiko started to call Uchiyamada as a mad man, and asked Onizuka to follow her upstairs to play console games in her bedroom until the dinner is ready. Uchiyamada started to protest, saying that they should instead playa at the living room, because the TV is larger and also have home theater system. Suddenly he noticed that Onizuka is peeking inside Yoshiko's skirt at the stairs, and he lunged at Onizuka, batting the baseball bat against him. Onizuka started to ask on why Uchiyamada wants to beat him as he avoids his blows, but Uchiyamada accused him of peeking and Onizuka denies it, as Yoshiko is silent trying to keep her anger in check.

Suddenly Yoshiko scream at Uchiyamada for exaggerating, and she really hates him for that, shocking both Uchiyamada and Onizuka. She looks angrily at Uchiyamada, as he silently wondered on why she is looking at him like that when he just wants to protect her. In the next scene, the dinner had started, and everyone is sitting at the dinner table, except Uchiyamada who are looking at Eikichi who sleeps on his chair. He become angry at the dog and tried to shove it off, just to be lashed by Yoshiko who pointed instead at a portable ice-container for him to sit on. He protested but he is ignored, and he resigned to his defeat, sitting on the container while eating the remnants of what Onizuka, Yoshiko and Riyoko had left for him.

Then, he is shown soaking himself in the bathtub, as he reminisced that he is probably not a very good father instead just like his daughter had claimed, because his skin is oily, have a bald head, stinking breath and more. But no matter what, he is always concerned with the welfare and safety of his daughter. He started to have a flashback on when Yoshiko is still little, her body was too weak and they have to frequent the hospital. Then after she was cured, she always wanted to sit on his shoulders, as he was crying because she had became very healthy, thus he fulfilled her wish, ignoring the vast amount of hair she is pulling out from his head while she was sitting there. He vowed that he would risk his own life for Yoshiko, even if he has to be rammed by trains or trucks.

Suddenly, Yoshiko entered the toilet Uchiyamada is in, and she promptly drained the water inside the bathtub. Uchiyamada protested, saying that the water he had used previously are still clean, but Yoshiko replied that the water he used is dirty, so she removes it because she wanted to use fresh water. Uchiyamada protested again, but Yoshiko interjected, saying that his skin is oily and stinks. Hearing her, Uchiyamada protested again, saying that he is not a snot-nosed Frenchman who doesn't take bath regularly, but Yoshiko reiterated agagain that his skin is oily and stinks. She then tells Uchiyamada that Riyoko had given her permission to dump the water Uchiyamada had used. Uchiyamada is shocked, and started to ask Riyoko on why she must done that, but he is ignored again by Riyoko.

In the next scene, he is sitting at the veranda, wondering on whether he is too protective over his daughter when he suddenly hears Onizuka screaming "No, don't be like that", and Yoshiko replied "Ah, don't pull my legs. See, now I am in this position". Then Uchiyamada hears Onizuka commented, "Hehehe, let me lick it" as Uchiyamada started to become very angry, his veins started to show. He then tried to peek over the veranda to Yoshiko's room window, just to see that Onizuka and Yoshiko are actually playing with Eikichi.

He returned to the veranda, wondering on what have happened to him, when suddenly Onizuka appears from nowhere and offered him a can of beer. Uchiyamada is shocked as Onizuka asked on why Uchiyamada is behaving erratically earlier, and wondered whether Uchiyamada suspected him of having a sinister motive over Yoshiko. Uchiyamada is silent, and seeing him like that, Onizuka give his a book, telling that the book is Yoshiko's diary that he accidentally founds in the drawer. Uchiyamada asked whether he is stealing it, but Onizuka replied that he should not worry about that, and asked Uchiyamada to read the page marked with a bookmark. Uchiyamada protested, but Onizuka interjected, saying that he should put more faith on his own daughter, because she loves him very much.

Uchiyamada is puzzled and started to open the page marked by the bookmark.
Date: 18th June

Today is the father Day. Just according to my plan, I woke up early and started to prepare the "present". With mom's help, I managed to finish the "present" before dad wakes up. Then dad takes the lunchbox to the school, and he never realized that I made the contents. (Uchiyamada is stunned as he reads the diary) Then I was very happy to see that the lunch box was cleared after he returned. Actually I want to tell him that it was me who made today's lunch box, but I feel embarrassed and started to feign ignorance instead. This will become the secret between mom and me. I hope father will live long and I will make another lunch box next year!


Uchiyamada started to remember that day, when he wakes up to see Yoshiko and Riyoko cooking a lot of food. Then he remembered on how he eats the foods at the school, wondering on why the foods are tastier than usual, and he never thought that Yoshiko is the one who made the lunchbox, but instead thought that the contents were bought from restaurants. After that, he remembered Yoshiko asking him on whether today's lunch box have a difference between normal ones or not, and he answered that the lunch box seems normal. Hearing him, she started to feign ignorance, saying that she is only asking and offered to pour beer for him.

Remembering all the events that day, Uchiyamada become speechless, because he failed to recognized their significance, and that Yoshiko actually doesn't really hates him that much. Onizuka smiled and exclaimed that Uchiyamada is very lucky to have a family like his, and they really fired Onizuka up to have his own, but first he have to find a wife first, which is quite difficult to do. Uchiyamada started to leaf through the rest of the diary, smiling as Onizuka exclaimed that he would sleep at Yoshiko's room that night, and he promised that he would not do anything to her.

Suddenly, Uchiyamada reads another entry inside the diary…

Date: 28 July (Cloudy)

A weird pair consisted of someone called Onizuka and his friend wants to get acquainted with me and another friend of mine. Then we goes to a KTV and sing our hearts out, so fun. But the Cola Onizuka bought for me seems to be spiked with alcohol, if not we won't be dizzy after drinking it. Onizuka seems to be a pervert; he intentionally bowed in front of me to peek at my panties, very vulgar. Then in a game of "punish and present", he make the rules so the loser will have to be kissed and also have to say vulgar words like <censored> and <censored>. Then he tried to persuade us to play the game "Guess where the nipples are", that's one really have gone too far. But instead, I feel high and never feel embarrassed. Little by little…


Uchiyamada is very angry as he reads the entry, and the unsuspecting Onizuka is still talking about how lucky Uchiyamada is. Onizuka then noticed that Uchiyamada is taking up the bamboo chair he was sitting on, and he started to wonder whether Uchiyamada wants to play windpipes with the bamboo chair. Onizuka started to talk on how when he is at school before, he also plays the very same game. In an instant, Uchiyamada smashed the chair on Onizuka's head, making his neck to bend 90 degrees. Onizuka is puzzled on why Uchiyamada is hitting him, as Uchiyamada tells him to shut up, and asked instead about the contents of the diary. Then he decided not to hear Onizuka's explanation, and continued to beat him….


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