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Lesson #108 - Events in a day with a police named Toshiyuki Saejima part 2.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 14
Lesson #108 - Events in a day with a police named Toshiyuki Saejima part 2.

(Toshiyuki) Saejima greeted (Eikichi) Onizuka who has been waiting at a restaurant, and apologized for being late. He ordered a drink, and explained that his supervisor is the culprit of making him late, and he has to make excuses just to meet Onizuka. He asked why Onizuka is darker, and when he hears about the Okinawa trip, he started to become jealous, saying that police don't even have any summer holidays. He drink his beer, and Onizuka tell him that it's not good for him to drink while in office hours, and Saejima assured him that's it alright as long ah he drink only a little, and started to drink it, exclaiming that the beer is good, showing his watch.

He realized that Onizuka is looking at his watch, and started to show that it is a Rolex that cost nearly 3 million yen. Onizuka accused it of being a fake, and Saejima denies it, and he started to show his branded wallet too, which costs nearly 200,000 yen, adding that branded ones last forever. Onizuka retorted that men don't need branded items. Saejima replied it's because of Onizuka attitude of wearing cheap shirts and jeans, that caused him to not being able to have any girlfriends, but wondered if a salary of a teacher will be able to buy them anyway.

Onizuka asked him why a public servant like him could buy all of those things, and he replied that he is doing a profitable side business. Onizuka thinks if he is selling organs, but he denies it and showed him that he is selling a special car polish from Russia. He started to describe how good his product is, which are used by the Russian military too. Onizuka asked for one to see if it really works, and he replied that only a qualified person could have it. Onizuka is puzzled, and he explained that the quality control is strict, so only people who registered as a dealer will get it.

Onizuka didn't believe that selling car-polish will be profitable, and Saejima replied that at least he can get 5 digit income per month, and also that if Onizuka had tried it, he will want to sell it too, and the people which Onizuka sell the polish will want to sell it to his/her friends too, making his down line expanded, and Onizuka will get bonuses. He asked Onizuka if he is interested. But Onizuka accused him of doing MLM (multi-level marketing), and lashed at him for introducing such a risky job. Saejima is silent, and started to accuse Onizuka of not believing on him and that he shared the news to him because he is concerned about him. He then reminded Onizuka of not coming to him crying later.

He smokes, and remarked that the time for him to return to the post had come, but he will delay it because he will stuck in the traffic jam if he drives now. Onizuka asked him about his so-called car, and he shows his new 13 million yen Mercedes Benz, then started to brag about its features. Onizuka asked if he buy it from the money from the MLM business he is in. He refuted him, saying that he has another very profitable means of finding money, and it is related to cows.

Onizuka started to sneer when he hears about cows, as Saejima started to explain that it's cows that had being genetically engineered by biotechnology. He added that the cows' meats are the most expensive, because it will melt in the mouth when eaten. He shows the pictures of his cows, with names like Nanako and Rina. He explained that each costs about 30 to 40 million yen, while its sperm can be sold at about 3 million. But now Onizuka can buy 1 biotech calf for just 5 million, including cost, and after 3 years if Onizuka had bought 3 of them, Onizuka will rake it a profit of 100 million yen, and that's why he can drive a Mercedes today.

Onizuka retorted that biotech cows are black (in Saejima' picture it looked like dairy cows - brown). Saejima replied it's because the biotech technique used that make the cows in the pictures turned brown. He added that Onizuka should not worry by the details, he just have sign the contract, pays the money, and after 3 years they can migrate to Hawaii. Suddenly Onizuka exclaimed that the Mercedes is a rented car, because of the 'L' letter pasted on it, and Saejima started to make excuses that it's just a temporary replacement, because the dealer has sent the original one to the factory for inspection.

Saejima is silent because Onizuka is not biting the bait. He then started to complain that Onizuka does not believe him, and that he is wasting his time with him. He started to think that it might be better if he go and find (Ryuji) Danma, as Danma will surely give the money without asking too much, unlike Onizuka. He started to comment that after Onizuka become a teacher, Onizuka had started to become paranoia with everyone. He then exclaimed that Onizuka would spend half of his life in vain.

He smokes again, and suddenly he asked Onizuka if he knows that the country' capital will be moved. Onizuka is puzzled, and Saejima asked if he is really a social studies teacher, because he didn't read the paper. Saejima remarked that the country' administration center will be switched from it's present location, and Saejima shows the newspaper snippets. He added that the plan to move the administration center switch' plan has been approved, and the new location has been selected. He explained that his friend of a friend of a friend who is politically powerful (the Japan premier) had told him about the new location.

Onizuka didn't believe him, but Saejima replied, as a graduate from a low-class university, Onizuka must have not known the concept of' who buy first will win'. He then explained the concept using some examples of buying highly prospective lands, and sells it after the value had jumped, and that the news he spoke earlier can be used in this case. Onizuka asked him where will the administration center will be moved, and Saejima replied, whispering that it's national secret, and tell him that it will be built on a small island. Onizuka does not believe him, and Saejima explained that he didn't believe the news at first too.

Saejima then added that the news is true anyway, even if it is unbelievable and that he will never cheated Onizuka. He started to imagine on how the little island will become the new capital of Japan. He continues that he had spoken with the island owner, and that he can buy it, but the problem is that his money is not enough. He has borrowed, but still lack 2 million yen. Predictably, he asked Onizuka to help him lend him the 2 million, and asked him to go to the ATM machine and withdraw it for him. Silence ensues, suggesting that Onizuka does not believe that Saejima will not be able to pay the money back.

Saejima, realizing it, replied that he will pay twice the amount, and Onizuka can use his name to name the island if he wanted to. Suddenly, Onizuka stands up, and Saejima thinks that Onizuka had agreed to him. He started to praise him, and also thanked him. But Onizuka walked away, away from the way to the ATM machines, as Saejima is calling him that he is following the wrong path...


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