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Lesson #115: The much-loved Johnny!

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GTO volume 15 - Lesson 115: The much-loved Johnny! - Cover: Eikichi Onizuka.
(Mayu Wakui is standing)

(Eikichi) Onizuka is weeping as he tried opening and closing the roof of the Benz car. Then he exclaimed, that apart from the Lamborghini Countach LP 500 car, he also have the preferences for Mercedes Benz. He started to comment that after just 3 months of being a teacher, he is very lucky that a student has started to appreciate his hard work, and rewarded him with such an expensive car.

(Mayu) Wakui asked Onizuka whether he likes the car or not, and Onizuka lashed at him for asking such a stupid question. He then tells Wakui to tell his brother that Onizuka thanked him very much, and that Onizuka will give buy Wakui's brother some present later that night. Wakui then suggested that Onizuka should take a peek into the car, because the car is his anyway. Onizuka, still disbelieve his luck, asked Wakui if his words are for real and then he gets into the car.

(Yoshito) Kikuchi, (Kunio) Murai and (Kouji) Fujiyoushi are stunned as they looked at Onizuka examining the car's interior. Onizuka commented that rains had fallen for the last few days, and it was hard for him who is driving motorcycle for transport. Suddenly he gets an idea of giving a name for the car, and he settled for the name 'Johnny'. Murai approached him, asking whether Onizuka is still sane or not. Onizuka simply ignored him, as he marvels at the car with all his soul...

Wakui then make another suggestion, that is, for Onizuka to take 'Johnny' for a spin, and just to let the class to make their own revision. He adds that he had already write the notice at the blackboard anyway. Hearing him, Onizuka decided to just do what Wakui's have suggested, and that he will bring 'Johnny' for a ride. Wakui smiles as he wished Onizuka for a safe ride.

Onizuka drives the car out of the school's compound, as Murai is running to catch him. Meanwhile, Kikuchi asked Wakui on why he must give Onizuka such an expensive item. But instead of answering the question, Wakui asked Kikuchi on why he instead must take care of Onizuka too much, and wondered if Kikuchi have homosexual tendencies. Kikuchi denies his accusations, but Wakui interjected, saying that if Kikuchi is so worried about Onizuka, he should go and follow Onizuka himself so he can see whether Onizuka will like the 'present' or not. Kikuchi is silent as Wakui is leaving to catch Onizuka...

In the car, Murai is asking Onizuka to return the car to Wakui, adding that Wakui must have some sinister motives for giving him such an expensive car. Still, Onizuka ignores him and he started to call (Ryuji) Danma with his mobile phone instead. Murai is screaming at him, asking whether Onizuka is paying attention to him, as Onizuka tells Danma that he is driving a Mercedes Benz, a present from his student. Danma replied that he does not believe that a student wants to give him an expensive car, and wondered if Onizuka is now on some kind of trouble. Hearing him, Onizuka lashed at him, calling him stupid, and Danma reiterated that Onizuka, who used stand-ins for his exams doesn't have the right to call him stupid.

Onizuka then exclaimed that his way of teaching has been accepted, and now he gets a Benz as a present, the decision by him to become a teacher really pays off. Plus, he has already fulfils his treaty with (Ryoko) Sakurai, proving that he is really a capable teacher. He then feels that the case will help him to become a full-time teacher, and from that point, he will set his sight to buy a house at Gutsu and working to replace headmaster Xavier some time in the future. Danma is silent as Onizuka laughed evilly.

Suddenly, Danma asked whether Onizuka is now clouded. Onizuka is puzzled. Danma explained that he asked whether Onizuka eyes' are clouded by now, and he tells Onizuka to take a look at the mirror to check by himself. Danma added, that Onizuka has started to become just like politicians, whose eyes are also covered by the though of reward just like Onizuka is now. Onizuka is shocked, and started to lash at Danma for saying that his eyes is clouded, and that he will show his skill on making a sharp turn of fury.

He suddenly makes a sharp turn with the car, flipping Murai in the process as he bites at his mobile phone while cursing at Danma. He then decided to challenge Danma for a car race, when suddenly at the roadside blockade, a policeman waves for him to stop. He stopped and asked the policeman whether he is looking down at him too, adding that the policeman could be charged with misconduct. The policeman denies his stupid allegation, saying that he is only doing a routine check, because a kidnapping report had been made.

Onizuka is puzzled about the kidnapping charges, and asked the policeman for more. The policeman tells him that a high-school student had been kidnapped, and that a man is suspected to run away with the victim with a car. Hearing that the victim is a high-school student, Onizuka replied that he would not forgive the man who does that, because he is a teacher. The policeman is shocked to see that Onizuka is a teacher, and commented that it's hard nowadays to determine between a bad people with good ones.

Onizuka then being asked to open the car boot, and he agreed, saying that he will give his full cooperation. He opened the boot as he murmured to himself, just to be shocked to see a tied high-school girl inside it. In a state of shock, he let the car boot lid go, closing it. The policeman is puzzled on why Onizuka closed the boot before he inspects it. Onizuka started to make excuses, saying that the boot's inside is not tidy. Hearing that, the policeman replied that it's normal and asked him to open the lid.

Suddenly, Onizuka instinctively punched the policemen, and Murai is shocked. The policeman faints, as Murai asked him on why he punches the police. Suddenly, another policeman who are also on duty on the same noticed that his colleague is on the ground. As he and another colleague inspected him, Onizuka is pasting duct tapes on the car's plate number and he urged Murai to run. Murai is puzzled, but Onizuka jumped into the car and speed off, as the policemen are chasing him.

Murai asked Onizuka on why he must run, and he replied that there's a person inside the boot. Murai is puzzled as Onizuka described that the person seems to be a high school female student. Murai is shocked and he asked whether he likes to kidnap people, but Onizuka replied that that it must be Wakui's doing. He added that he must return the car to his brother as fast as possible.

Suddenly, Murai pulled a registration card from the car compartment, and he sheepishly asked Onizuka if "Juuji", the name written on it, is Wakui's brother. Seeing it, Onizuka becomes angry, as he knows now that the car may have been stolen. He started to curse Wakui, as Murai asked him on what they should do now.

Onizuka replied that he doesn't know by himself, because in theory, he never kidnap nor stealing cars. Murai interjected, saying that he hit a policeman earlier, and that event will make it harder for him to prove his innocence. Onizuka replied that he usually does that and Murai branded him as stupid.

Suddenly, the tied girl emerges from the boot and yells for help, as Onizuka kicked the boot's lid to close it. Murai is shocked to see her, as Onizuka vowed that the police would never arrest him. Then his mobile phone rang, and it is Wakui on the line. Wakui asked Onizuka whether he likes the present he gives him. Onizuka lashed at him, saying that he now become a suspect of a kidnapping case. Wakui then tells him that it is Onizuka's ambition himself to get a girlfriend, to play SM games. Onizuka sheepishly agreed, but he is still angry with Wakui for tricking him. Wakui then replied that the police cars are chasing him, and he laughed. Onizuka cursed as he enters into a residential area.

The police cars make reports for back-ups as Onizuka drives through the area. He commented that he will never get caught, or else he will be fired. Meanwhile, Wakui is looking at them nearby, and he tells Kikuchi that Onizuka has shown his real face, that is, of just wanting to protect himself while ignoring the safety of the girl inside the boot. He added that the girl may have die from lack of oxygen, and that all adults are just like him, who just wanted to protect their own interest at the expense of others. Kikuchi is silent...

Back to the car, Murai suddenly hears that the girl inside wanted to goes out because of the lack of air. He panics, and he asked Onizuka to stop so they can dump the girl somewhere. Onizuka lashed at him, saying that if they stopped, they will be arrested. He continued, saying that the girl must be a kidnapped GRO, and that he is very unlucky to encounter such problems. Murai is shocked to hear him, and asked Onizuka whether his word is true. Onizuka is puzzled as he drives the car, and Murai added that Onizuka seems to blame the girl for the problems he have now. Murai then commented that they never comment on all the weird things he has done in the past, because they know that Onizuka will never hurt anyone. Then, Murai tells Onizuka, that what he is doing now is just like all the other adults do, that is, just to keep his own interest at the expense of others.

Onizuka is stunned to hear him, and he suddenly makes a slide and stopped the car. Wakui is shocked to see him stop, as the police are closing on them. A bruised Murai lashed at him for stopping without warning, but Onizuka ignored him. He jumped out from the car, and replied that Murai is right. Murai is stunned to hear him, as he opened the boot to take the girl out. He apologized to the girl as the police arrested him.

Meanwhile, Wakui and Kikuchi arrived at the scene, and Wakui is silent as he sees Onizuka being handcuffed. Onizuka sees him, and smiles menacingly. Meanwhile, Murai is screaming for the police to let go of Onizuka, but Onizuka assures him that he will explain everything to the police, so Murai don't have to worry. Plus, he is accustomed anyway with going to police station, and he will be able to clean and calm his mind in the lock-up. Murai is screaming, as Wakui looked at Onizuka being escorted to the car.

Meanwhile, the girl in the boot (Ageha - the girl with the butterfly tattoo on her breasts) grooms her hair, as she commented that she never expected that Onizuka would do such thing. A policeman tried to ask whether she is okay, but the girl tells her to back off, as she commented that Onizuka is really easy to be manipulated. Meanwhile, Wakui is frowned as the drama ends...


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