Kyaah~ I'll be infected with the curse... - Naoko Moritaka.
Lesson #78 - The way to richness.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 10 - Cover: Hiroshi Uchiyamada.
(Onizuka wearing winter clothes.)
Lesson #78 - The way to richness.

(Eikichi) Onizuka is lining all the money that have fallen from his jacket. He counted it and finds out that the money worth 1.12 million yen, and he wondered how the money ends up inside his jacket. Suddenly (Tadashi) Sakurai entered his penthouse, asking him to be quick so that they can go to that secret club. He is shocked when he noticed the money on the floor, and he asked on how Onizuka can have 1.12 million yen in his possession. Onizuka is puzzled on why Sakurai knows the exact amount of the money, and Sakurai sheepishly replied that why he knows is not important, and that they are late already for the club. Onizuka picked the money up, stared silently at them and put them into his pocket. He wears his jacket and asked Sakurai to go to the club.

Meanwhile, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi is running back to the restaurant, and the cashier tells him that he didn’t see any bag money anywhere. Fujiyoushi pleaded at him to search again, but the cashier replied that the time is late, and started to accuse Fujiyoushi of cheating. Hearing that, Fujiyoushi smashed a rack full with canned food down, and stormed out from the restaurant. As he runs, he wondered on where the money had fallen to, and what will happen to him if he didn’t find it. He decided to find Onizuka, or else he will not be able to face everyone in the class again.

In the next scene, a blindfolded Onizuka is taken somewhere by a girl wearing sailor-uniform. Next, the girl unfolded the cloth covering his eyes, and he is greeted by a room full with beautiful sexy girls wearing sailor uniforms and PE clothes. He is really shocked to see them, as the girls pulled both of them into the room. Onizuka commented that the room really looks like the infirmary at his school. One of them tells Onizuka that he can do anything he wants, and ordered a glass of whisky. Unknown by Onizuka, the girls pour some kind of chemicals into the whisky, and give it to him. Flanked by cute girls, he started to drink the whisky, not realizing that the drink is spiked with something as the girls cheered for him.

Onizuka thanked Sakurai for taking him to such a nice place, commenting that he never knows that Sakurai really likes girls in sailor uniforms, and wondered if he ever makes secrets taping in the school. Sakurai denies, and one of the girls exclaimed that his drink is finished already, and she poured another glass of the spiked whisky. Onizuka asked Sakurai to drink, but he declined, saying that Onizuka is the man of the night. Onizuka started to drink glass after glass, and the girls started to put some pills too inside the drinks. Sakurai started to slip away from the party, to meet (Miyabi) Aizawa and the others behind a curtain. He asked Aizawa if she was satisfied, and she replied that she is, and he does not have to worry about them exposing his perverted tendencies anymore.

Suddenly one of the girls popped in, and tells Aizawa that Onizuka has started to become drunk. Aizawa asked her to tell someone called Yuka to make Onizuka more drunk, even if she have to use industrial alcohol to do it, so that he will lost his memory of that night. She commented that Onizuka is really stupid, for not realizing that the room is actually Kichiyouji’s infirmary. Meanwhile, Onizuka started to d stupid things as he danced without any shirts on, as Aizawa added that he never realized that he would become a criminal when he wakes up tomorrow.

Fujiyoushi is walking home slowly because he failed to find Onizuka. He then greeted by his mom who asked him on why he is running out from the house earlier. She sighed when he doesn’t answer, and gives him the 50000-yen he wanted earlier. She reminded him to pay her back at the end of the year. Fujiyoushi then entered his room with the money in his hand.

In the next morning, the class in an uproar to know that Fujiyoushi have lost the money and the students demanded to know what would he do to replace the money he is supposed to guard. He started to apologize, saying that he will somehow replace the money back, when suddenly one of them accused him of trying to steal the money by himself. Fujiyoushi denies that he stole the money, but the accuser asked him on why he is able to buy the Casio G-Shock Frogman after he had said that he didn’t have the money to buy one. Fujiyoushi is speechless, as the students started to talk between themselves about how poor Fujiyoushi’s family is and that he have 4 siblings. Fujiyoushi become angry and punched the accuser. They started to quarrel as Aizawa and her gang watched the drama and smiled.

Meanwhile, the teacher’s room is also in an uproar as they learned about the missing money. A teacher commented that Fujiyoushi might have stolen the money because he wants a Frogman watch, and speculates that a police report will be made, but another protested that a report will tarnish the school’s name, and the headmaster should determine on what the school must do. (Azusa) Fuyutsuki is wondering whether Fujiyoushi really stole the money, as the teacher is wondering why Onizuka is late even that he lives inside the school. Suddenly, Sakurai approached her and asked to speak with her about an important issue. He tells her that the Yatsugatake field trip money for the 4th class is missing, and he whispered that Onizuka might have taken the money for himself, shocking her.

Somewhere in the city, Onizuka is opening his eyes to see some pedestrians looking strangely at him. He finds out that he is inside a trash bin, and he wondered why he ended there, without any clothes on. He tries to stand up but falls, and a passerby shrieks. He reached inside his underwear, and pulled out a 10000-yen note. Then he looked around and entered a Pachinko outlet. Half an hour later, he goes out, still without any clothes on, and exclaimed that the 10000 yen is finished in such a short time. But he wondered where the 10000 yen ever come anyway; as apparently, he had forgotten the last night binge at the club......


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