Throw away your wicked feelings and try to save her life with purely innocent feelings... yeah, with pure feelings.... - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson 134: The criminal syndrome.

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Lesson 134: The criminal syndrome.

(Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is puzzled to hear (Suguru) Teshigawara suggestion, so he explained that Uchiyamada only have to reveal all the things that (Eikichi) Onizuka has done in the past, inside an anonymous poison pen letter. He continued, saying that the parents will become the judge, because they are the ones who pay high fees for their children at to study at the prestigious Kichiyouji Private School, so they must hope that their children are inside an ideal environment for studying. Thus if Uchiyamada reveals that a teacher like Onizuka exists in the school, they will surely forced the administration to fire him from the school.

Teshigawara then added that Uchiyamada then don't have to sacrifice himself just because of a low-life like Onizuka, and that appointing him as a teacher is basically wrong and (Ryoko) Sakurai had erred when she appointed him at the first place. So Uchiyamada have to manipulate the parents to go against the administration board, and judge if Onizuka is really fit to become a teacher or not. Uchiyamada is silent, and he wasted no time to start working to do what Teshigawara had told him. He thinks that Teshigawara is right about putting all the blame on Onizuka's shoulders.

Uchiyamada then blamed Onizuka for all his health and financial problems that he has now, as he started to make newspaper cuts (like Miyabi Aizawa). He laughed as he tells Onizuka to just wait until the judgment day comes, where he will destroy him once and for all. He laughed again as Teshigawara silently watched him from behind the door, chuckling. Suddenly, he is shocked to see (Azusa) Fuyutsuki standing behind him, and he asked on what she is doing looking at him.

She asked him whether he have any sinister motives, and Teshigawara started to deny her accusations. Fuyutsuki then replied that when Uchiyamada stabbed Onizuka earlier, she saw him pushing Uchiyamada from behind. Hearing her, Teshigawara started to lunge forward and hold her shoulders, pressing her to the exhibits racks as he started to scream. He then asked her on how he pushed him. Then he asked her whether she understands that he is doing all that because of her. Fuyutsuki is stunned and she started to shiver....

In the next scene, (Urumi) Kanzaki is standing between 2 moving trains as she recited some poems. Suddenly, she received a call from (Noboru) Yoshikawa, who are preparing to go out with Onizuka to find her. Onizuka asked him whether he managed to contact her, and he replied that he does, but he can only hear her reciting some poems. Onizuka cursed and takes the phone from him to talk with Kanzaki, but failed because Kanzaki ignored him. He threatened Kanzaki that he will punch her, and he started to put a helmet on Yoshikawa's head. He then drives his bike out from the school's compound, as he exclaimed that she should not look down on Onizuka, the strongest homeroom teacher in history.

Back at the computer lab, the wannabe-hackers finds out that a lot of major pornographic websites have links to (Miyabi) Aizawa's website, thus enabling everyone to access free pictures of Aizawa when the time is up. (Yoshito) Kikuchi and (Mayu) Wakui then arrived, and asked about the latest developments. (Kouji) Fujiyoushi replied that more than 50000 visitors have accessed the index page alone, and asked on what they should do. Wakui started to get angry with Kanzaki, but (Kunio) Murai tells him that Aizawa is the one who at fault for revealing Kanzaki's secret. Kikuchi and Wakui are silent as Murai described about the contents of the poster.

Wakui exclaimed that Aizawa is really stupid for going against Kanzaki, but Kikuchi replied that they should at least stopped Kanzaki's evil plan from working. He then explained that they should connect to the server where the website is located and tried to delete the contents. Wakui is puzzled and Kikuchi tells him that they will need Kanzaki's user ID and password to log into the server, but they have to find them first. Murai is shocked to hear him, and tells Kikuchi that he had seen something like a password field earlier.

Murai then reproduces the page he was talking about, and (Taadaki) Kusano started to applause. Murai asked Kikuchi whether he knows anything about what he (Murai) had found, as Fujiyoushi remarked that he never knows that Murai is very good at computers. Murai then exclaimed that they should try some words, and added that he hears that a lot of people like to use birth date as their password. Kikuchi is puzzled that the password field existed after all, and Murai countered, saying that the word "Enter" existed there as he proceeded to enter Kanzaki's birth date into the field and pressed the button.

Suddenly, a message appears, saying that the password is correct and Fujiyoushi and Murai started to be happy. Fujiyoushi remarked that Murai is really a genius for guessing the password in a single try, as Murai explained even that he is stupid, he at least have some ideas. Then, another message appears, saying that they are cheated, and that for their efforts to get where they are now, they will get a valuable mystery 'present'. Kikuchi is shocked to see the message, as Murai exclaimed that Kanzaki is really generous for giving him a present, and wondered whether he will get some of Aizawa's pictures. As the download process begins, Kikuchi suddenly asked them to stop, saying that the 'present' is a trap.

Both Murai and Fujiyoushi are puzzled, as the download is complete. Suddenly the screen started to become garbled, and strange sounds are also coming out from the computer. Murai and Fujiyoushi are shocked and asked why the screen has some strange characters, and Kikuchi replied that Kanzaki must have planted a virus for anyone who put the password wrong. Wakui wondered whether the computer they are using have any anti-virus software at all, and Kikuchi remarked that Kanzaki may have rewrote the virus so it will pass the scrutiny of all such software, knowing that they will surely try to delete the pictures.

Murai then asked on what they should do now, and Kikuchi replied that they should use FTP software instead to find the right gateway into the website. Only then they know that the URL is just a redirection, so they will have to find the right FTP address first. Wakui then exclaimed that if the situation doesn't improve, Aizawa would surely become what she is a long time ago. The others are puzzled to hear him, and asked on what he is talking about. Kikuchi replied that he doesn't have the time to explain, as he started to dial Kanzaki's number. After connecting to her phone, he asked her to stop what she is doing now, but just like Yoshikawa, he hears Kanzaki reciting poems.

Kikuchi is shocked to hear the poem, and started to slump on the floor. He then exclaimed that Kanzaki is reciting a poem literally titled "Love from oneself from the world" who is authored by someone called Fujimura. Murai, Fujiyoushi and Wakui are puzzled, and Kikuchi replied that the poem is some kind of a suicide note left by a genius student studying at Tokyo University in Meiji era. He added that Kanzaki also wants to commit suicide, and that's why Kanzaki does all the things she done earlier. Kikuchi started to wonder on what he should do.

Fujiyoushi then asked on what have happened when Aizawa takes a long holiday last summer, as Wakui exclaimed that Kanzaki actually knows about that 'incident'. Wakui then tells him, because that a teacher betrayed Aizawa's trust, Aizawa had tried to commit a near-fatal suicide attempt. Murai and Fujiyoushi are shocked, and asked on why they never know such incident had happened. Kikuchi then replied that they never told them because of Aizawa's request who doesn't want to make them worried. They started to ask him again why Aizawa does that, and Kikuchi explained that Aizawa's wounds doesn't just ends there, and actually she is not just 'betrayed' by the teacher. There's more to that…

Switching at Aizawa's house, she smashed the expensive iMac, shocking her mother who is listening from outside her room. Aizawa started to think on what she should do, and why the incident happened to her. She then looks at her drawers, and started to open it, taking out a bottle full with capsules. Meanwhile, across the town Fujiyoushi is cycling like a mad man, screaming her name…


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