Sorry, but I stop being a teacher at 5 o'clock. - Eikichi Onizuka.

Lesson 154 - The madness of a Tokyo University graduate.


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Lesson 154 - The madness of a Tokyo University graduate.

(Makoto) Fuyutsuki, (Ryoko) Sakurai and (Azusa) Fuyutsuki are shocked to learn that (Eikichi) Onizuka had appeared to tell (Suguru) Teshigawara that the "special class" specially made by him would begin now. Teshigawara asked him on why he still didn't die after being shot by him 4 times, and upon hearing that, Onizuka proceeds to pull him straight through the cracked walls. Then Onizuka throws him amongst a pile of books, and exclaimed that before a teacher finished his syllabus, he will not die, plus that he is an immortal "monster". Then he asked Teshigawara, who had started to scream, whether he is ready to learn from Onizuka now.

Teshigawara tried to back off, when suddenly he bumped someone's leg and he looks around to see (Toshiyuki) Saejima in a police uniform. Seeing that a police is present, Teshigawara started to beg that Saejima saved him from Onizuka, adding that Onizuka wants to kill him. Suddenly, he realized that Saejima have the looks of a triad gang member, and started to ask whether he is a fake. Hearing him, Saejima becomes angry, asking Teshigawara whether he thinks that Saejima is a triad in a uniform, and tells him that he will kill him. Saejima then kicks Teshigawara on the stomach, telling Teshigawara to look closely at the sakura flower logo on his police cap because Saejima is a real cop.

Meanwhile, Makoto had started to untie her sister, who is silent as she overhears the Teshigawara-Saejima commotion and Onizuka started to enter the room from the cracks he had made earlier. Seeing him, others started to ask him whether he is OK, and he touched Fuyutsuki's head, and apologizing to all the hostages in the room for coming so late, exclaiming that everything is under control now. He then commented that it seems that his timing to appear seems to be very perfect indeed, and he started to smile. Fuyutsuki started to have teary eyes, and hugged him, screaming that she had been very worried about him, thinking that he may had died from the shots Teshigawara had made. Sakurai and (Urumi) Kanzaki are silent to see them, as Onizuka exclaimed that heroes like Yashichi will not die or the show Komon Mito will surely end. He then asked Fuyutsuki not to hug him, adding that if she wants to have fun, she should wait until they are both naked on bed later because he still have lessons to give to the stupid Teshigawara so he will know that life is full with both happiness and sadness.

Onizuka then started to walk away when Fuyutsuki realized that her hands is stained with blood, and she started to call back at Onizuka, trying to ask about the blood. Seeing her hands, Onizuka exclaimed that he had been wasting his time all along bandaging the wounds and changing his T-shirt. He then asked them not to worry because since from middle school, he had been used to situations like he is in now, and that people that he had beaten will spill more blood than he currently is and needs to be sent to the ICU unit in hospitals. He walked out, closed the studio door, and used a stick at the door handle so the door can't be opened from inside, while Fuyutsuki protested, saying that he is very badly wounded.

In the next scene, Saejima is shooting with his own gun at the screaming Teshigawara, while asking him on why he didn't run away, and Teshigawara should not force him to aim the gun straight at him. He shoots again hitting the floor and walls near Teshigawara, while commenting that the gun he is using now is very excellent in terms of power and appearance. Then he tells Teshigawara that the gun is surely one of the best confiscated items he had stolen ever, and the guns provided to the police force are nowhere as good as the one he is holding now. Suddenly, Teshigawara smiled and commented that Teshigawara as a Tokyo University graduate may not know that not everyone can be messed around with, and that he is so brave to mess with Onizuka, and in the end, he will surely die, no doubt about that.

Teshigawara is stunned to hear him, when suddenly the door behind him broke because Onizuka had kicked it from inside. He then appears holding a sledgehammer, apologizing to both of them for his late appearance, and tells Teshigawara that the "special class" will start now, a special midnight "class" with a bloodied teacher about the subject "Life is full with sadness and happiness". Seeing the angry Onizuka, Teshigawara started to scream again, telling Onizuka "the killer" that he should not approach him and that he will file report to the Education Ministry. Onizuka ignored him and approached him, and Teshigawara started to scream again.

In the next scene, a TV station is telling the news that a shooting spree had happened earlier in the morning at Musashino district. Then the picture of Teshigawara is shown, with the caption "The middle-school teacher that is on the run". The news described Teshigawara, the criminal, as someone who lived at Suginamiku district and he had beaten a policeman and takes all his possessions. Then a man is shown watching the TV, while the news presenter continued, saying that the police are investigating the criminal and also the victim, and tells the public to be more vigilant. The man is shocked to see the picture on TV, as he wondered whether the criminal is Suguru Teshigawara.

Back to the school, the hostages managed to open the door, and Fuyutsuki started to run to find Onizuka, just to be stopped by Sakurai. She protested, saying that Onizuka is wounded very badly and needs to be sent to a hospital, but Sakurai countered, saying that she should not worry because. She then reminded her on how Onizuka was still alive when he saved them, and that even Fuyutsuki goes to find him, she will not be able to help him anyway. She continued, saying that for Teshigawara, she should just left Onizuka to take control of everything. Suddenly, Kanzaki protested, saying that Teshigawara had a lot of bombs and even that Onizuka is an immortal hero or not, he will surely die in an explosion. Kanzaki then started to run to find Onizuka, as (Kouji) Fujiyoushi tried to stop him vainly.

Suddenly, the phone in the studio room rings, and Fuyutsuki takes the phone up while Fujiyoushi and (Yoshito) Kikuchi tried to follow Kanzaki. Fuyutsuki tells the caller that the school doesn't have any time to respond to any callers, when suddenly the caller tells her that he is Teshigawara's older brother, stunning her. Meanwhile, Teshigawara throws one of his bombs, and it explodes to break all windows in the vicinity, while both Saejima and Onizuka tried to cover themselves from the flying debris. Teshigawara then screams, asking them not to approach them further or risked of being bombed, while Saejima panics to see a fire breaks out from the explosion and started to use a fire extinguisher. Then Teshigawara continued, saying that since the case (volume 6-7) was over, he have not been able to control himself and he had forced Onizuka to take the Togaku test just to put Onizuka in a fix. He tells both of them that he is innocent, because he is a Tokyo University graduate, and the fault lies in the society. He then asked them again that even that education is deemed as one of the most important aspect in Japan's society, why the teachers are only paid 300,000 yen per month, adding that the returns are not enough to cover the investments, and declared himself as a victim of the cruel inverted society.

Suddenly, the sledgehammer is shown to be flying, and it lands just right next to Teshigawara, shocking him. The angry Onizuka asked him whether he had finished talking about his death wish, and called Teshigawara as a coward. Onizuka then grabbed his collar and asked him whether the level of education is very important, and that graduating from Tokyo University will guarantee an easy cozy life. He started to punch him, while asking on whether Teshigawara understands that there's nothing absolute in this world. Teshigawara is sent flying, through a door and ends up at the roof of the building.

Teshigawara's nose is bleeding now from the punch, and Onizuka started to preach again, saying that in life, there are times when they will earn a promotion easily, but also there are times when they falls down hard on the earth. Such things, Onizuka said are the ones that spice their lives up. Suddenly, Kanzaki appears and called him, and Onizuka lashed at her for appearing at such a critical time. Seeing her, Teshigawara grabs her leg and started to take her hostage with a knife. Onizuka cursed, telling Teshigawara to release Kanzaki, and continued to curse him again.

Suddenly, Teshigawara started to talk, lashing at Onizuka for trying to teach him. He then says that he understands all the things Onizuka had said earlier, as both Kikuchi and Fujiyoushi appeared at the roof and Fujiyoushi is shocked to see Kanzaki being taken as a hostage. Teshigawara continued, saying that even that he understands everything that Onizuka had said, he doesn't have any other options left for him, and Kanzaki and Onizuka are both silent as they hears him. He then tells everyone present that since he is little, he is being raised with the concept "Study hard to become a useful person" being drilled into his head, but in the end, he ends up to become a useless person and people like him can only become a teacher. He laughed, adding that now he is not even fit to become a teacher, so he can only continue his wayward ways.

Teshigawara tried to stab Kanzaki with the knife, but suddenly Onizuka lunged forward and punched him on the face, sending him flying while Kanzaki is slumped on the floor while closing her eyes. Onizuka's wounds started to worsen, and he started to lash at Teshigawara again, asking on what he means by saying the phrase "can only become a teacher". He then asked him again whether he thinks that working as a teacher is easy, and even Teshigawara, a Tokyo University graduate can never do the job right. Blood is flowing out from his body, while he asked Teshigawara whether he knows the meaning of the word "teacher", adding that Teshigawara needs to be beaten so that he will understand the essence and the meaning of the word, while Kanzaki tried to tell Onizuka that he himself need treatment at a hospital.

Suddenly, Saejima interjected, brandishing his police gun while asking Onizuka to move aside. He tells Onizuka that he is very angry now with Teshigawara, because Teshigawara reminded him of one of his former teacher that he hated, and the particular teacher was also a Tokyo University graduate. He tells Onizuka to go away while he will use his gun so Teshigawara will understand the message more quickly, and he can file a report that he fired a shot because of public security, and such things can be called as self-defense, and wondered whether he can receive any awards. Seeing Saejima pointed the gun at him, Teshigawara started to scream again, while Onizuka is trying to stop Saejima from doing it.

Suddenly, Fuyutsuki appeared and pleaded with Saejima not to shoot Teshigawara, and she along with Makoto and Sakurai are shown arriving at the roof. Onizuka asked her on what she wants to do, and she ignored him, while telling Teshigawara that someone wants to see him. The man that watched the TV earlier appeared, and called Teshigawara by his first name, and Teshigawara is shocked to see him. He realized that his older brother Takeru had appeared, and he started to climb the wire fence to commit suicide, while apologizing to his brother that he had shamed the name of their father and also Takeru's, so he will commit suicide to pay for his sins. He then stands on the fence, while telling Takeru that he will jump to his death and asked Takeru to use his political influence to cover everything.

Takeru is silent, and tells Teshigawara that he is wrong. Teshigawara misinterpret Takeru's words that he want to tell him that all Teshigawara had done is illegal, and Teshigawara replied that he knows that Takeru is right so he will die to pay for his sins, adding that a worthless person like him doesn't deserve to continue to live on the planet. Takeru screams, saying that Teshigawara misunderstands him, and started to tell Teshigawara that he doesn't have to feel inferior anymore, and not to be trapped with such feelings. Onizuka, Fujiyoushi and Kanzaki are shocked to hear what Takeru had said, and so are Teshigawara. Takeru then explained that their father and him had lost their status and reputation a long time ago, and upon hearing this, everyone is shocked…


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