All men have something a bit like a bad seed in them. - Eikichi Onizuka.
Lesson #100 - The adventure in the forest! GO!

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 13
Lesson #100 - The adventure in the forest! GO!

At the port, the teachers are shocked to find out that 2 students are missing. (Naoko) Izumi explained on how they wanted to bully (Noboru) Yoshikawa, but they started to get lost and both (Anko) Uehara and Yoshikawa fall into the sea. The teachers started to panic, as (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is also missing, and started to thinks ways to find them. One suggested that they should call the police, but the proposal is shot down, as the school name can be tarnished. Suddenly, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki asked them to just wait, because Yoshikawa has already gone to save Uehara, and (Eikichi) Onizuka are also on the island to find them.

The teachers lashed at her, saying that because Onizuka is searching for them that makes them worried. The teacher added, that Onizuka took with him 2 girls, and that if he is sincere about looking for them, he should have bring with him male students instead. The teachers speculate that Onizuka may want to rape them to take advantage of the crisis, or he may turn their tender meat into food. They shiver at the thought of cannibalism, and promptly wanted to call for the school president.

Fuyutsuki sits down and sighed at the stupidity of the teachers. Suddenly (Yoshito) Kikuchi asked her not to worry, as Yoshikawa will certainly save Uehara, as nowadays he has become stronger, and that Onizuka had also started to look for them too. Fuyutsuki agreed with him, saying that Onizuka will bring them to safety, because he is a teacher who never panics when a crisis comes, and how wrong they are.

Meanwhile, back to the island, Onizuka destroyed the dog leash, as (Urumi) Kanzaki asked him on where he wanted to take them. He lashed at them, saying that he want to search for both Yoshikawa and Uehara. He added that he didn't believe (Mayuko) Asano words that they have fallen into the sea, and that they must have been planning to find the Amakusa treasure, and make the treasure theirs. Kanzaki is shocked, and tell him that there is no treasure, but Onizuka interjected, saying that he has already smell the treasure, and Kanzaki pleaded for him to stop and talk, but he ignored her and kicked a big boulder into the waterfall, and jumped with it, along with Asano and Kanzaki.

They fall into the waterfall, and splashed at the bottom of it. Onizuka emerges first, followed by both Asano and Kanzaki. Kanzaki asked him about his actions, and he replied that after he snatched the treasure back from Yoshikawa and Uehara, he would split it evenly between Asano and Kanzaki. Kanzaki replied that she doesn't want the treasure, but Onizuka exclaimed that they will start their journey on a quest for treasure, as he stands on the boulder and started to sing about becoming an adventurer, and Asano complained why he must dragged them in on his journey, and he told her to shut up, because up front, they will have to encounter another waterfall, and Asano replied that she is finished.

At the cave, Uehara started to worry, because Yoshikawa has not emerged from underwater for over a minute. She started to turn her worry to panic, and started calling for Yoshikawa. Yoshikawa still have not come, and Uehara started to think about the inevitable. She started to cry, asking Yoshikawa to come back and stop her tears, and magically, Yoshikawa emerges from underwater. Uehara is lashing at her for making her worried, and Yoshikawa replied that he has found the exit.

He explained that the tunnel will lead to an exit, but they must hold their breath for a minute. Uehara protested, saying that at Standard 3 in primary school, she can only hold her breath for 3 seconds underwater, and was ribbed for that. Yoshikawa replied that she is on Year 3 in middle school now, and that she has become 10 times stronger. Uehara replied that it will be only 30 seconds, and no way she could survive the swim. Suddenly, they hear the voices again, and Yoshikawa asked her to hurry, because the jet streams will come, and she protested again. He grabbed her hand, asking her to trust him. Uehara is stunned, as the jet streams started to come.

In the next scene, Yoshikawa is holding her hand, and swimming through the tunnel. Everything is seems to be fine, when suddenly she sees a very big fish. She is shocked and started to breath water again. Yoshikawa noticed her, and he managed to bring her back to the surface, pulling Uehara with him. He dragged her to the bank, and asked her to be calm, and wondered what he should do with the fainted Uehara. Suddenly he realized, that he is inside a cave with a gigantic hole, shaped like a cross, and sunlight is shining through it, stunning him.

Meanwhile, Uehara is dreaming, about her older brother who had always bullied her. She asked for him to return her doll, and asked him why he must bully her. Suddenly, her father is screaming for her brother, and then slapped him until blood oozes out from his mouth. Her father started to lash at her brother, for his weak exam results, as her mother told him not to lash her brother in front of Uehara. His father ignored her mother, and started to lash at her brother again, asking if he is really his son, and if he is really a man. Then Uehara looked at her destroyed doll, and at her brother on the doorway, and asked him why he must bully her, and wondered if he hates her. She started to wake up just to see that Yoshikawa is about to give her CPR, his face close to hers.

Uehara started to become angry, and slapped him for being a sex maniac. Yoshikawa protested, saying that he is only concerned about her who had fainted. Uehara stopped after she listened to his explanations. Suddenly she hear a music being played, and wondered why music could exists in such a place. She then sees the huge cross Yoshikawa had seen earlier, and found out that the music comes from the cross. She also sees some candlelight holders, cups and other church utensils around. She asked on what the place could be, and Yoshikawa, who started to lift a piece of wood, replied that the cave must be a church, and a lot of treasures are on the floor.

He added about the cross-shaped gap, and commented that natural forces must have carved it, and that the music is formed by the winds. He added that the gods must have saved them, and Uehara is silent. Yoshikawa has already gone out of the cave, and he extended his hand and asked Uehara to come so they can meet with their classmates. She smiles, and grabbed his hand and go outside.

Lying on the bed of flowers, Uehara commented that after Onizuka has come, Yoshikawa have become more determined. Yoshikawa declined, saying that he had only become a little 'braver' than before. Uehara thanked him for what he has done, but tell him not to misunderstand, as she will bully him again. Yoshikawa laughed, and Uehara started to become angry, asking why he must laugh. He replied that she has returned to become herself, and Uehara become pissed, asking him to clarify his words...


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