Ah, idiot I was number 100 - that means there's 100 stupid guys under me, what's wrong with that!! - Kunio Murai.
Lesson #64: Onizuka-sensei counseling.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 8
Lesson #64: Onizuka-sensei counseling.

In the teacher's room, (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada started to get angry at all the events caused by (Urumi) Kanzaki. One of the teachers suggested that they call the police, but Uchiyamada rejected the suggestion, and started to blame the teacher who teach the 4th class Mathematic earlier, that it's because of his low-quality teaching that make all the events happen. Other teachers commented that Kanzaki had started again to terrorize the school, while another one exclaimed that Kanzaki has actually reduced her ruthless ways in recent days.

They started to talk that everyone knows that it's Kanzaki fault, but she isn't punished because she is the school' hope, and if she killed anyone in the future, maybe she will be protected too. (Azusa) Fuyutsuki just listened, and wondered about (Eikichi) Onizuka whereabouts at the time of the crisis. Suddenly, one of the teachers smells something that stinks, and asked another teacher if he farted. The asked teacher replied that he didn't, and in a flash everyone in the room smell it too. The teachers started to panic, ands they opened the windows, and the fire extinguisher system started to work too.

In the next scene, some students complained about having to clean the teacher' room, saying that Kanzaki' actions had affected the high-school section too, and that the infamous '3 Black Girls' from the high-school section had started to take action. They commented that Kanzaki is a goner, but suddenly some firecrackers started to explode at their feet, and they panicked, as Kanzaki walked past them.

Suddenly, the '3 Black Girls' stopped her. Kanzaki feigned ignorance, and they started to lash at Kanzaki. They accused her of causing all the troubles, even at the high-school section, and asked her to follow them. Kanzaki ignored them, as she takes something from her sleeve. Kanzaki asked them is they really wanted to go against her, and if they will, they have to pay a heavy price, puzzling them. Suddenly, Kanzaki opened a bottle, and sprayed powdery substances on them. Coughing, they asked her about the powder, and Kanzaki replied that it is botulin (webmaster note: along with anthrax and smallpox, botulin is mainly used for biological weapons and cosmetics, and it's probably the most deadliest but hardest to manufacture). The black girls are stunned, and Kanzaki explained about how deadly botulin is, and she shows the proof in her arms, asking them to go find doctors fast. The black girls started to become scared, and runs away. As the girls run away, she started to clean her arms; saying that the girls are stupid to believe that botulin could be manufactured in a home-lab.

In the next scene, the teacher's room is in riot again, as the fax machine started to received lots of pornographic pictures, non-stop. The teachers are in panic on how to stop the transmission, as some of them lashed at each other for ogling at the pictures. They then pulled the plug from the fax machine. Kanzaki, working from the computer room, then send another series of porno pictures to another fax machine, as she vowed that that she will punish all teachers as long as she is still in the school.

Then the teachers had to deal with the incessant ringing of the phones, as Uchiyamada started to wonder about the bad luck the school have today. Suddenly, from the school compound, he hears the approaching sound of motorcycles, just to see that a lot of gang bikers has emerges at the school, each of them wearing masks. Uchiyamada started to panic, seeing a lot of biker gang members outside the school. He cursed his luck, and asking a teacher on the number of the bikers. The teacher asked, answered that it's just too many of them, and everyone is searching for Onizuka to deal with them, as Kanzaki looked at the biker gang silently from the computer room.

Suddenly, (Yoshito) Kikuchi and (Kunio) Murai barged into the computer room, and started to ask what is her motive to call the biker gang to the school. Kanzaki denies that she had called the biker gang, saying that it's impossible for her to know any of them. Murai and Kikuchi is shocked, as Kanzaki concluded that it may be Onizuka' doing. Suddenly, 3 masked man; Onizuka, (Ryuji) Danma and (Toshiyuki) Saejima walked into the school compound, fully armed with weapons, and called for Kanzaki to get out, as the other biker gang members revved up the machines.

Murai exclaimed that it is surely Onizuka, looking from his hair, and wondered what he wants to do with Kanzaki. Meanwhile, at the teacher' room, the teachers are panicking when Onizuka started to speak, as Uchiyamada started to instruct (Hajime) Fukorada to deal with the biker gang. Back to the school compound, Onizuka screamed for Kanzaki to come out, as Saejima complained at Danma for having to wear such ridiculous attire, and Danma replied that he had to ask Onizuka himself for clarification.

Suddenly, he see Kanzaki emerges from the school' exit. Kanzaki approached them, and accused that the masked man is Onizuka himself, and started to ridicule his attire. But Onizuka countered, that he wan to take her for a special private counseling session. Kanzaki is shocked, and Onizuka added that it would be fun, as the gang members revved up their machines again. He grabbed her, and started to go out from the school, and the teachers at the teacher' room started to panic to see a student being kidnapped...


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