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Lesson #185 - It happened in a sunny clear morning…

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Lesson #185 - It happened in a sunny clear morning…
(Note: This lesson have narrations, you'll see it marked)

At an airport, a TV talk show can be heard discussing about the kidnapping incident, and the sad story hidden behind it. A panel member talks about the incident caused by the post-war generation that has been essential to the booming economic growth that follows after the war (WW2) stills takes with them the painful experience of the war. A mysterious person is now shown typing on a Sony VAIO computer, as the TV talk show continued talking about the kidnapped girl, who are unharmed, is now returning to her school to continue her studies along her teacher, who has been saved from being fired by the rest of his students.

The man is actually typing an e-mail to (Yoshito) Kikuchi, saying that he have a very important thing to do at Tokyo and asked Kikuchi to greet him at the airport. He sends the e-mail and started to walk away, as his plane announcement asking the passengers to check-in to the assigned departure gate.

Narration (Miyabi Aizawa): The morning after that incident, my father has resigned…

(Miyabi) Aizawa is washing her hair to remove her hair color, as she contemplates her parents' decision to move away from Tokyo to somewhere else where they will open a shop. She then closed the tap water, and decided that she wants to settle one thing hat happened in the past, once and for all.

Narration (Miyabi Aizawa): After that incident happened, my father has resigned in the 2nd morning.

Aizawa is greeting her father who are busy packing their things, saying that she have to go. Her father asked on where she is going, and Aizawa replied that she have to go to the school. She then tells him that he and her mother should have come to the school later, because she has a very important announcement to be made. She smiled and then walked away as her puzzled father tried to ask her about her 'special' announcement, and reminds her that they are about to move.

Unknown to her, a swarthy "Angel Group" member has been spying on her and she started to make a phone call, informing the rest of her gang members that Aizawa is about to come to school. (Shiro) Shibuya, who are answering the call, then suggested that the time for them to start sending that particular 'sensational' e-mail has come. She asked him whether the e-mail will really cause (Eikichi) Onizuka to be fired, and Shibuya assured her that it will, adding that she should adopt the wait-and-see approach. Shibuya then started to send an e-mail with his PDA, titled 'Year2 Class 4 secrets', and he commented that he will make Onizuka unable to find any other job, plus Onizuka will also be unable to do anything when a student of his commits suicide right in-front of him.

In an instant everyone in the school started to receive the e-mail in their PDA, and as 2 female students reads the e-mail in disbelief, Aizawa is shown passing them towards the school's gate, under the stares of the students around her...

Meanwhile, Onizuka is busy cleaning the pond, and he puts a net full with frog eggs on the pond's bank. Both (Kunio) Murai and (Taadaki) Kusano are shocked to see the package, as Onizuka started to climb out from the pond. Murai commented that the pond is full with the eggs, and that he started to lose his appetite. Onizuka lashed at them, asking for help from them to dump the net or risked being forced to eat the eggs, but they refused, saying that he is the one that should receive the punishment.

Hearing them, Onizuka grabs a handful of the eggs and dumped them inside Murai's pants, as he reminded them not to blame him if they are punished for not obeying his orders. Murai started to panic, realizing that his pant is now a mess and Kusano screamed at him not to come near him. Onizuka started to have a shower bath as he started to remember the things Ogi have said; about how he have to apologize not only to Aizawa, but also to the students of the 4th class. Ogi then explained that he is the one who disturbed Aizawa's heart, causing the class to attain their notorious reputation. He pleaded to Onizuka, saying that he doesn't want Aizawa to suffer anymore, and he fears that she will do something stupid if the issue is not addressed ASAP. Onizuka is silent after remembering what Ogi has said.

Suddenly a bunch of frog eggs is dumped right on Onizuka's head, and he screamed because the eggs have started to seep into his nose and mouth. Murai laughed, saying that Onizuka shouldn't put the eggs in his pant in the first place, and Kusano agreed. Onizuka started to threaten Murai that he will force him to eat the eggs, when suddenly Kusano sees Aizawa and asked Murai and Onizuka whether they sees Aizawa with her hair back to normal, and Murai exclaimed that he is right. Aizawa sees them as Onizuka executed his threat on Murai, and she started to smile. Murai is shocked to see her smile, and exclaimed that she have become normal but Kusano exclaimed that she is only smiling at Murai's funny looks after being trashed by Onizuka with the eggs.

In the next scene at the shoe locker room, (Kouji) Fujiyoushi is shocked to see Aizawa passed by the area. He tried to catch up with her when suddenly he hears some female students asking between themselves whether Aizawa is the girl being mentioned in the 'e-mail'. They wonder whether what the e-mail has said is true, when suddenly Fujiyoushi emerges behind one of them and sees the e-mail on the girl's PDA. He is stunned as he read the e-mail, and he cursed on how the contents of the e-mail have become widely known. He smashed the PDA to the ground and runs away searching for Aizawa, as the female student protested that her PDA has been smashed by him.

Somewhere else, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki herself sees Aizawa, and she greeted her. She commented that with Aizawa's attendance, the class will surely have almost perfect attendance when suddenly Fuyutsuki's PDA started to beep, signaling the arrival of a new e-mail. A puzzled Fuyutsuki wondered on the meaning of the e-mail subject (Year2 Class 4 secrets), and Aizawa is somewhat agitated when she hears Fuyutsuki muttered the e-mail subject. She then sees the e-mail herself, and started to comment that the 'truth' has been finally exposed, and she knows that it will happen sooner or later anyway. She then started to climb the stairs, saying that she will provide a solution to the facts in the e-mail, and she asked Fuyutsuki whether she can help her telling the rest of the 4th class students. Fuyutsuki is puzzled when she hears her.

The students started to become more intrigued with the e-mail…

The e-mail contents (webmaster note: scene descriptions in brackets):

Subject: Year 2 4th class Secret…

Page 1 - Once upon a time, in a faraway place, there is a class where the bonds between students and teachers are so close… (the scenes of the Year 2 4th class is shown). Almost everyday (Aizawa, Kikuchi and another student is shown laughing), the students will surely stay in class even after the school session is over so that they can chat with their homeroom teacher. At that time, everyone, the teacher and the students really bonded with each other.

Page 2 - (Aizawa is walking on the hallway as the students around her whispering between them that she is the girl mentioned in the e-mail - one whole page) But in the end, the whole class was betrayed by the very same teacher, and all the good times were simply destroyed without any warning….

Page 3 - (Aizawa is smiling to herself - one whole page too)

Page 4 - This is because; their beloved teacher had done something unforgivable. In other words, they have been betrayed…

Page 5 - (A scene which shows a blackboard written with words that their teacher had raped somebody, plus with some pictures too) (A scene where all the students of the class having a stunned look on their faces as they stared towards a common direction)

Page 6 - (Splashes of blood, and a scene of a man being beaten down by someone who is holding a baseball bat)

Page 7 - (The Year 2 4th class signboard broken on the floor)
End of e-mail.

Aizawa now arrived at the place where Onizuka's penthouse originally located, and she climbed over the safety fence. She looks towards the sky and started to think that everything started to happen because of the bad things written on the blackboard exactly one year ago, in a sunny clear morning…


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