If you're gonna be a pervert, don't get found out. Common sense man, common sense. Right, Principal? - Eikichi Onizuka.

Lesson #161 – The war to save the reclusive one.


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Lesson #161 – The war to save the reclusive one.

Inside (Yuki) Miyamori room, there’s some set of amateur radios (webmaster note: not sure actually about what those thing are called) telling users about weather reports at Kashima Island. Then a gun is shown lying on the floor with the shadow of Miyamori sitting in the middle of the room. Suddenly, a smoke is seen entering Miyamori’s room from underneath the slit, and (Eikichi) Onizuka is now shown screaming that a fire had broke out and started to tell everyone to run out from the house. Getting no response, Onizuka then knocked the door, introducing himself as his homeroom teacher and how happy he is to be able to meet him. He then tells Miyamori that his house is on fire and he should get out from his room as soon as possible. After that, Onizuka screamed asking on what Miyamori is doing because the fire is getting stronger and he should get out from the house before he turned into ashes. The gun is now shown being taken up, and in the next moment, Onizuka is shocked to see the puppet of his which he used to knock the door being blown away in the head by a single shot.

Seeing that the head of the puppet that resembles him had being blown away, he started to scream, saying that his head had been shot and asked Miyamori for help while (Kunio) Murai commented that Onizuka should stop because the method he is using will not work. Murai then is shown barbecuing some fish, as he commented that using the smoke from fish barbecue will not work, because the smell coming out from it is surely a sign that the smoke is man-made. Onizuka then commented that if the smoke from fish BBQ doesn’t work, he have to actually burn the house down then to flush Miyamori out from his room, and (Urumi) Kanzaki lashed at him so that he will become more serious when solving the problem at his hand now.

One of the yakuza gang members suddenly appears, holding the sushi that was ordered earlier and he asked Onizuka whether he really wants to burn the house down, and Onizuka replied sheepishly that he is only joking. The man asked (with a knife on Onizuka’s cheek) whether Onizuka really able to coerce the son of his master out from his room, and the scared Onizuka replied that the process is not as smooth as he had planned. Hearing that, the yakuza gang member warned him that Onizuka should take care of what he is doing because his master had been waiting for him to coerce Miyamori to come out from his room, and Onizuka quickly replied that he knows about that. Onizuka then tried to sneak away from the window and the man pointed a gun toward him and asked on what he wanted to do. Onizuka nervously replied that he wants to go to the toilet and the man lashed at him that there’s no toilet outside, and Onizuka agreed, obviously to play along so he will not be shot.

In the next scene, Kanzaki is eating some of the sushi while commenting that before Onizuka managed to coerce Miyamori out from his room, he probably aren’t able to return home for 2 or 3 years, and reminded him that Miyamori’s father had bought lots of expensive sushi just for him. Onizuka lashed at her, saying that he knows the situation at hand now. He then walk back and forth, while commenting hat he have used lots of methods to flush Miyamori out; from acting like Confucius to playing pornographic videos. Kanzaki started to remind him that he had said earlier that he was good when dealing with autistic children, and Onizuka lashed at her, saying that Miyamori is not an autistic boy, but a fully armed terrorist, just like an airplane hijacker.

Onizuka started to eat some of the sushi and then tried to offer Miyamori some of them. He asked Miyamori whether he heard him, and tells him that he should go out from his “cage’ after 2 years. He then walked with the sushi towards the door, adding that he and Miyamori should go out and play console games with him, plus the sushi tasted great too. Just as he approached the door, Miyamori started to rain the door with gunshots, destroying the sushi plate and shocking Onizuka in the process. After he stopped shooting, Onizuka turned just to see that Miyamori had actually carved the phrase “Don’t mess with other people affairs” at the door with the gunshots.

Onizuka becomes angry now and screamed at Miyamori that he will surely use violence now, and he will kill him. He continued, screaming that he doesn’t care whether Miyamori is the son of a yakuza gang leader and he will split his head in two. Suddenly, Onizuka sees one of the yakuza gang members looking at him from the stairs, and he promptly withdraw his death threats, adding that he is only joking. After the yakuza goes away, Onizuka kicked the wall and wondered whether there’s no other way to make Miyamori to come out from his room, adding that not only his salary will be zero, but he may also lost his life. Fujiyoushi replied that his methods are too violent, and reminded Onizuka that Miyamori had locked himself for 2 years. (Yoshito) Kikuchi commented that they should find the reason why Miyamori locked himself up in the first place. Onizuka is silent as he hears Kikuchi’s suggestion.

In the next scene, lots of angry-looking yakuza members are staring at a sweating Onizuka, as Miyamori’s father asked Onizuka whether he want to ask about why Miyamori locked himself up. Onizuka replied that he does, and one of the yakuza members started to run a knife on Onizuka face, scaring his clan members who are looking from behind the sliding door. Suddenly, another yakuza member kicked the man who hold the knife and dragged him away from Onizuka, and lashed at him for being rude to their master’s guest, and asked whether he wants his finger severed. Onizuka is shocked and scared as the man is beaten very badly. Miyamori’s father meanwhile answered that he actually doesn’t know the answer to the question, and the only thing he knows that he started to lock himself in his room only after his mother’s death. He then tells Onizuka that Miyamori used to travel a lot with his mom, while the beaten yakuza member is pleading so that his fingers are not severed, and Miyamori's father tells Onizuka that his followers had told him that he never goes out from his room.

Suddenly, the man remembers something, and exclaimed that a fast-food delivery that are used to deliver foods to Miyamori had told him that Miyamori will sneak out 2 times per month from his room. Onizuka is puzzled, and asked whether the things he said is true. Miyamori’s father replied that the news seems to be true, and that Miyamori always sneaked out from his room exactly at 15th and 20th day each month. (Noboru) Yoshikawa who listened from outside the room is shocked to hear the dates, as Onizuka politely rejected drinks offer from Miyamori’s father.

After he goes out from the room where Miyamori’s father room is located, Onizuka wondered on what is so special about the 2 dates anyway, and started to guess whether Miyamori is have periods at that time. Kanzaki reminded him that periods only comes once per month, as Onizuka commented that he doesn’t manage to go far in his investigation, and lashed at the father for acting un-fatherly too. Kanzaki asked Kusano whether he knows something because Kusano and Miyamori used to be classmates, but he replied that he doesn’t know either because he is not very close with Miyamori. She then asked whether Miyamori is a natural brooding man, and Kusano replied that it seems not the case, because he noted that Miyamori is a cheerful person who likes to read tourist books with his friends. He then added that Miyamori used to have lots of friends, as Yoshikawa is silent as he hears Kusano’s explanations.

Yoshikawa mumbles about the dates, shocking Onizuka, Murai and Fujiyoushi, and he started to walk towards Miyamori’s room. Everyone is shocked to see him doing that, and Onizuka screamed for Yoshikawa to wear telephone books as shield from the bullets. He ignored them and started to greet Miyamori and introduced himself. Then he tells Miyamori that his hobby is to play video games, as Onizuka asked Murai to paste the telephone books on his back. Yoshikawa then asked whether he can ask Miyamori a question, and proceeded to ask Miyamori about how much time a person needs if he was to travel from Kanagawa prefecture to Hachioji, Tokyo without using Shinkansen (webmaster note: The name for the infamous bullet train in Japan). Onizuka screamed that Yoshikawa is mad, and started to cover him with his back (pasted with the books) facing the door as everyone is waiting for the shots to come. Instead, they are greeted with an eerie silence, when suddenly Miyamori replied that the time needed is 8 hours and 50 minutes.

Yoshikawa smiled and exclaimed that Miyamori is right and that Miyamori is not being tricked with the word “Tokyo” in his question earlier. Everyone is stunned as they hear on how people will usually associate the Ueno district when Kanagawa is mentioned, when actually traveling through Omiya is faster than traveling via Ueno. Yoshikawa then commented that when he hears Miyamori’s father telling Onizuka that Miyamori is sneaking out at 15th and 20th, he knows that Miyamori is actually going out to buy the travel timetable books that are out on those 2 days. Hearing him, Kikuchi exclaimed that he now knows that the timetables for most of the public transportation methods in Japan are sold in those 2 days, while Kanzaki is still trying to understand on what Yoshikawa and Kikuchi are talking about.

Yoshikawa then asked Miyamori, what is the Shinkansen route, which passengers are unable to make phone calls from, and Miyamori gives the correct answer (MAX 207 Shinkansen North-East) . Yoshikawa then asked about the fares to board first-class train cars, and Miyamori answered 45500 yen (which is correct). Yoshikawa laughed, and says that Miyamori surely had done his homework. Onizuka and the others are now silent as Yoshikawa lamented that he also used to play the very same game as Miyamori do now. He then asked Miyamori whether he remembers a TV variety show literally translated “10000 miles challenge” which served to explain all the Shinkansen routes in Japan. At that time, Yoshikawa remembers on how he always dreams to travel at various places with the timetable in his hands.

Yoshikawa then tells Miyamori that by reading the timetables, he will feel like touring to the actual place, and Miyamori agreed with him. Hearing him, Yoshikawa then tells Miyamori that he himself used to lock himself in his room, and even that he also went to school, he always feels wanting to return home as soon as possible, and get into his room, his own personal domain where he will be able to play video games and reads the timetables, and all of this happens because he was always bullied by other students in the school. Yoshikawa continues, saying that he was once an autistic person himself, but now he think that even his world of fantasies and the timetables are fun, it will be more fun to play and interact with classmates in the real world. Miyamori is silent as he hears Yoshikawa, and as Yoshikawa tried to speak more, Miyamori started to cut him off.

Miyamori asked about the meaning of the word “friends” and adds that everything is just a fallacy. He then tells Yoshikawa that even someone claimed to be his friend, the claims are actually false. He continued, saying that all of his friends befriends him because they are scared of his father who are a leader of a yakuza gang, and he himself was fooled to believe that he have a lots of friends, so much to the extent that he had planned to travel with friends from his class when they becomes adult and Miyamori then called himself as stupid for being so naïve at that time. Yoshikawa tried to explain that friendship can’t be faked, and Miyamori must have some misunderstanding, but Miyamori interjected, asking him on why no one comes at her mother's funeral, shocking Kusano.

Miyamori continued, saying that after the funeral, he had done some soul-searching and he founds out that he was the one who have always called his so-called “friends” first, and not vice-versa. Plus they seem to try and find excuses when invited to come to his house. These things makes him to realize that no one actually wants to become his friend, so there’s no reason for him to go to the school again. Yoshikawa is stunned to hear him while Onizuka is silent all the way.

Suddenly, Onizuka spits and screams that Miyamori is a pessimist. Yoshikawa and Kanzaki are shocked to see him, while Onizuka now realized that the reason why Miyamori is locking himself is because he feels lonely after losing his friends, and Onizuka started to sneer, saying that he never meets anybody who are so pessimistic like Miyamori, just like someone who are still living in caves. Onizuka then tells the angry Miyamori that he had already reached 14, but still become a crybaby when he lose a friendship, and this shows that Miyamori is just to weak feeble boy. The yakuza members are now shown running upstairs asking on what Onizuka is saying, as Onizuka tells Miyamori to stay in his room until he die along with his timetables and “the Hope of Shinkansen (literal translation).

The yakuza members started to point their guns on Onizuka’s head, and one of them screams at Onizuka for being rude to the son of his master, while Murai screams for Onizuka to be more careful. Onizuka ignored them, and started to tell Miyamori that what he had said earlier is actually not wrong, that’s it, that most of the friends he had made are just normal friends. Yoshikawa, Kikuchi and Kanzaki are silent when Onizuka tells Miyamori that when he finished schooling, it’s pretty normal to lost contact with most of his friends, and such thing will happen not only to him, but to all people as well. Miyamori’s father had started to ascend the stairs and he is silent when Onizuka tells his son that even if such events that he had described earlier had happened, there will be always someone who he will never be able to lost contact with, and that “someone” will become his greatest friend. Miyamori is stunned when he hears him, as Onizuka adds that if Miyamori locked himself up in his room, he will never able to change anything that had happened to him, thus he should stop caging himself and to return instead to the school. Onizuka ends his speech by saying that Miyamori should become braver, and lives up to his name.

The yakuza members screams at him asking whether he had finished, and Miyamori’s father is screaming at them not to be rude at Onizuka. Suddenly, the door opened, and Miyamori stepped out from the room and asked Onizuka whether a person like him will be able to find the “somebody” Onizuka had described earlier. The yakuza members and Miyamori’s father are stunned to see Miyamori stepping out from his room, and Onizuka replied that everything depends on Miyamori himself. Hearing that, Miyamori started to smile as his father and the yakuza members started to mob him. Onizuka meanwhile started to have a puff as Kikuchi can only stared in amazement on how Onizuka managed to persuade Miyamori out at last.

Onizuka then called at his clan’s members to return home, as Miyamori’s father tells Miyamori how worried he is about him. Miyamori apologized and his father replied that everything should be put behind now. Onizuka then tells Miyamori that he will instruct Yoshikawa to bring him back to the school, and asked him to come before the homeroom meeting tomorrow. Onizuka then walked away as Kusano and Fujiyoushi talked about how calm Onizuka is when a lot of guns being pointed at his head, and Onizuka really live up to his name as the hero of Shonan prefecture. Suddenly, Murai noticed that Onizuka is leaving wet footprints as he walked, and he smells it up to find out that Onizuka had pissed in his jeans when the gun is pointed to his head earlier, and everyone started to laugh at him…


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