He wouldn't die or anything from something like this. The invincible hero.. The "National Kid" of Kisso Gakuen. - Ryoko Sakurai.
Lesson #95 - Let's go to Okinawa.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 12
Lesson #95 - Let's go to Okinawa.

The Year 3 students have arrived at Ishigaki Island in Okinawa, which have more tropical climate. The students are complaining if they really are in Japan, because of the heat. (Kouji) Fujiyoushi started to marvel at the greenery island, while (Yoshito) Kikuchi and (Urumi) Kanzaki started to talk about the geographical facts for Ishigaki Island, as (Kunio) Murai pleaded to them to try and act more like middle school students. (Taadaki) Kusano remarked that Onizuka is really great for taking all Year 3 student to Okinawa, as Kanzaki and Kikuchi remarked that if they go to Okinawa, they should have go to Kuan Island instead, as Murai is angry at them for still not behaving like a proper middle school student.

The leader of the trip, (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada, accompanied by (Hajime) Fukorada, (Hiroshi) Kochiyatani, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki and 4 other teachers started to organize the students. As Uchiyamada is giving his speech to the students, a teacher wondered where (Eikichi) Onizuka could go, as he is late. Another teacher tells the teacher that the local police have contacted them that Onizuka has arrived at the island already. Hearing that, Fuyutsuki is thinking that she can meet with Onizuka again, as Fukorada is showing his physical abilities to the students.

As she looked at the students, she vowed that she must apologize to Onizuka. She is embarrassed at herself, as Onizuka only wanted to do his duties as a teacher, and instead she is having doubts about him. She believed that what Onizuka wanted to say is that every human must take responsibility for their action, so that nobody will take about them in the back, that actions must match words, and wondered why she should ever doubt a good teacher like him.

Suddenly, there is a commotion at the nearby building, as police is chasing an 'illegal immigrant' who are running towards them. A teacher is shocked, and so are Uchiyamada. Uchiyamada started to ask the student to disperse, but the 'illegal immigrant' has already grabbed Uchiyamada, shocking him. Kanzaki, Kikuchi and Murai noticed something, as the 'illegal immigrant' asked Uchiyamada not to move. The bearded 'illegal immigrant' started to insert a pencil inside Uchiyamada nose, and threatened to destroy his nose, saying that he is only swimming for a while at the sea, and he never intends to cross the border, and he will hold Uchiyamada as hostage until he is proven innocent.

Only at that time, Uchiyamada is realizing that the 'illegal immigrant' is Onizuka, and Onizuka realized that his hostage is Uchiyamada. Onizuka is shocked, and he looked at the Year 3 students who are watching the drama. Fuyutsuki is silent, as Fukorada is already hiding behind a pole. Fuyutsuki started to spell his name, and Kanzaki is laughing, as Onizuka started to become embarrassed with a very angry Uchiyamada in his hands.

In the bus, Uchiyamada is lashing at him about the pencil incident, and asked about the illegal immigrant thing, and that the authorities suspected him as an international spy. Onizuka started to explain, that he boarded the wrong ship at Ariake port. In the first 2 days, he hides at the toilet, but something told him that he will be captured, so he jumped into the sea to swim straight to Okinawa, but instead he crossed the Japan-Taiwan sea border and was captured by the Taiwan police. The students inside the bus are laughing when they hear the story, as Fuyutsuki cover her face in embarrassment.

Uchiyamada started to complain that he is lucky that they want to bail him out or else he will become an international criminal. Onizuka replied that Uchiyamada just wanted to blow things out of proportion. Uchiyamada started to lash at him, saying that Kichiyouji Private School has never had any teacher like him, and that after the Okinawa trip is over, Onizuka will be tried in the teacher' meeting. Suddenly, Onizuka kneel at him, saying that he has repented, as Uchiyamada started to become angrier. Kanzaki commented that Onizuka is really stupid, and Kikuchi exclaimed that at least Onizuka wouldn’t have to go tuna fishing anymore.

Kanzaki replied that Kikuchi is right. Suddenly Fuyutsuki noticed something, and it is Onizuka, writing on his palm that he want to borrow her shampoo. Uchiyamada asked him if he is listening, and Onizuka replied that he does. Kanzaki exclaimed that the trip will be fun, and Kikuchi acknowledge her, as Onizuka started to open a can of beer, just to be lashed by Uchiyamada.

They arrived at their hotel, and the student gasped as they looked at it. Uchiyamada reminded that there are other guests around, so they must behave. Onizuka exclaimed that they must thank him for taking them here, and asked all the 4th class students to go swimming first before entering their rooms. Fujiyoushi exclaimed to Kikuchi, that (Miyabi) Aizawa haven't come to the trip, and only (Saeko) Iijima and (Chikako) Shirai have come. Kikuchi is silent when he learns about Aizawa' absence.

Suddenly, (Noboru) Yoshikawa bumped into (Anko) Uehara, and she started to lash at him. He apologized, but Uehara only become angrier. (Mayuko) Asano started to calm her, reminding her that Onizuka may strip them again. Uehara replied that she doesn’t care, and if Yoshikawa wanted to report to Onizuka, he can do it. Yoshikawa is silent, and suddenly, Onizuka pat his on the ass, and asked him to go changing clothes faster. Yoshikawa apologized, and run to change his clothes, as Onizuka wondered what has happened.

In the next scene, Onizuka is surfing with a dolphin as his board (webmaster note: Don't know if the dolphin is real or not). He challenged a wave, and flying for over 30 meters (webmaster note: again, I don't know if it 30 meters high or 30 meters long), shocking both Kanzaki and Kikuchi, and they wondered if Onizuka is really a social studies teacher. Onizuka started to smoke, when suddenly some students asked him if they are doing their tattoo right. Onizuka isn't satisfied, saying that he should make the ink thicker. More students wanted to draw tattoo too, as Fuyutsuki noticed what they have done.

She approached Onizuka and asked about their activities. Onizuka explained about making the sun tattoos, drawing the tattoo wanted on the body with white ink to block the sunshine, then let the tattoo being exposed to the sun. She asked Onizuka to make one for her, and he asked what tattoo she wants. Blushing, she asked Onizuka to write 'LOVE' on her arm, just to be laughed at by Onizuka for being so childish, and the students are laughing too. An angry Fuyutsuki slapped him, and left. A puzzled Murai looked at Fuyutsuki leaving and asked Onizuka about his activity.

Onizuka replied that he is making tattoos, and that he has already make a big one on Murai' back when he applied the so-called sunshine blocker earlier, and Kusano is shocked to see the tattoo on Murai' back. Kusano and Fujiyoushi started to laugh, as Onizuka had drew a big 'love umbrella' with his name and (Fuyumi) Kujirakawa's on it as a tattoo, plus the wording that Murai love his mother. Murai is shocked and started to try and clean the tattoo by gliding on the sand, protesting at Onizuka for drawing a 'love umbrella' with Kujirakawa' name on it. Onizuka asked if the 'love umbrella' is wrong, and Murai replied that Onizuka is wrong, as he will never like a tall and strong girl, adding that he is embarrassed now to go swimming.

Suddenly, an angry Kujirakawa stands over him, and asked if it matter to him if she is strong and tall. A shocked Murai answered that he doesn't mean what he had said earlier, just to be punched by Kujirakawa on the nose. Uehara and the gang just looked at Kujirakawa beating up Murai. She regards them as stupid, and as Murai is trying to kill Onizuka, she called Yoshikawa and asked for him to buy them some drinks, with his own money. After hesitation, he agreed and started to leave to buy the drinks, as Uehara and the other laughed at him. Onizuka looked on as Murai trying to clean the tattoo, with an uncooperative Kusano.

Back to the hotel, Uchiyamada is resting with other teachers, including Fuyutsuki, and complained about how hot the island is, and that the Year 3 students are hard to control. He asked the other teacher if they wanted to go to the city later that night to find girls, when suddenly she hears a beer can being opened, and turned around to see that Onizuka is reallocating rooms for his students, because there's certain people who has to live together.

After the swimming session, the students gathered for room allocation. Uchiyamada started to ask them to be quiet, and tell the students to move to their rooms quietly, before dinner. Yoshikawa failed to see his name, and asked Onizuka about it. Hearing his question, Uehara and her gang started to laugh at him, saying that he is insignificant. Onizuka replied, that his name is in the list and asked him to see that Yoshikawa will share the same room with Uehara and the gang. He exclaimed that they would be roommates, shocking Uehara. She started to protest about letting males and females sharing a room. Onizuka replied that there's nothing wrong with that, because it's only rare for them to go on a trip.

Yoshikawa is shocked that he has to live with Uehara, and Kanzaki is shocked too to see that she has to share a room with 3 male students, and also Iijima and Shirai are shocked when they learned that they would be roommates with both Kikuchi and Murai. All the 4th class students are in an uproar, as the students’ demands clarification from Onizuka. Fuyutsuki is stunned when she hears about the news...


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