In the end, for humans, the strongest men are the ones who win. - Hajime Fukorada.
Lesson #13 (#14) - The King of The School.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 2
Lesson #13 (#14) - The King of The School.

At the rooftop, a girl and a boy are petting each other. The female worried that someone might come; while the male assured her that nobody will be, as it's already midnight. The female is a little shy about the idea of making out on the roof, but the male considered it as a thrill. The female then wanted to make sure that there's nobody around, but the male assured her that nobody is around. Suddenly the male started to pull her skirt, and the female protested. Suddenly the female turned around just to see (Eikichi) Onizuka, armed with a night-goggle, staring under her skirt. It was Onizuka who pulled up her skirt. Silent prevailed, as the lovebirds are staring at Onizuka. After a few moments, the female kicked Onizuka, calling him a pervert, while her partner quickly pulled up his pants, and then they're started to run away, as Onizuka is counting his fortune, and make a mental note of preparing a video camera next time.

By now, his hatred at (Ryoko) Sakurai for putting him at the storeroom has vanished, and his thought is filled with more fun. The next target is the teacher's room. He commented that this place must have a lot of treasures, and sure is, in a short time he already scored a number of porn magazines and videos. Suddenly, he sees the (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada table; he opened the drawer, farted in it, and quickly sealed the drawer with a plastic tape. He commented of Uchiyamada being bombed by his smelly fart. By now, he even thinks that lliving at the school is better than at his old apartment.

Suddenly he sees a few people at the school field, making a circle. Onizuka is puzzled, so he goes to their place. Then he asked the formation-making people what they are doing. One of them answered that they wanted to interact with the universe. Onizuka is intrigued. Then, one of them tells Onizuka to go away, saying that it was dangerous because an UFO will land on the school field. And they start chanting magical words...

In the next scene, Onizuka had already kicked out everyone of them, and closing the gate. One of the cult members asked why Onizuka is doing this, as his action will lead to Earth destruction. Onizuka dismissed them at told them to go home, cursing at those physco-maniacs for trespassing in the middle of the night. Then the cult members started to make graffiti on the school gate, much to Onizuka' shock. Onizuka climbed out of the fence and threatened for a beating if they don't take off, and complaining about cleaning works he have to do. But instead of going home, the cult members started to direct their chanting to Onizuka, pissing him off. He then proceed to beat them...

After cleaning the graffiti, Onizuka is complaining about having to clean the mess the cult members left behind, and he started to curse Sakurai again. Suddenly he heard a noise coming from a cupboard, making Onizuka nervous. Slowly he opened the cupboard with apprehension, just to be greeted by a stench, and he see a boy being tied up inside the cupboard, with a signboard hanging around his neck, written "I pissed in my pants". Onizuka is puzzled about what's had happened to him.

In the next scene, Onizuka get the real story of what's happened from the (Noboru Yoshikawa) boy. Onizuka commented about the eventful night he have, and give Yoshikawa one of his pants while he washed the one Yoshikawa owned. Then he asked Yoshikawa to return home, while complaining about his unlucky streak, and how he must get a flower-bath next weekend. Seeing that Yoshikawa didn't move an inch, he tells him to return home again. Yoshikawa replied that he don't want to, much to Onizuka nervousness. Yoshikawa then asked about him, and Onizuka tell who he are (a teacher) and asked Yoshikawa to just return home.

Suddenly, Yoshikawa asked for Onizuka help to take revenge on his bullies. He then listed Takagi, Sakata and Ogaki from the 2nd class (obviously he didn't mention Anko Uehara or Mayuko Asano or Naoko Izumi), who has bullied him. Onizuka is silent, and then he replied that as a man, Yoshikawa must take his revenge by himself. Onizuka then asked what kind of man he is, and if he doesn't act against his bully, he is just useless. Suddenly, Yoshikawa moved and opened the rooftop door, much to Onizuka surprise. Onizuka say that the door is not the exit, but as he looked outside, Yoshikawa declared that he wanted to commit suicide, much to Onizuka' horror.

He started to run to Yoshikawa, telling him to stop, but Yoshikawa threatened that he will jump if Onizuka come closer. Onizuka retreats and started to climb the protective gate, as he asked why Yoshikawa is doing this. Yoshikawa tell Onizuka to shut up, and if he dies, Onizuka will pay the price. Onizuka cursed, and screamed at Yoshikawa that suicide is painful, and he'll land right into hell. Also his body parts will also be destroyed, like a frog being hit by a truck, and his brains will splutter. Yoshikawa hesitates when hearing that, and Onizuka, have sensed Yoshikawa hesitation, try to sell the 'brain spluttering' phrase to stop him from committing suicide, while he inched himself to Yoshikawa. Suddenly, Onizuka tripped forward, and pushed Yoshikawa over the edge....

Onizuka is panicking, and started to see the news headlines if he let Yoshikawa die. He then jumped to save Yoshikawa and managed to grab his hands while Onizuka's legs act as a hook on the rooftop, as he commenting how near he is to become a murderer. He then lands Yoshikawa at the windows below him, when suddenly his legs slipped, and Onizuka is falling non-stop to the ground below, screaming. He landed on a parked car, destroying it instantly, while Onizuka narrowly escapes death. Yoshikawa asked about his conditions, and Onizuka replied that it wasn't good, but certainly scary. Suddenly Sakurai looked out from her window and commented how Onizuka is not badly injured after a fall, but Onizuka ranted about Yoshikawa suicide attempt, and how this school seems to very different from what he had thought, as if the school is haunted. But Sakurai smiles, and say that Onizuka had already showed a good promise. Onizuka is puzzled as he heard her.

Lesson #14

(Ryoko) Sakurai is putting bandages on (Eikichi) Onizuka's wounds, as (Noboru) Yoshikawa looked on. After she finished, Sakurai commented on how strong he is, to have only minor wounds after the long fall. Onizuka asked her not to make jokes, as he is surely a goner if the car isn't there. He continues by adding the rational of Sakurai putting her at the rooftop, putting him at risk of being possessed by demons. Sakurai asked if Onizuka like the 'penthouse', as it is quite good. She continued that from the 'penthouse', Onizuka could see the rest of the school, so if anything happened, Onizuka could be there in a flash. He hoped that Onizuka could be the school' superhero.

Onizuka tried to decline, but Sakurai reiterated that he already become one, when he saved Yoshikawa from certain death. She asked why Onizuka looked so dispirited, and tell him that if he can do it, he will be promoted to become a full-time teacher, and she know that Onizuka could earn it. Onizuka feel like he's being blackmailed, and Sakurai denied it. Sakurai then wanted to go home, as Onizuka tried to stop her (he make the mistake of calling her ‘mother’), but failed. As she closed the door, she asked for Onizuka to send Yoshikawa home, before she saying goodbye. Onizuka and Yoshikawa looked at each other in silence........

In the next scene, Yoshikawa is screaming happily as he ride with Onizuka to his home, much to Onizuka' chagrin. He then called for Onizuka but Onizuka lashed out at him for being impolite, and if he wasn't a teacher, he will beat Yoshikawa already. Yoshikawa then asked why Onizuka wanted to be a teacher. Onizuka is wondering why, and Yoshikawa laughed at him for failing to find an answer, as Onizuka tell him to shut up. Then Onizuka murmurs that he becomes a teacher because it's fun. Yoshikawa, puzzled, asked him what is fun of being a teacher. Onizuka then spits out a lists; ranging from abundance of cute chicks to a lot of holidays, being able to confiscate free porn magazines from students and many more. Yoshikawa threatened to report to the PTA and Onizuka backed-off by saying that it's a joke.

They arrived at Yoshikawa's house, and Onizuka tell him not to commit suicide again, but return home and read schoolbooks. Yoshikawa is just standing, and Onizuka say if he is scared, Onizuka could help him by explaining to his parents. Yoshikawa is against it, because he is embarrassed. Onizuka frowned, and then asked where his room is. Yoshikawa pointed out where it is and Onizuka started to climb up to Yoshikawa' room, while Yoshikawa is just standing, puzzled. Onizuka pulled out a plastic duct tape and pasting some of them at Yoshikawa's glass window. Yoshikawa tried to ask what Onizuka is doing, just to be told to shut up. After he finished putting the plastic tape, he asked Yoshikawa to look as Onizuka punched Yoshikawa bedroom glass window, and opened it from behind. Yoshikawa can only stare at Onizuka' expertise.

Onizuka then remarked that with the plastic tape, no sound is produced, so his parents won't know that they are coming. Yoshikawa looked at him nervously. Onizuka urged Yoshikawa to climb too. As Yoshikawa climbed his own house, he commented that Onizuka really looked like a thief, while Onizuka replied that he learned that when at school, he go out at night and have to return with the same method. Yoshikawa wondered how Onizuka could ever become a teacher.

They now entered Yoshikawa' room, and Onizuka commented that it was great. Suddenly, Onizuka exclaimed on the vast collection of games that he have, like Final Fantasy 7, and starting to browse over it. Yoshikawa lamented, that he's only good at videogames, when he see Onizuka pocketing the games and a console into his jacket. Onizuka, caught red-handed, started to make excuses, but Yoshikawa just tell him to take them. Onizuka then went overboard and started to take more games, prompting Yoshikawa to ask him if he even knows how to play them. Sheepishly, Onizuka asked him to teach, when suddenly the door is knocked and someone is calling Yoshikawa.

Onizuka then prepared to take off, and tell Yoshikawa to create a lie about the broken windows. Yoshikawa thanked him, for what he has done. Below, Onizuka asked for Yoshikawa not to commit suicide again, so then he could borrow more games from him in the future, as he himself could not afford it. Suddenly, Yoshikawa asked him if he could be just as happy as Onizuka is at the school. Onizuka is silent, and he promised that he will make the school a better place. Yoshikawa doubt if Onizuka could do it by himself, but he tell him to just watch the great Onizuka in action. Yoshikawa smiles faintly, as Onizuka returned to the school.

In the next scene, (Hiroshi) Uchiyamada, can only stare at his destroyed car, as everyone passing by are talking about how Onizuka saved a student from committing suicide, and also how Sakurai personally appointed him as a teacher. Hearing that, Uchiyamada confronted Sakurai, asking why Onizuka is hired, and hoped that Sakurai can take a look at his car. Sakurai then countered, by asking him which is valuable; a boy' life of his own car. Uchiyamada reluctantly agreed with her, but try to point out that Onizuka have done it with purpose, but Sakurai countered his allegations by saying that she actually see the incident, and it doesn't look like that Onizuka does it with purpose. Uchiyamada was completely shutout, and she continued by saying that the incident at the interview, had actually saved him from the punks. For all she knows, Onizuka' action have a good motive behind it. Anyway, his appointment had been finalized, and after the assembly, they will be co-workers. Then Sakurai went off to a meeting.

Uchiyamada is staring angrily at Onizuka, still wearing his pajamas. He commented how Onizuka could spit everywhere anytime he wanted. Uchiyamada then approached Onizuka, and saying that he will make sure that Onizuka will be kicked out from the prestigious school, while Onizuka smokes, emitting round-shaped smokes, and ignored him. In the principal's room, Uchiyamada is angry over Onizuka appointment, and doubting Sakurai' decisions. One of the other principals (there are 3 of them), told him to calm down, because Sakurai have put Onizuka in charge of the last year form 2 4th class, and he will become their homeroom teacher. Uchiyamada gasped, and he started to laugh, as he realized about Sakurai' plans while Onizuka is shown getting ready for the assembly.....


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