You're a teacher, but your self-conciousness isn't sufficient!! - Hiroshi Uchiyamada.
Lesson #9 - Karate Style: German Suplex.

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Great Teacher Onizuka volume 2
Lesson #9 - Karate Style: German Suplex.

(Hiroshi) Uchiyamada is reading (Eikichi) Onizuka's data, and then one of the interviewers asked him why a karate exponent like him wants to teach social studies. Onizuka could barely answer that, and then others questions is coming in and he can't answer them all. Uchiyamada then tell the other interviewers the incident in the bus, defending his innocence of course. Uchiyamada then assume that a trash like Onizuka are of no use in the school, and tell him to go. Onizuka, by now is really angry, and started to imagine he punching Uchiyamada and the others, as he went out of the interview room.

Outside the interview room, (Azusa) Fuyutsuki asked him how he fared in the interview. He dodged the question and then wished Fuyutsuki good luck. She is puzzled and wanted to ask more, but her name is called and after she turned her head and see Uchiyamada, who try to deny the incident in the bus, she began to know what have happened. Onizuka then went to a small canteen, manned by an old woman (Ryoko Sakurai). He asked her for a bottle of milk, and pays her 80 yen. He then commented how good the milk is. Sakurai then guessed if Onizuka's interview has gone bust, and Onizuka agreed, praising Sakurai in the way.

Fuyutsuki then appeared at the end of the hallway, as Onizuka started to lamented how a 'trash' like him will not be appointed as a teacher. Sakurai then asked why he called himself 'trash'. Onizuka then explained it's because teachers nowadays, always labeled students like him as a 'trash', even if they aren't. And those students, if were called like that for a long time, they will surely become one. Fuyutsuki just listened to their conversation from afar. Onizuka then wondered why all the teachers are just the same. Then he said that he himself is stupid and like to provoke others, but if he is given a chance, he will not judge a character by his or her appearances, and won't call his students a 'trash'. Sakurai and Fuyutsuki are silent. Onizuka then blamed himself for speaking too much, apologized to Sakurai for his actions, and that he will go now.

Suddenly there's a loud sound, and 3 punks armed with weapons like samurai sword and baseball bat, is storming inside the school building, looking for Uchiyamada. Uchiyamada then went out of interview room, asking who make the noise. One of the teachers tell him that one of the expelled students have come for revenge on him. Uchiyamada become nervous, as Onizuka commented that he wants to see how Uchiyamada will handle the punks. Suddenly Sakurai asked him to stop the punks, and she added maybe Uchiyamada will consider Onizuka' application to be a teacher if he is successful. Onizuka is silent as he tries to decide...

The punks approached Uchiyamada, and Uchiyamada try to threaten them by telling them that he will make a police report. The punks' leader ignored him and says that Uchiyamada must be punished for misusing his power to expel them. The punk started to swing his samurai at him, to the horror of other teachers as Uchiyamada is crying for help. Suddenly a voice (with a local punk accent) tells them to stop, and Onizuka is now shown, shielding Uchiyamada. The punks asked Onizuka who he is, and Onizuka answered that he is a teacher of Kichiyouji Private School starting from the next autumn. Uchiyamada then remembered that Onizuka is a karate expert, thus he make an offer to appoint Onizuka as a teacher if he beat up the punks, much to Onizuka's delight. The punk's leader then started to accuse Uchiyamada of being a coward, but Uchiyamada, confident that Onizuka will help him, call the punk as trash, to shut-up.

Uchiyamada then complained that trash like the punks will only tarnish the good image of the school. And that they also like to extort, drug addiction and illegal racing. Uchiyamada then proceeded to tell Onizuka to beat them up, as those punks isn't a student of Kichiyouji' school anymore. Suddenly Onizuka turned around, with a sour face, to face a puzzled Uchiyamada. Fuyutsuki then realized that something is going to happen. Onizuka then moved to Uchiyamada' back and hugged him from behind. Uchiyamada now start to ask on what he is doing, and also tell Onizuka that he is not a gay. Uchiyamada then urged the silent Onizuka to beat the punks, but Onizuka tightened his grasp, and executed a German suplex maneuver on Uchiyamada, much to the shock of everyone, Fuyutsuki, Sakurai, the punks and other teachers....


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