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Lesson #178 – Summer night temple festival.

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Lesson #178 – Summer night temple festival.

Somehow both (Noboru) Yoshikawa and (Anko) Uehara managed to arrive at the temple before it closes, despite Yoshikawa’s earlier fears. Uehara started to talk about how long it was since she last participates in a temple festival activities. She then sees a mask and commented that when she used to go to a temple festival, she will always asked her mom to buy him a mask, as she ordered a Pikachu (webmaster note: Pikachu from the popular Pokemon anime series) mask for herself. Suddenly Yoshikawa offered to help her wearing the mask, and she started to blush as she agreed. Yoshikawa then helped her to wear the mask backwards while the still blushing Uehara is losing herself in her thoughts.

Suddenly Uehara sees the goldfish-catching stall (webmaster note: The goldfish-catching activities are popular amongst Japan and Chinese people, can usually be seen in festivals and busy markets and one of the romantic entertainment activities done by lovers for hundreds of years), and promptly asked Yoshikawa to go to the stall. Then she started to babble on how much she misses that particular activity, and remembers on how she sucks in that game because the net scoop she uses will always melted before she managed to catch one of the goldfishes, but she always harbour the hopes of getting the biggest fish of all since she was little. Yoshikawa commented that he doesn’t like the activity, and Uehara asked him why, adding that the activity is fun. Yoshikawa replied that she is right, but he always pities the goldfishes.

Uehara become puzzled as she hears it, and he explained that it’s because all the goldfishes will die in a flash after the festival ended. Uehara sees Yoshikawa smiled after saying it, and she also started to smile by herself. They then walked away from the goldfish-catching stall as Yoshikawa tells her that he instead is good at “balls scooping” (webmaster note: the concept is the same like goldfish-catching), while Uehara thinks to herself that she used to hate Yoshikawa’s nonchalant friendly attitude, but she thinks it may be because at that time, she is only an immature bastard. Suddenly an old man shouted, calling them as young lovers, to come to his stall to play a shooting game so that they will become much more happier. He then make an offer for them to be able to play the game for 3000 yen per session for 2 people, and then called them again referring to them as lover to come and play at his stall.

Uehara and Yoshikawa are stunned to be called as lovers by the old man, and the blushing Uehara tells the old man that they are just classmates, not lovers, and asked the old man to stop joking. The old man then replied that it doesn’t matter whether they are lovers or not, and asked them to play at his stall. The old man then continued, saying that there are a lot of prizes available, from handbags to dolls and they only have to choose to shoot whatever they wants. He then continued to say that special offer for lovers is only 3000 yen, and asked Uehara on whether she is interested with the price and prizes. Uehara protested and reiterated that they are not lovers.

Suddenly Yoshikawa interjected, saying that it’s okay and gives 3000 yen to the old man. The old man then assigned the shooter no.5 and 6 to both of them, and as Yoshikawa loads his rifle-shaped shooter, he asked Uehara on what prizes she wants so he can help to shoot it. Uehara replied that it’s better if she keeps her hopes down, because the more she wanted any particular thing, the harder the prize to be won. She then guessed that the prizes are being pasted to their holders with double-sided tapes. Hearing that, Yoshikawa laughed and tells her not to worry, adding that the old man only makes some of the prizes to be heavier, and that when it comes to playing games, he is the specialist.

As Yoshikawa aims his shooter under the supervision of the old man, Uehara silently thinks that what he is doing now is just a game, and he is surely nuts for taking it too seriously. Yoshikawa shoots but missed the target, and then started to reload as he talked about the target being quite hard to aim for. Meanwhile, Uehara watches him and thinks that currently, she is taller than him by 5 cm. Then she wondered on what will happen if he is taller that he is now, as she asked herself whether she will really uttered the magical words sincerely to him if he are.

Suddenly, in the second attempt, Yoshikawa scored a wristwatch and the old man gives it to him. As he received the watch, he commented that he had said earlier that when it comes to games, he is excellent because he have trained for it, and he once called as a sharpshooter in temple festivals. Hearing that, the old man replied that Yoshikawa should have said that earlier, because if these incidents continued, he has to pack and return home early. Then Yoshikawa asked the stunned Uehara to try her hands on shooting for prizes, and she reluctantly agreed. He then instructed her to lean her body forward, but she protested that if she does it, she will surely fall. Yoshikawa assured her that he will hold her and she warned him not to let her go.

Yoshikawa then puts his hands on Uehara’s hip and instinctively strengthened his grip, shocking Uehara in the process. She lashed at him, asking him not to touch her just like that. He apologized and released his grip, causing Uehara to lose her balance just when she pulled the trigger. She missed the prizes rack completely, with the bullet rebounds after hitting the wall towards the other end of the stall. Uehara then lashed at Yoshikawa for letting his hand go, causing her to miss the prizes, when suddenly another voice cried in pain after being hit by the rebounded bullet Uehara had fired earlier.

Both Yoshikawa and Uehara turned their heads towards the direction where the voice come from as they sees a girl crying foul at Uehara for her stray bullet earlier, and asked Uehara on how she will compensate her. She then added that her forehead will surely been bruised, and Uehara must pay for the medication expenses. Uehara asked her to be considerate, saying that she was only been hit by a wooden cork. The girl protested, saying that Uehara should be mindful of her speech after hurting someone, when she suddenly recognized Uehara’s voice and asked whether she is really Uehara. Uehara is shocked then she is asked that question, when she herself began to recognize her “victim” as Rinka Morishita, and asked her whether she is the one she (Uehara) thinks she really is.

(Rinka) Morishita replied that Uehara is right, adding that it’s been a long time since they last met at their elementary school. She then reminded Uehara that they once had promised to sometimes go out together after they separated after finishing their elementary school studies, and Uehara sheepishly replied that she has been quite busy. Hearing that, Morishita asked her whether Uehara still consider her as her friend when suddenly another person interjected, asking about Uehara. Morishita then explained to the person that Uehara is actually her classmate at elementary school, and she turned to Uehara and introduced the person, Morishita’s boyfriend a 16-year old magazine model, to Uehara.

Uehara is silent as Morishita’s boyfriend commented that Uehara is surely a beautiful girl. Morishita agreed with him, adding that lots of male students have taken a liking of Uehara for a very long time, just like herself. Morishita continued, saying that she had told him before that all of her friends are so beautiful, lots of bad boys always wanted a part of them. Her boyfriend laughed and wondered on what Morishita is trying to refer about, while Uehara silently cursed, thinking that when she hoped not to meet anybody right now, she have to deal herself with someone that she really doesn’t want meet at all now.

Suddenly Morishita sees Yoshikawa, and asked whether he is her brother. Uehara replied that Yoshikawa is not her brother but her classmates instead. Morishita becomes suspicious, asking whether they have any special relationship or not and Uehara denied it. Morishita obviously doesn’t believe it, and asked why a “couple” without any special relationship is going out together to participate in the temple festival activities at such late hour. Then, she walked forward and introduced herself to the sheepish Yoshikawa, when suddenly Morishita commented to his boyfriend that Yoshikawa’s face resembles one of his “slaves”. Her boyfriend is shocked, saying that probably she is right because Yoshikawa and his “slave” have 2 nostrils ^_^. Morishita laughed, asking her boyfriend on what he is talking about while Uehara is obviously very angry.

An angry Uehara then asked Yoshikawa to go with her away from them, when Morishita commented that Uehara should not be very angry because they are only joking. She continued, saying that Uehara is still easily angered, just like the old times. Uehara reiterated that she is not angry, but hearing her voice tone, Morishita commented that Uehara surely have become angry. She then apologized to Uehara, adding that she will treat her and Yoshikawa with ramen. Then, she asked her whether all of them can go out together participating in the temple’s activities, because after all, it’s not easy for them too meet up with each other anyway. Uehara is silent as the puzzled Yoshikawa can only looks at her in bewilderment…


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